Procreate with Colleen Pugh 12-18 yrs

Procreate with Colleen Pugh 12-18 yrs

Procreate is the best drawing app for the iPad and is consistently one of the top-selling apps. It rivals more traditional desktop software for the features it offers creatives. Many professional illustrators are now using Procreate to make commercial art. 

This course will cover everything you need to know about making art in Procreate through hands-on drawing lessons. The classes will cover importing hand-drawn images and adding colour and texture, making bespoke brushes, adding depth and lighting effects in layers and how to export finished work for online use or printing. The classes will explore how students can use the app to bring their illustrations to life and how they can use Procreate to develop their own visual style. 


MATERIALS REQUIRED: Students will have to bring their own iPad/Tablet with Procreate already loaded. Procreate is available through the app store for around NZ$18.00 Please check that the App is compatible with your device.

$170/$160 (LH Member)

CPC1: Procreate 12-18 yrs
Thursday, 9 May 2019 - Thursday, 27 Jun 2019
4pm - 5.30pm

Sorry you cannot book in this class as it has already started. Please contact for late enrolments.

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