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Paintings and Sculpture - Jeff Thomson and Colin Harris

Sunday 16 May 2021 - Friday 28 May 2021


Opening celebration: Sunday 16th May 4pm, Becroft gallery

Artist talk: 22 May 2pm, Becroft gallery 

A collection of individual and joint works by Colin Harris and Jeff Thompson.

Colins drawings and paintings are influenced by the fact he has mental illness. The often re ocurring faces suggesting demons and monsters are expressions of 

 his inner emotions.

Jeff Thomson, well known for his exploration of materials such as corrugated iron, has put together a collection of found objects transformed into his favoured repetitve ripple pattern shape.


Auckland Festival of Photography 'Structure Alone' - Yasser Saeed

Sunday 30 May 2021 - Friday 18 June 2021


Opening Celebration: Sunday 30th May, 4pm 

Artist Talk: 11am Sat 5 June

Photography Series: Reflections in Modernist Architecture. Saeed's art has been noted for its abstract compositions, and his architectural photography is no different. Taking photos, not of buildings, but made of buildings, not wanting to relate any understanding at all of the design or functionality, only of materials, structure, layers and their interplay with light within the arrangements aligned in frame. These photographs bring forth architectural elements from the urban context, but outside the frame through reflections on entire facades or trapped within the highlights in the glass, a principal part of this approach. A principal part of this approach is to bring forth architectural elements from the urban context from outside the frame through reflections which are projected onto entire facades or trapped within the highlights in the glass. Glares of natural light have been deliberately shown only in reflections or through multiple layers of glass in order to force the sunlight into a layered geometry, to complicate the already complex composition. In contrast, the artificial light does the same through the pattern and structure of the linear, well saturated fluorescent tubes and lamp lights that are laid out regularly on the architecture. Shot from 2018, in Auckland, then in this past summer in Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid and London.