Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy with Mohammed Waqas (9 weeks)

Start your Arabic calligraphy journey with Artist and calligrapher Muhammad Waqas. Learn about the history of Islamic Art and its evolution. In this beginner course of Arabic calligraphy script “Thuluth”, Waqas will introduce you to all the Arabic letters and how they should be written with their correct proportions and scales. Learn about the rich history and significance behind Arabic calligraphy, using a traditional bamboo pen and dot system to form words and sentences on the page. 

Waqas begins by introducing the types of tools and paper needed for the course. Practice with some drawing exercises to warm up and explore the basic shapes that are the foundation for creating any letter. 

Let’s embark on this journey together and discover your hidden talent and your connection between hand and heart when you practice Arabic calligraphy. 

$210/$195 (LH Member)


Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy with Mohammed Waqas (9 weeks)

MWA1: Intro to Arabic Calligraphy
Monday, 24 April to 26 June
5.30pm - 7.30pm