Junk Club with Sean Boyd

These courses take place off site at ‘Localised’ North-West Zero Waste HUB, Porana Road, Glenfield (near Pak ‘n’ Save). 

Junk Club is a fun, relaxed and supportive environment for anyone who wishes to dream and create! 

You can arrive fully equipped with the junk you wish to use or use the junk resources at hand at ‘Localised’. Kitchen appliances, garden equipment, musical instruments etc can be used to unleash creativity and turn an item in to a conversation starter. 

This is not a ‘how to weld’ class. Sean will be sticking to traditional methods of junk building, ie hacksaws, screw drivers, nuts and bolts etc. Expect to generate ideas, select junk accordingly, prepare various surfaces and be hands-on with creating. Students need to be physically able to use small tools and must wear closed toe shoes. 

SBOSA1 Mondays - $160/$140 (LH Member) (9 week course)

SBOSA2 Wednesdays - $180/$160 (LH Member)

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Safety Gloves, goggles, water bottle. 


Junk Club with Sean Boyd

SBOSA1: Junk Club (9 week class)
Monday, 9 October to 11 December
12.30pm - 2.30pm
SBOSA2 Junk Club
Wednesday, 11 October to 13 December
7pm - 9pm