Yasser Saeed - One Hyde Park, London 2 (framed)


Yasser Saeed
One Hyde Park, London 2
297 x 420mm

Framed $295
Unframed $225

Structure Alone is a photography series exploring modernist architecture looking through its layers of glass, and closely to its steel structures, losing any understanding of the architecture, but finding the compositions within the reflections and geometries. Shot from 2018 to 2021 in Auckland, Berlin, Barcelona, and London. Yasser Saeed is an artist and photographer of Iraqi descent, based in Auckland, New Zealand, his birthplace. Having studied Architecture at the University of Auckland and Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design, his practice develops an approach to architectural photography which seeks to abstract design, material and light into geometric compositions. Outside of photography, Saeed's oeuvre also consists of mixed media and digital art, which parallel this aproach, through abstractions from researches in the histories, archaeologies, mythologies and languages of the Middle East. In 2018, Saeed was awarded the Emerging Artist Award, at the Riley Consultants Members Merit Awards and Exhibition at Lake House Arts Centre. His work “Text Experiment” has been acquired by the James Wallace Arts Trust, and his photograph of the Vodafone office in Smales Farm was acquired by Youth Arts New Zealand to be part of mural on their building which faces almost across the street from that Vodafone office. 
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