Introduction to Watercolours with Susannah MacDonald (4 Weeks)

Feel at home in this introductory short course. Enjoy exploring the subtleties and intriguing processes of painting in water colour. We will explore small studies and the basics for land and seascapes. 



$150/$140 (LH Member)


MATERIALS REQUIRED: 1 A4 Watercolour pad - Bockingford, DAS or Canson. 1 small sketch pad. 1 set watercolour paints -  Staedler tubes, recommended. Cotmans or Winsor & Newton tubes or pans, Koh-i-noor pans, Schminke tubes or pans – recommended colours; yellow ochre, lemon yellow, chrome yellow, cobalt blue, ultrmarine, indigo, umber, van dyke brown, cadmium red, crimson, black and white. 

Round brushes sizes 6, 8, 10, Taklon. Das brand are good, 3/4" Goat Mop. Square brushes - Das or similar brand 1/2 " and 5/8" 

HB pencil, eraser and light masking tape.

Introduction to Watercolours with Susannah MacDonald (4 Weeks)

SMA1: Intro to Watercolour
Thursday, 22 October to 12 November
10 am - 11.30 am
Class is full