Letterform 101 with Pallavi Karambelkar

Letterform 101   Ages 18+   Beginners Skill Level​
NZD $245   Six Week Course

This hands-on course will teach you all about designing impactful and creative letter forms by using traditional calligraphy, hand drawn lettering and modern-day typography. 

This hands-on course will teach you all about designing impactful and creative letter forms by using traditional calligraphy, hand drawn lettering and modern-day typography. 

Words are an integral part of our life. Words are powerful, words are wise, words can create and words can destroy. Learn to create stunning compositions that visually illustrate and express these words to create powerful compositions. 

Key USP’s 

Learn hands on calligraphy with practice sheets and examples and live demonstration. 

Create beautiful hand drawn lettering – inspiration showcase followed by drawing technique tutorials and hands-on practical session 

Explore using existing digital fonts to create well designed and functional compositions for maximum impact 


Course Outline 

WEEK 01 | The Groundwork 

This week you will start with a dive into the world of letterforms by learning the basic anatomy of each letter from the Latin script alphabet (English - uppercase and lowercase). We will then move on to an introduction showcase of the 3 core areas of artistic letterforms – calligraphy, hand lettering and typography. 


WEEK 02 | Calligraphy Basics 

In this hands-on session you will learn the basics of calligraphy including information about nibs, inks and other tools. Then you will proceed on to learning to write the ‘foundational hand’ style. Calligraphy is one of the oldest forms of writing and hence forms the backbone of modern-day letterforms. 


WEEK 03 | Calligraphy Advanced 

In this advanced hands-on skill session, you will practice the calligraphy foundational hand and go into further depths by learning advanced methods of adding flourishes and creating compositions. 


WEEK 04 | Lettering Basics 

We will kick off this session with a showcase of popular lettering artists around the world. Filled with creative inspiration, we will then move on to learning the basics of hand lettering, understanding the tools and composition techniques. Hand lettering is a more controlled form of letter form exploring where one “draws” letters instead of simply writing them. 


WEEK 05 | Lettering Advanced 

In this hands-on session you will create your own lettering compositions guided by the tutor. You can choose your own words or select from a collection of words out together by us to create stunning hand lettering art that you can then post and share on your actual pin board or a social media wall. 


WEEK 06 | Typography & Fonts 

In this digital session you will learn how to use computer generated fonts to create beautiful and functional compositions for maximum impact for different digital media for example – Instagram post, Facebook post, blog, banner. We will do this using a software and some preloaded fonts. Details on these will be sent to you prior to the course.





A full list of materials required will be provided on enrolment.  For enquiries please email learnonline@lakehousearts.org.nz


Letterform 101 with Pallavi Karambelkar

PK1: Letterform 101 with Pallavi Karambelkar
Thursday, 29 October to 3 December
6:00pm - 7:30pm
PK2: Letterform 101 with Pallavi Karambelkar
Thursday, 29 October to 3 December
7:30pm - 9:00pm