Let's Paint with Michelle Male

This is an acrylic class for both beginners and intermediate painters, where everyone can learn to paint. This course provides comprehensive tuition in the essentials of painting. We will cover a variety of subjects including still life, landscape and portraits which will vary term to term. Bring in a picture you would like to paint and learn how to start and develop a painting.  Lots of tips and tricks and painting demos covering a different variety of subjects each term including still life, landscapes and portraits. 

$235/$215 (LH Member)


MATERIALS REQUIRED: Sketchbook pen, HB, 2B, 6B pencils, white pencil, masking tape, cotton rag and paper towels, canvas sheets and canvas board A4. Board or clipboard to attach canvas sheets to. Acrylics; red, blue, yellow, burnt sienna, white and black. Brushes at least one round and one flat. Baking paper and clipboard for palette or paper palette. 

Let's Paint with Michelle Male

MMA1: Let's Paint
Wednesday, 4 August to 29 September
9.30am - 12pm