The Art of Animal Character Design with Nina Rycroft

The Art of Animal Character Design   Ages 18+   Beginners / Intermediate Level
NZD $295   Six Week Course

Learn how to draw animal characters for concept art for films and games, picture book and comic illustrations, stationery and print. Learn core fundamentals and techniques to drawing and sketching animal characters well.

Week One: two-legged critters 

Week Two: four-legged animals 

Week Three: Bring human characteristics to your animal characters.

Week Four: Design an insect inspired character. 

Week Five: Bears – Why bears are so popular in picture books. 

Week Six: Monsters and Beasts.




Pencil and paper. I’ll be using my Staedtler Mars 780 Technical Mechanical Pencil, 2mm (with carbon HB lead and brown lead refills). However, you can also use a quality HB and 2B graphite pencil and a light blue or brown coloured pencil. You can also use your iPad.  
Pencil sharpener 
Quality eraser 
Short ruler 30cm (12”) 
For sketching, an A4 pad of Bond paper as the paper is smooth and thin enough to trace through. If you cant get access to a Bond pad, then A4 printer paper will also do the trick.  
An A4 pad of tracing paper. 

This course is more about drawing and design. Adding colour to your illustrations can be done using coloured pencils, and gouache or watercolour paints. Series of round brushes: size 1, 4, 6, and 10 paint brushes (but once again, if you don’t have access to shops at this time, please use what you have.  

The Art of Animal Character Design with Nina Rycroft

NR1: The Art of Animal Character Design with Nina Rycroft
Wednesday, 28 October to 2 December
5:30pm - 7pm