Lake House Arts presents a vibrant and engaging exhibition program profiling artists and groups that are both nationally and locally recognized as well as community based and local artistic talents. Our exhibition program strives to represent a wide range of visual art mediums, including historical and multi-cultural themes with links to a selection of regional and local, arts and cultural events. The exhibition program is accompanied by a range of public programes including artist’s talks, exhibition tours and art workshops for adults and children. 

Lake House Arts has several exhibition spaces: The Becroft Gallery, The Cafe Gallery, The Tindall Room, the Art Capsule, Pop up Studio, the upstairs Harcourts Heritage Homes and buildings exhibition hallway. We also collaborate with a network with external organizations and businesses to provide a a wider exhibition opportunity to our members and artists, these include Spenser on Byron and the Pump House Theater. 

H.M Bark Endeavour; Paintings of Captain James Cook's Voyage to the South Pacific

Tuesday 1 October 2019 - Sunday 15 March 2020

An exhibition of paintings by Alan Sanders, capturing moments from the voyages of the H.M Bark Endeavour.

Each piece illustrates one day's diary entry from Cook's travels to Aotearoa and the South Pacific.

On display in the lobby of The Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna. 

October 2019 - March 2020


To enquire about purchasing a painting, contact Grae Burton at the Lake House Arts Centre: manager@lakehousearts.org.nz

Books of the exhibition are available on a pre-order basis. Contact alan@alansanders.co.nz to place an order, (Unit Cost $120 per book).

Organised in conjunction with the Lake House Arts Centre, Takapuna

The Friday Group Artists Exhibition

Sunday 13 October 2019 - Friday 1 November 2019 , 09:30 - 15:30

A group show featuring: Richard Beckett, Norma Beck, Peter Carter, Raewyn Cervin, Jan Cunningham, Pam Dun, Pauline Gitmans, Helen Oborne, Ann Saunders, Wensley Petterson, Hilary Wade, Kelly Wilson, Gillian Wilmar, Margie Woodward

‘The Friday Group Artists’ is a collective of creatives that meet once a week in a large painting studio at Lake House Arts. They share ideas, techniques and encourage one another. Each artist has their own unique creative voice and works on their own project. The group is facilitated and tutored by Lib Steward who is a highly respected artist and multi-skilled practitioner who works in a range of different mediums. Lib Steward will have the smaller adjoining gallery at Lake House Arts to exhibit her own solo works.

Artist talk – Podcast recording with audience Q&A Saturdays during the exhibition at 11am.


Please come to the opening, Sunday 13 October at 4pm
Exhibition: 14 October –1 November

Members’ Merit Exhibition and Awards 2019

Sunday 3 November 2019 - Saturday 23 November 2019 - 15:30

Application form the Members’ Merit Exhibition and Awards are now open. You must be a current financial member of Lake House Arts to enter the awards. You can become a member here.

This year we have two categories, an open section and a themed section, with two awards, as-well-as an ultimate prize and runners up commendation. The themed section for 2019 is entitled ‘Nostalgia’ and we ask our Members to reflect on their memories or ideas of what the past was or could have been like. The themed section presents the opportunity for members to produce new work that relates to the concept of a bygone age.

Download your application form here.


Exhibition Information:

  • Exhibition runs from: 3 - 23 November. 
  • Registration and submission day: Thursday 31 Oct and Friday 1 Nov, 10am - 3pm.
  • Opening and award ceremony: Sunday 3 November, 4pm
  • Collection of work: 24 and 25 Nov


Prize Information:

  •  Riley Consultants Ultimate Award: $1,000
  • Nostalgia, Themed Section Winner: $250
  • Open Section Winner: $250
  • Themed Section Highly Commended: Prize Pack
  • Open Section Highly Commended: Prize Pack
  • Takapuna Art Supplies - Merit Award: $250 Art Voucher
  • Lake House Arts - Emerging Artist: Education Voucher
  • Audience Choice: Prize Pack

Great Art Sale (GAS) 2019

Monday 16 December 2019 - Sunday 16 February 2020

The Great Art Sale (G.A.S) Returns!  The Great Art Sale is the art sale to end all art sales!  It’s epic! It's huge! It's… GREAT! 


In 2019 the Great Art Sale will run through December and Summer and will begin the Lake House Arts 20th Anniversary Season. 

Open to all public to submit.  The Great Arts Sale is a cash-and-carry salon-style exhibition with a difference. 

Works are hung in Salon and will overflow into the rest of the house.  Artists can contribute their own works or works they own and nominate their own prices.  It's a sale - PRICE TO SELL! 

Art can be received throughout the exhibition, however it is the preference of LHAC to receive all artwork on the days indicated below.  This will maximise your chance of sale during the season and before Christmas.  Lake House Arts supports artist resale royalties (for artwork you own but did not create) at our recommended value.   

All people submitting for Great Art Sale 2019 MUST fill out the submission form with all details to be able to exhibit.  Artworks for the Great Arts Sale will be catalogued and sold based on the submission form. Submissions without correct information will be hung last. 


Click here to download a Submission Form 


All delivery of artworks will be taken on MONDAY NOVEMBER 18 - SATURDAY NOVEMBER 23 between 10am and 2pm.  Artworks received after this date may have up to 7 days delay in being hung. The Great Arts Sale 2019 will open to the public on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24th at 4pm.  Artworks will continue to be hung during the exhibition.  The artwork will come off the walls and the exhibition will complete on FRIDAY JANUARY 31. 


Any remaining Artwork from the sale must be picked up collected on SATURDAY FEB 1 between 10am and 2pm.  No exceptions. 

Art owners are responsible for pricing their artwork.  Lake House Arts objective with the Great Art Sale 2019 is to sell as many works as possible.  Keeping that in mind owners should price artwork accordingly.  THERE IS NO COMMISSION ON SALE.  The is a flat submission fee per work based on size (see below)  and a processing / handling fee for any work sold (which includes credit card payment fees). Art owners who submit should anticipate the processing/handling fee being taken from the sale price before final reconciliation.  

The Submission form allows for one submission. If owners have multiple submissions, please download multiple forms, one for each piece. 


COST Artwork Submission and Processing / Handling fee 

(size up to 1000mm for length, width or depth) 
$15 per artwork submitted 
$5 per artwork processing and handling fee if sold 


(size larger than 1000mm for length, width or depth) 
$25 per artwork

$5 per artwork processing and handling fee if sold
Submission Fee: PAYABLE ON DELIVERY. Processing/Handling Fee – Taken from Artists reconciled payment after

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