Remembering Eirlys Margaret Shand

6 August 1932 - 8 June 2021


Eirlys Margaret Shand 6 August 1932 - 8 June 2021 

One day in the afternoon of the world Eirlys passed away peacefully. Artist, educator and activist. We are honoured to contiune her 
memory through the Eirlys Shand Scholarship.
Donations can be made to the Eirlys Shand Scholarship. Please contact


Eirlys Shand Scholarship 




Introduced in 2019 The Eirlys Shand Scholarship seeks to provide ongoing access to an extended arts and learning experience at Lake House Arts Centre.  The original scholarship funds ($8,000 value) were raised through an auction at Lake House Arts in June 2019.  Eiryls, who at the time was shifting into assisted care living, donated the remainder of her artworks through Lake House Arts Partners  Moving Made Easy to Lake House Arts for the auction.  Lake House Arts awarded the first scholarship in September 2019, and is currently fundraising for future scholarships through the sale of art donations co-ordinated by Moving Made Easy and Lake House Staff. 

If you would like to contribute an art or cash donation toward the Eirlys Shand Scholarship directly, please contact with a picture of the art and any information about the art you may have.


It is hoped that by providing the scholarship the following outcomes are achieved: 

  • A young person is given the opportunity and the resources to learn about and make art at Lake House Arts Centre 
  • That the opportunity is provided to a young person who would not otherwise have the means or resources to pursue arts experiences 
  • That the opportunity is provided to a young person for the entirety of their schooling

The Opportunity 

  • A scholarship which offers free access to any art class at Lake House Arts 
  • An opportunity to exhibit work at Lake House Arts 
  • Membership at Lake House Arts


The public will be notified through online platforms when enough funds have been raised toward the next scholarship.

The Recipient (Nominnee) 

The recipient would be determined by application or recommendation.  It is required that it be established that- 

  • The recipient is a student on the North Shore 
  • The recipient has shown an aptitude for making art and is committed to learning new skills 
  • The recipient and recipient's family are experiencing hardship in some way which limits the recipient's ability to access art training

Our Current Eirlys Shand Scholar - Scott Morrison

Scott is a student at Rangitoto College and has a special interest in Drawing and Animation.  He will attend classes at Lake House Arts until he completes his college education.

Snippets from the Life of Eirlys Shand

Eirlys Shand grew up and lived in West Auckland. She was self taught as an artist, developing her style and subjects from her local environment and the societal issues important to her at the time.

Eirlys Shand left school at 15 years old and did not find the opportunity to fully express herself artistically until later in life. She painted stylised floral representations and scenes of the people and life in Auckland while her supportive second husband Neil crafted and built the frames for her work.

While on the Board of Governors Eirlys assisted with the implementation of Learning Support at Lynfield College. That system was later adopted in schools around the country. Over the years the programme has supported thousands of New Zealand children to learn to read.

Through the 70’s and 80’s she sold work through influential Art Dealer Denis Cohn, who also represented artists such as Malcolm Harrison, Christine Hellyar, Tony Fomison, Philip Clairmont and Allen Maddox.

Eirlys was New Zealand distribution agent in charge of mailouts for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. It was largely from CND (NZ) and the Peace Media that Greenpeace New Zealand was formed.

 Portrait for Peace - Eirlys Shand

Eirlys recently left her home in West Auckland and now resides in retirement.


Eirlys and Neil pose for a photograph in the local paper.         Eiryls visiting her auction exhibition in 2019.