Paintbox! with Michelle Male (6 Weeks)

This is an acrylic painting class for beginners or intermediate painters. This course provides comprehensive tuition in the essentials of painting. Bring in a picture you would like to paint and learn how to start and develop a painting. There will be short demonstrations along the way.  



 $210/$190 (LH Member)


MATERIALS REQUIRED: Sketchbook, pen, HB, 2B, 6B pencils, masking tape, cotton rag or paper towels, acid free foam board or any surface to attach canvas sheets or watercolour paper, water pot. 

(Paint/Brushes) In general, please bring whatever you have – red, blue, yellow, burnt sienna, white and black for acrylic brushes and a palette. 

Canvas paper – ideally 300gsm. 

Paintbox! with Michelle Male (6 Weeks)

MMA2: Paintbox!
Wednesday, 4 August to 8 September
7pm - 9pm