Terry Robinson "In the Beginning"


Terry Robinson "In the Beginning"

Terry Robinson " In the Beginning"

Acrylic on Canvas



In the beginning is based on the artists view of the world before time began

Artist Biography:

"I’ve had a long interest in painting, starting of with dear Mrs. Sutherland’s night school classes at Westlake boy’s high school about 30 years ago, doing oil on canvas. I learnt a lot with her instruction, my grandmother was a bit arty, and she left behind some of her artwork on garden pots which are a fine memento of her. But I believe anyone can be an artist if you put your mind to it.

In the past I’ve run Land and Sea Gallery on Devonport Wharf, and formed Rakino Island artists association with a Gallery on the Island displaying various Rakino residences art works. Now I’ve retired I’ve stepped up at notch with painting things I’m passionate about like dramatic seascapes etc. and a new series on creation. The reasoning and motivation behind my paintings is not to shock horror but to get Wow! factor and to course peace, joy, love to the viewer and of course to sell some here and there.

It’s my hobby and enjoyment in my retirement. And I hope you enjoy as well."

See more of Terry's work at https://www.landandseaartgallery.co.nz/

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