Family Acrobatics with Jesse Miller

Family Acrobatics with Jesse Miller, Ages 6+

$225, 6 Weeks Course

Week 1: We will focus on trust between acrobatic partners and basic counter balances. Learning how to fly and how to base safely. 

Week 2: Working from heights. Taking it to the next level we will be learning how to climb and balance on one another with both standing and ‘L’ basing. 

Week 3: Continuing from what we learned in week two we will learn new shapes and balances as well as how to get creative with them. 

Week 4: Sequencing! This week we will learn how to string moves and shapes together with the intent of starting an act. 

Week 5: Adding your own flare. Getting creative, putting our own spin on familiar sequences, we will learn to change a routine into a performance. 

Week 6: Showtime! Everyone will show off what they have been working on with a recap of the course and a few extra moves to take away with you at the end. 




yoga mat, something soft to land on (mattress, cushions etc) 

Family Acrobatics with Jesse Miller

JM1: Family Acrobatics
Thursday, 29 October to 3 December
6:30am - 7:30am
JM2: Family Acrobatics
Friday, 30 October to 4 December
7:00am - 8:00am