Learning Expressionism through Self Portraiture with Petra Ludvigson

Learning Expressionism through Self Portraiture with Petra Ludvigson

This course is designed for students to explore creative expressionism through self-portraiture.

By using themselves as subject, students will learn how to move observational drawing into expressive portraits that embody their personalities and identities.

reflecting on their process and decision making students will develop their awareness and ability to mkae conscious choices utilizing media, concepts and techniques to shape their portraits and further develop their use and understanding of visual language.

MATERIALS: graphite/charcoal pencils, sketching pad, pencil sharpener, eraser, coloured pencils, pastels, oil sticks, markers, coloured chalks, water colours, water colour paper, acrylics and canvas, range of brushes, palette, palette knife and rags.


$220/$200 (LH Member)
PLA2: Learning Expressionism through Self Portraiture
Friday, 3 Aug 2018 - Friday, 28 Sep 2018
1pm - 3.30pm
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