Sketch & Play with Watercolour with Michelle Male

Come and join this exciting class with an exciting medium -  watercolour.  Let’s get started with the importance of drawing, composition, value, colour, wash methods, glazes, wet in wet, brushstrokes textures and lots more. Learn how to make your colour sing! Develop lots of sketching techniques to produce your own watercolour travel sketches full of energy and let’s paint from the heart. For beginners and intermediate level. 

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Water container, spray bottle, sponge, flat palette or plate, watercolours; ultramarine alizarin, raw sienna, burnt sienna (or any you have), brushes; small watercolour brush and half inch flat, paper suitable for watercolour e.g, Fabriano, mixed media pad or pad suitable for light washes, pencil, notepad, masking fluid, masking tape, kitchen roll. 

$260/$240 (LH Member)


Watercolours. Ultramarine alizarin raw sienna burnt sienna (Or any you have), brushes small round and 1inch flat watercolour brush, paper 300 gsm pad A4, masking tape,lightweight Board to tape paper to,  small spray bottle, pencil, notepad, kitchen roll, masking fluid, ruler and scissors 

Sketch & Play with Watercolour with Michelle Male

MMA1: Sketch and Play with Watercolour
Tuesday, 31 January to 4 April
12.30pm - 3pm
Class is full