Art Restoration of Natural Lacquer with Gold/Silver Leaf

Art Restoration of Natural Lacquer with Gold/Silver Leaf

Do you have any damaged piece of art made with wood, metal, ceramics or lacquer sitting in a dark corner of your storage?

Lacquer is one of the oldest natural material used in East Asian countries to repair damages and fill / consolidate losses on artefacts. You will be expected to learn how this amazingly durable polymer transform surfaces from dull and lifeless to vibrant and appealing over the intensive workshops primarily using lacquer as a filler and varnish, decorated with shells, gold and silver. Be introduced to this semi-permanent, high-quality medium from nature, and amend, adorn and develop your torn or broken art pieces from paintings or sculptures to plates and vases back into its full-fledged glory like a professional! Bring along any art piece(s) to minimize further damage and conserve its aesthetical value.

All materials provided including natural lacquer, shells and gold.silver leaf.

$130/$120 (LH Member)

HNA1: Art Restoration of Natural Lacquer with Gold/Silver Leaf
Saturday, 9 Jun 2018 - Saturday, 16 Jun 2018
9.00am - 12pm
Lake House Arts Centre

37 Fred Thomas Drive,
Takapuna, Auckland 0622

Phone: 09 486 4877


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