Create And Bind Your Own Hard Covered Book with Liz Constable


Follow paper craft queen Liz Constable as she takes you through this three-week course designed for adults in book design, construction and binding.

Experiment with page creation, themes, texture, colour and ephemera and then bring it all together in the binding process.

Whether it be a recipe book, gratitude book, drawing book, poetry or dream journal - you choose!

 Liz will guide you with her tips and tricks to make this course practical, fun and useful.


Create and bind your own hard covered book Ages 18+ Beginners Skill Level
NZD $120 per person   Three Week Course






Book board: covers 115 x 150mm (two of these) 

Book board: spine 35mm x 150 (one of these) 

Book cloth 300 x 180mm (two of these) 

Paper 205 x 150 mm (26 sheets) 

Linen thread (3 metres) 

Tapestry Needle number 18 (big eye with a blunted end) 

PVA (book binders glue) 

A brush (for the glue) 

A container to put the glue into 


Bone folder 

Beeswax (a candle will do) 


Pointy Pencil  


A sheet of A4 paper  

Newspaper (to use when we’re gluing) 

Collage items that you might enjoy covering your book with 

Rubber stamps 

Small sheet of medium grade sandpaper 

An old typewriter (optional)

 Create And Bind Your Own Hard Covered Book with Liz Constable