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Coffee with Eelco Fundraiser Dinner Theatre (Ticketed)


“Coffee with Eelco” Live Dinner Theatre 

Nowadays nobody thinks twice about popping down to the local cafe to get their favourite brew, be it soy latte, cappuccino or long black, but there was a time when the art of making a good coffee had not come to our shores.

Enter Eelco Boswijk who would settle in Nelson and create what would become an iconic cafe community gathering place Chez Eelco. Chez Eelco coffee house proved far more than a cafe. It became known nationally and internationally as the place where musicians, writers, actors and all who delighted in cafe, food and the gentle art of good living would find kindred spirits. Under Eelco’s kindly eye the Chez was, from 1961 until it’s close in 2001, the very heart of Nelson.

Enter Grae Burton, actor, writer, director, whose career was also launched by Eelco at The Chez. In 2008 Burton, with collaborator Tim Coughlin created “Coffee With Eelco”, a biopic stage show about the life of Eelco and his impact on New Zealand Art and Culture.  It mixes immersive performance and art with storytelling direct form Eelco’s lips and in the tradition of the Chez, with a generous dinner and dessert available to all.

“It’s a great story for everybody about NZ history and culture, life and legacy, and the secret to making a really good coffee. If you want to find out what the secret is, you’ll have to come to the show!”

Date: Saturday, 4 Nov 2017 - Saturday, 4 Nov 2017

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Price: $75.00

Price (LH Friend): $70.00

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