Monica Seo

"I am a contemporary conceptual artist. I was born in Korea-Seoul- 1970 and have been in New Zealand for over ten years. The whole intention of my art process is to establish quality communication between myself, society and works of art. For this I believe it is unnecessary to clearly define the boundaries between self and others. Through my art process and work, I discuss my immigrant experience, difficulty of communication, child-hood memory, slippage, symbol change, the passing of time, repetition, boredom and daydreaming. I would like to describe what art means to me. Through the use of creative art works I am writing my autobiography and I am also provided with a window for re-analysis of my present life. My art records events from my whole life as well as changing reactions to (feelings about) these events. I wish to broaden my understanding of other people's ideas and views, my surroundings, objects, and events. I believe that the artist’s role is to communicate. I believe that understanding art leads to a better understanding of others; not only the artist, but the viewer and the wider community, both globally and locally. I think art is a visual language for recording my life, communicating with others and reaching a mutual understanding. All of these roles are important and overlapping."