Life Drawing with Gerry Copas (6 Weeks)

Begin your exploration into drawing the human figure in a supporting and encouraging environment. A course developed for both beginners and advanced students to recognise proportions and gestures, light sources and identifying masses and planes that underlay the human form. You will learn to train your mind, eye and hand co-ordination to deliver quality studies through personal instruction. Students are encouraged to work with both dry and wet media. All sessions work with undraped models.




$240/$220 (LH Member)


MATERIALS REQUIRED: A3/A2 sketch pad; bulldog clip or similar; Selection of pencils: HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B. Compressed charcoal sticks; Soft pastels (greys); Putty eraser. Advanced students feel free to complement with your own preferred materials.

Life Drawing with Gerry Copas (6 Weeks)

GCA2: Life Drawing
Thursday, 5 August to 9 September
10am - 12pm
Class is full