Tickets - Lake House: The Dark Arts Tour & Ghost Hunt

Dare to Discover the Unknown: Join the Lake House: The Dark Arts After-Hours  Tour & Ghost Hunt! Uncover chilling stories, encounter ethereal spirits, and capture your ghostly adventures live. Book now for an evening of mystery, hospitality, and a thrilling hunt beyond the ordinary!" 

Whether you are a true believer or a sceptic, you'll have a great evening exploring our heritage facility and arts centre, enjoying it's natural history and supernatural lore. A 2-3 hour tour experience. 

  • MEET at Lake House Arts after sundown! 7.30pm - Lake House Arts: 37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna

  • Enjoy Art, Hospitality and Refreshments on us! This includes, wine, beer and non alcholic beverages, nibbles.


  • Join us on an  interactive journey into the mysterious world of the Lake House Ghosts and other paranormal activity! Jump in on a guided tour by flashlight through every corner of the house, exploring the infamous ghost sighting locations. Delve into the eerie atmosphere and, armed with your flash/phonelight, take the opportunity to personally investigate and attempt to uncover the ghostly presence.
    This immersive experience encourages active participation, allowing you to dissect and investigate all available facts and evidence. Share your own stories of paranormal encounters, creating a collaborative and engaging environment. Livestreaming and content creation are not only welcome but encouraged, as we dive into the unknown together, exploring the realm of the supernatural with curiosity and open minds.
Lake House after dark definitely hits different! 


Prices are including GST.