Make Your Mark with Caitlyn Manning 7-12 yrs

Open your eyes to the possibility of drawing and mark-making as an art form itself. Make Your Mark is a course designed for students aged 7-12yrs who love drawing in any shape or form. The term ‘drawing’ can be loose or very specific; this class explores both translations. Using dry and wet medias, we will discover the possibilities of what mark-making can look like, whilst having fun along the way.

From fine lines to confident bold strokes, cross hatching to squiggles, this class caters to all students that love putting pen or ink to paper. We will explore an array of subject matter, from everyday objects and shapes to feelings and intuition.

You will come out making something you didn’t think was possible! We can’t wait to have you join our class.

* Each term, this class is designed to provide appropriate content for returning students, ensuring that they can continue to learn and grow in their artistic abilities with material that builds upon their prior knowledge and skills*

$230/$215 (LH Member)

Make Your Mark with Caitlyn Manning 7-12 yrs

CMC1: Make Your Mark
Thursday, 27 April to 29 June
4pm - 5.30pm