En Plein Air: Making Art in The Environment with Laura Donkers

En Plein Air: Making Art in The Environment  Ages 18+   Intermediate / Advanced Skill Level
NZD $245   Six Week Course

The act of Art Outdoors, in contrast with studio painting or acedemic rules that might create a predetermined look.

Preparation, exploration and useful methods for working in the open air. This 6-week course covers preparation, exploring materiality and developing methods to help students work successfully outside in the environment.  

Week One and Two

Preparation  - Small scale drawings using prepared papers and a variety of drawing materials  

Week Three and Four
Exploring Materiality - Frottage/rubbings using fine and translucent papers and various drawing media  

Week Five and Six
Methods - Setting up an outdoor studio to develop larger scale works that can be left in situ and completed over several days 


Week One and Two: Preparation - Variety of papers (specific art papers are not necessary) and a wide variety of drawing materials 

Week Three and Four: Exploring Materiality - a variety of thin and tissue-type papers, gum arabic, wax, and various drawing media and dry, dusty materials (e.g. soil, sand, dried plant debris, dried flower heads/petals/stamens/pollen)

En Plein Air: Making Art in The Environment with Laura Donkers

LDA1: En Plein Air: Making Art in The Enviornment
Thursday, 29 October to 3 December
10:00am - 12:00pm