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Lauren Hughes - The Material Mythos of Lovecraft

Friday 10 February 2023 - Friday 17 February 2023


This exhibition, entitled ‘The Material Mythos of Lovecraft,’ is a crossroad between literature, design, and science. The artist is currently enrolled in their Master of Design, with their thesis exploring the agency of materials - specifically those found within Gothic Literature. This collection of art artefacts and drawings is inspired by the spatial and material descriptions found within the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The ghoulish, spooky narration of Lovecraft’s multiverse provides many murky elements of materiality to be explored. These illustrations aim to capture the haptic senses, and the visceral quality of material descriptions, while also helping the viewer to understand the capabilities of materiality. The collision of Gothicity and New Materialist philosophy in this exhibition hopes to break the dichotomy between the animated and the unanimated, life and death, and fact and fiction.

Currently completing her Master of Design at Auckland University of Technology, Lauren Hughes employs her primary method of sketching to create intricate scenes of spookiness and intrigue. Lauren’s thesis topic delves deep into Gothic Literature and endeavours to explore the spatial and material descriptions found within stories. In addition to working on a separate research scholarship, Lauren works as a ceramic-hand for a local artist, hoping to pursue a career path in the field of art and design.