Friday Acrylics with Michelle Male (6 Weeks)

Come and join Michelle for a new class - a  6 week taster of acrylic painting. Let’s explore texture, colour, brush strokes and how to start a painting. Improve your skills with lots of demos on the way and let's discover the heart and soul of painting.  
Beginners and intermediate painters welcome. 
$210/$190 (LH Member)



MATERIALS REQUIRED: Suggested acrylics or any you have -  yellow blue and red and black and white and any brushes you have. Ideal brushes: Flat small size 10 and large size 18, round size 8, fan brush or any you have.
300gsm paper or similar and an A4 sketch pad, pencil, kitchen roll, baking paper, plastic container with lid A4 size, yellow kitchen cloth- we will be using a wet palette technique to preserve your acrylics. Sponge, small spray bottle.  Please email if you have any queries.

Friday Acrylics with Michelle Male (6 Weeks)

MMA4 Friday Acrylics with Michelle Male (6 weeks)
Friday, 14 May to 18 June
10am - 12.30pm

Sorry you cannot book in this class as it has already started. Please contact for late enrolments.