Yoga Flow with Michaela Sangl 11-14 yrs

Yoga Flow with Michaela Sangl 11-14 yrs

Yoga Flow classes explore themes such as friendship, trust and the power of positive thought, with a good dose of fun and imagination. Yoga flow refers to a creative exploration of the traditional sun salutation sequence, learning to synchronize movement and breath to allow energy to flow freely in our bodies – amazing for strength, flexibility, focus and calming the mind once you’re in the flow! Loads of additional poses get added in along the way, all set to uplifting music. Classes also include partner and group poses, breathing and relaxation techniques and visualisation of goals (eg. sport, school, or improving relationships with others). 

$135/$122 LH Friend



Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch in! Bring your own yoga mat if you can (engenders a sense of commitment, and more hygienic too); we will have mats available should you need one.

MSC2: Yoga Flow with Michaela Sangl 11-14 yrs
Thursday, 11 May 2017 - Thursday, 29 Jun 2017
5pm - 6pm
Lake House Arts Centre

37 Fred Thomas Drive,
Takapuna, Auckland 0622

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