Everybody Can Paint with Gerry Copas

A class for all styles. The class is designed for both the novice and experienced painter wanting a safe and encouraging studio space and those beginning their visual journey. The course looks at the basics such as setting up, types of materials, painting styles, composition and techniques. We encourage water based mediums such as acrylics for ease of use and clean up. You can choose to work from your own photographs or still life objects.  


$235/$215 (LH Member)


MATERIALS REQUIRED: A3 size canvas boards or canvas stretchers, sketchbook, a selection of paints (include primary colours), round and square bristle brushes. In the first instance just something to get you started! We will talk more about materials in the first session. 

Everybody Can Paint with Gerry Copas

GCA1: Everybody Can Paint
Tuesday, 3 August to 28 September
9.30am - 12pm
Class is full