Exhibitions and Events

Lake House Arts presents a vibrant and engaging exhibition program profiling artists and groups that are both nationally and locally recognized as well as community based and local artistic talents. Our exhibition program strives to represent a wide range of visual art mediums, including historical and multi-cultural themes with links to a selection of regional and local, arts and cultural events. The exhibition program is accompanied by a range of public programes including artist’s talks, exhibition tours and art workshops for adults and children. 

Lake House Arts has several exhibition spaces: The Becroft Gallery, The Cafe Gallery, The Tindall Room, the Art Capsule, Pop up Studio, the upstairs Harcourts Heritage Homes and buildings exhibition hallway. We also collaborate with a network with external organizations and businesses to provide a a wider exhibition opportunity to our members and artists, these include Spenser on Byron and the Pump House Theater. 


Tuesday 19 November 2019 - Thursday 31 December 2020


'this is us 2020' Children's Art Exhibition

Sunday 15 March 2020 - Friday 27 March 2020

Open to the public from the 15th of March until the 27th of March 2020

Come and view our Children's Art all throughout the building!

These pieces are inspired by the 'Give Nothing to Racism' campaign ( https://givenothing.co.nz/ ) and accompany our Community Day on the 21st of March. They are made by children and students from schools on the North Shore and are a testament to the North Shore taking a stand against racism. 

Art of any skill level and medium will be accepted to allow as many participants as possible.

Email engagement@lakehousearts.org.nz to register some children's art, (NB High-school students are included in the term 'children').


H.M Bark Endeavour; Paintings of Captain James Cook's Voyage to the South Pacific

Thursday 17 October 2019 - Sunday 15 March 2020

An exhibition of paintings by Alan Sanders, capturing moments from the voyages of the H.M Bark Endeavour.

Each piece illustrates one day's diary entry from Cook's travels to Aotearoa and the South Pacific.

On display in the lobby of The Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna. 

October 2019 - March 2020


To enquire about purchasing a painting, contact Grae Burton at the Lake House Arts Centre: manager@lakehousearts.org.nz

Books of the exhibition are available on a pre-order basis. Contact alan@alansanders.co.nz to place an order, (Unit Cost $120 per book).

Organised in conjunction with the Lake House Arts Centre, Takapuna

EMERGENT: SEE II - Emerging Artists Exhibition and Award

Sunday 1 March 2020 - Friday 13 March 2020

1st - 13th March 2020 Becroft Gallery

Join us for the Opening and Award Ceremony of EMERGENT: SEE II on the 1st March 4pm


EMERGENT: SEE II is the second year for the Lake House Arts initiative to support emerging visual artists. 

Guest Curator Marion Breinhorst invites Tertiary Art Students and recent Graduates to participate in EMERGENT: SEE II, the inaugural Lake House Arts Emerging Artist Awards and Exhibition open to all forms of art including-  

Judged Categories - Painting, Print Media, Photography, Film and Video, Virtual, Sculptural, Fashion, Drawing  

EMERGENT: SEE provides cash prizes for each category from a total prize pool valued at $3,000. 




Place Making: New Residents' Showcase

Sunday 16 February 2020 - Friday 28 February 2020

16th Feb - 28th Feb 2020

Opening Celebration Sunday 16th February 4pm 

To welcome our new Artists in Residence, we present the Lake House Residents‘ Showcase, ’Place Making’. This official introduction of our artists’ work to the Lake House Community, includes work by; Alice Cuillin, Tania Parrott, Jeannine Friedrich and Catherine Farquhar (showing the Ogle Gallery). Diverse in style and genre, these four artists celebrate the broad spectrum of art inspired by Lake House Arts.

Veiw their catalogue of works here.



VOZNEUVA - Latin Jazz Concert (formerly VoxNova)

Sunday 23 February 2020 - Sunday 23 February 2020 - 17:00

Tickets $10 Adult / $5 Child (Under 12) BOOK HERE

Originally VozNueva (new voice) specialised in Latin Jazz, the band
morphed into VoxNova to include Jazz Manouche. With the return of two of the early members, Guitarist Nigel Gavin and bassist Aaron Coddel, and introduction of Brazilian guitarist Ricky Medeiros, we see a return to our Latin and Gitanos roots.



Pro Arts - Professional Practice Seminar 1 "The Artist and the Taxwoman"

Thursday 20 February 2020 - Thursday 20 February 2020

Pro Arts Seminar 1: "The Artist and the Taxwoman" - Pro tips for getting the most out of your tax return. 

Feb 20 at 5:45pm – 7pm, Hayes Studio, Lake House Arts Centre 


Join Operations Manager Grae Burton in this in-depth session exploring best practice for Artists who act as self-employed/contractors. The session will cover aspects of taxation which are important to remember and tips and tricks about handling the process. This will be the first of many Professional Practice Seminars held at Lake House Arts Centre, each on the third Thursday of the month.   


The seminars aim to address various aspects of an artistic/creative career which are often tricky, time consuming, or complex enough to afford an in-depth discussion and explanation.  

Upcoming Pro Arts seminars include topics such as; Copyright and IP Law in March, Social Media (April), and Framing (May). 

Lake House Showing of Crossfade Production's 'Oldest Friend' Written by David Osborne, Directed by Matthew Diesch

Saturday 15 February 2020 - Sunday 16 February 2020

Showings at 6pm on February 15th and 16th at Lake House Arts Centre

It’s not about fixing, it’s about coping.

Sometimes you need a friend, someone to listen, back then when you were struggling and just needed a bit of help. Using rich metaphors, Crossfade's writer, David Osborne and member of the trans community, takes your teenaged self for a walk down the beach; discharging those awful things you were thinking and feeling and letting them out.

This show is the relaunch of Crossfade Productions, an Auckland based theatre company run by three close friends and colleagues, who believe in working together to create meaningful theatre and develop themselves and their team. This will be their first full length play since their successful tour of Not About Heroes in 2015, which was a beautiful play about war poets which also featured queer themes.

This will be a short tour as part of the 2020 Auckland Pride Festival with starting out with a weeklong season at Garnet Station and finishing off with these two outdoor performances. The following week there will be a limited season at the Coalbunker Studio at the Pumphouse.

This will be an outdoor performance in the Lakehouse grounds. The performance will occur rain or shine so bring your raincoats and umbrellas. If the conditions are unsafe you will be offered either a transfer to one of the Pumphouse shows or a refund.

See the links below for ticketing options and Facebook event pages!






Project 22: Yaniv Janson

Sunday 2 February 2020 - Friday 14 February 2020

Project 22: Solo Show by Yaniv Janson in the Becroft Gallery

Opening Night: 2nd Feb 2020 at 4pm

2nd Feb - 14th Feb 2020

Project 22 started with an experiment to see how much of the canvas Yaniv could cover without using a paint brush, by tilting it different ways. His challenge was to stretch colour whilst avoiding the colours getting mixed together. That first painting - Unexpectedly Designed - created from 22 different colours was a finalist in the 2017 Wallace Art Award and exhibited at the Pa late 2017. Yaniv continued experimenting with the idea and two paintings later, he created Oceans and Skies - Out Of The Blue to express that at different times of the day, the ocean and sky appear in different shades of blue. It was selected as finalist in the National Youth Art Awards, and exhibited at the Waikato Museum in Sept-Oct 2018.  


Yaniv continued building this body of work using different themes, primary colours, textures and directional elements. For each he used the same number of testpots on canvas because 22 is Yaniv's favourite number and his favourite birthday year. Each painting takes over 2 months to make to allow for different colours to dry without mixing. Some of the times Yaniv tilted the canvas on its sides and other times on its corners to cover more of the white background. Other times he calculated the canvas-drying angles to create a weave effect - a combination of the colours going over and under each other. Yaniv thought about his audience hanging them on their wall. Because one experiences different pulling forces when looking at the work, whatever direction they choose to hang it, the art will tell a different story. 




Saturday 25 January 2020 - Friday 7 February 2020

Join us for a Celebration Opening Event on January 26th at 4pm


SENSITIVITY BY Shujin Liu –Winner of World Press Seminar 2003

Shujin Liu is an international photo journalist whose career is twenty years young. Her works have earned her exhibitions that have traversed the globe. She has featured multiple times in the World Press Seminar.  Liu has worked as a photojournalist for China News Agency, Geo Magazine (Hamburg), Elle Magazine (Paris) along with several other media outllets.

Inspired by the highly detailed, dark and mysterious writings of Alain Robbe-Grille, Shujin Liu aims to surpass language with what she captures through the lens.

In this exhibition Liu focusses on Gender, Experience and Personality.  She aims to capture her subjects in a bleak authenticity that language fails to describe.

After a successful career that has lead her to many unique parts of the globe, Shujin Liu has recently settled on the North Shore of Auckland.

“I wasn’t sure of how to introduce myself to my new community. I am hoping that by sharing part of my life that the North Shore will accept me.” – Shujin Liu



Great Art Sale (GAS) 2019

Sunday 24 November 2019 - Friday 31 January 2020

The Great Art Sale (G.A.S) Returns!  The Great Art Sale is the art sale to end all art sales!  It’s epic! It's huge! It's… GREAT! 


LAST DAYS!  on Thursday Jan 23 and Friday Jan 24 all GAS artworks will move to the hallways in the house to make room for a very special presentation celebrating Chinese New Year!



Special Exhibition Presentation: My Hometown

Saturday 25 January 2020 - Friday 31 January 2020


Silk Road China Shaanxi Folk Arts Global.

Celebration Opening Event - January 26 at 4pm inside the Becroft Gallery

Join us inside the  Lake House Becroft Gallery for a special presentation pop-up exhibition 'My Hometown' by the group of Chinese artists invited by New Zealand China Silk Road Chamber of Culture and Commerce Associations from China to New Zealand.

This exhibition kick-starts our 2020 Vision Programme for our 20th year of operation and is filled with works which are unique and rich in personal and cultural experience. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces draw on multiple artistic traditions which form a hybrid of Eastern and Western influences.

This exhibition was shown successfully overseas as the 'Silk Road China Shaanxi Farmers Painting Arts Global Exhibition' and is now in New Zealand here at the Lake House Arts Centre!


The Nomadic Art Gallery - Inaugural Exhibition

Friday 24 January 2020 - Friday 31 January 2020

Celebrate the Nomadic Art Gallery with us on Sunday Jan 26 at 4pm


The Nomadic Art Gallery is a mobile art gallery which steps away from traditional art spaces. Its emphasis on “cultural discoveries” guides spectators to eight pinned-down locations in New Zealand, where multidisciplinary artistic events are held, shedding light on local artists and the communities behind these.

Alongside the exhibitions held inside the gallery, the outside of this mobile art space serves as a canvas offering numerous artists the chance to express themselves. In this way, the Nomadic Art Gallery itself becomes a public participatory artwork. The rather complex but accessible theme “LIFE” is the overarching exhibition theme for both exhibitions held inside the gallery as well as for the public participatory artwork on the outside of it.

This gallery paves the way for unconventional artistic exhibitions, workshops, cinematic screenings and bridges the gap between art & people. This ephemeral art project aims to “unite” people across New Zealand and reflect on the country’s creative forces and freedom.

Minrui Jang graduated with honors from Elam in 2019. The artist with Chinese roots explores the transformative nature of space and the often fragmented memories one has about these spaces. Her recent work has involved a process of seeing the surrounding landscape and environment filtered through the aesthetic lens of Chinese Shanshui painting. 

Ada Leung also graduated from Elam but in 2018. Coming from a Chinese background, she is concerned with re-contextualising her everyday environment through manipulating recognisable items and repurposing them into unexpected contexts. Within her process, Ada embodies a notion of work derived from the attitude of an everyday labourer; working patiently and meticulously with found items or cheaply brought, accessible object. 


Hit the Stage! A 5-Day Creative Escape

Monday 20 January 2020 - Monday 20 January 2020


For Ages 8-12

Monday 20th – Friday 24th January 2020

During 5 exciting days, our young actors will take part in rehearsing and performing their own theatrical creation, ready to ‘Hit the Stage!’ at the end of the week with a performance at the Lakehouse Arts Centre for family and friends. They will learn the creative and practical skills of the rehearsal process, with Tim Bray Youth Theatre professional tutors.

Each day builds the young actor’s confidence and skill, exploring aspects of performance that can include voice work, movement, improvisation, singing, characterisation, script work. Fun and laughter are an essential part of the workshop as our young performers experience what it takes to get a show from the rehearsal floor to the stage.

Sibling discount available: First child $300.00, Brother or Sister $270.00

Members’ Merit Exhibition and Awards 2019

Sunday 3 November 2019 - Saturday 23 November 2019 - 15:30

Application form the Members’ Merit Exhibition and Awards are now open. You must be a current financial member of Lake House Arts to enter the awards. You can become a member here.

This year we have two categories, an open section and a themed section, with two awards, as-well-as an ultimate prize and runners up commendation. The themed section for 2019 is entitled ‘Nostalgia’ and we ask our Members to reflect on their memories or ideas of what the past was or could have been like. The themed section presents the opportunity for members to produce new work that relates to the concept of a bygone age.

Download your application form here.


Exhibition Information:

  • Exhibition runs from: 3 - 23 November. 
  • Registration and submission day: Thursday 31 Oct and Friday 1 Nov, 10am - 3pm.
  • Opening and award ceremony: Sunday 3 November, 4pm
  • Collection of work: 24 and 25 Nov


Prize Information:

  •  Riley Consultants Ultimate Award: $1,000
  • Nostalgia, Themed Section Winner: $250
  • Open Section Winner: $250
  • Themed Section Highly Commended: Prize Pack
  • Open Section Highly Commended: Prize Pack
  • Takapuna Art Supplies - Merit Award: $250 Art Voucher
  • Lake House Arts - Emerging Artist: Education Voucher
  • Audience Choice: Prize Pack

The Friday Group Artists Exhibition

Sunday 13 October 2019 - Friday 1 November 2019 , 09:30 - 15:30

A group show featuring: Richard Beckett, Norma Beck, Peter Carter, Raewyn Cervin, Jan Cunningham, Pam Dun, Pauline Gitmans, Helen Oborne, Ann Saunders, Wensley Petterson, Hilary Wade, Kelly Wilson, Gillian Wilmar, Margie Woodward

‘The Friday Group Artists’ is a collective of creatives that meet once a week in a large painting studio at Lake House Arts. They share ideas, techniques and encourage one another. Each artist has their own unique creative voice and works on their own project. The group is facilitated and tutored by Lib Steward who is a highly respected artist and multi-skilled practitioner who works in a range of different mediums. Lib Steward will have the smaller adjoining gallery at Lake House Arts to exhibit her own solo works.

Artist talk – Podcast recording with audience Q&A Saturdays during the exhibition at 11am.


Please come to the opening, Sunday 13 October at 4pm
Exhibition: 14 October –1 November

Lake House Arts: 2020 Exhibitions Submissions

Saturday 6 July 2019 - Sunday 13 October 2019 , 07:00

We are now accepting proposals to be included in the 2020 exhibition programme. It's easy to apply just fill in the online application here and return it to Lake House Arts by midnight Sunday 13 October. Group, solo and community shows are all welcome to submit and a range of art forms will be considered. This opportunity is open to all skill levels from emerging artists to established professionals. To submit please fill in the online form:

There is a gallery fee for all exhibitions and commission is taken on work sold. Decisions on which exhibitions will be scheduled from January to December 2020 will be made by the start of November 2019.

Tarja Pudas-Jounila: Abstract Works

Saturday 28 September 2019 - Friday 11 October 2019

Tarja Pudas-Jounila: Abstract Works
Colorful Abstract Art from Lake House Artist Tarja Pudas-Jounila.
September 27 - October 11, 2019
B:HIVE Ground Level - Smales Farm
Presented by Lake House Arts Centre
In Partnership with B:HIVE, Smales Farm
Supported by Gordon Harris Art Supplies
Tarja on Social Media 
Tarja is a Finnish painter, who lives in Forrest Hill, Auckland. Tarja paints mainly with acrylics and experiments also willingly with different kind of mark-making techniques. The paintings are abstract, colourful and very intuitive. Tarja doesn’t make any pre-sketching or plans how to proceed - she wants to paint like a child. The starting point may be a particular colour combination or a current emotional state. So the outcome is always a surprise for the painter too. Tarja is studying painting with artist James Lawrence’s guidance at the Lake House Art Centre. 

Studio Printmakers, Heritage Exhibition

Sunday 22 September 2019 - Friday 11 October 2019 , 09:30 - 15:30

A group show of printmakers featuring: Julienne Francis, Gillian Clark, Pat Grove-Hills, Susan Hurrell-Fieldes, Donna Dold, Kheang Ov, Ian Halliday, Catriona Caird, Sarah Philipson, Erinna Law, Lianne Timlin, Vivien Davimes, Evelyn Short, Lisz Bodsworth and Val Cuthbert

The exhibitors taking part in this show created work through a series of workshops designed to stimulate concepts around the idea of 'Heritage' as a theme. The resulting images came from discussions on a range of topics such as family, New Zealand history and places further afield. 

The artists have ended up taking inspiration from several starting points. One printmaker produced ideas around the shape of her grandchildren's feet, another has focused on her children's profiles, while nature's heritage has provided forest images for another series.

Please come to the opening, 4pm Sunday 22 September

Exhibition 22 September - 11 October

Spring Mantle: Irene Macfarlane

Monday 2 September 2019 - Thursday 10 October 2019

IRENE MACFARLANE        Diploma of Art, Dundee Scotland

“I was a trained artist/designer when I was young and have taught in        School both in Scotland and N.Z. in the seventies. For many years  because of family commitments I did not have the time or the money to indulge in art.

In my forties I became interested in Spiritual work and now the art and the Spiritual work have combined. At present I love having the time to paint for my own pleasure and to help, heal and inspire others.

My oil paintings have changed from being realistic to more abstract / creative. I use a palette knife, rubber tools, my fingers and some brush work. Oil paints give me the intensity of colour and atmosphere that I love.  Often there is no plan before I start a painting as to what each picture will be about. The subject and images seem to mysteriously appear as I go along. Many of my paintings contain images of flowers, birds, faces, insects and symbols without my deliberate input. People interpret the images in different ways. I call this Art at Soul level as it comes from within and nothing is copied.

 My paintings are all completely one off originals.”

From The Peninsula 2019

Tuesday 3 September 2019 - Saturday 21 September 2019 , 09:00 - 15:00

"From The Peninsula 2019" a showcase of artworks from 10 schools from the Devonport Peninsula (year 1 to year 13). The participating schools are: 
Takapuna Grammar • Belmont Intermediate • Devonport Primary • Belmont Primary • Vauxhall Primary • Hauraki School • Wilson School • Bayswater School • Stanley Bay School • St Leo's Catholic School. 

Seven of the schools participating in this show belong to the Devonport Kāhui Ako or Community of Learning. A  Kāhui Ako is a group of schools which work together to help students achieve their full potential. It sets shared goals or achievement challenges based on the particular needs of its children and young people. 
This exhibition endeavours to create a visual focus and identity for the Devonport Kāhui Ako and give its ākonga the experience of displaying their artwork in a public space. For many of our young participants, this will their first taste of being part of a public art show. 
The exhibition will be curated by Linda Sew Hoy a teacher at Takapuna Grammar Visual Arts Department and will feature a range of different types of media and art disciplines. 
"From The Peninsula 2019" will run from the 3rd September until the 21st September.

Passionate About Pastels

Sunday 11 August 2019 - Saturday 31 August 2019 - 15:30

An Exhibition of pastel paintings, by Auckland pastel artists. 
Exhibition Opening: Sunday 11th August,  4pm - All Welcome. 

In the past 20 years, there has been a renaissance in pastel, as it can be used as both a drawing and painting medium. Pastels are created using almost pure pigment, and when an artist picks up a stick of pastel, they’re holding light and colour in their fingertips. Pastels have an unlimited colour palette of rich vibrant colours, with few constraints as to application and expression. Over thirty Auckland pastel artists have come together for this exhibition, to showcase their pastel paintings and the pastel medium.  This exhibition of over eighty pastel paintings, will include pastel paintings by award winning artists David Barker, Michael and Julie Freeman, Merle Bishop and Julia Henderson, in the Becroft Gallery at The Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna, showing from 11th - 31st August 2019. 

Ceramics Showcase 2019

Sunday 21 July 2019 - Friday 9 August 2019

'Ceramics Showcase 2019' is a group exhibition in the Becroft Gallery at Lake House Arts Centre. The exhibition features seven ceramicists, each with a differant approach to using clay. This is a curated exhibition and showcases experienced and new, domestic and art pieces. This show is 'cash and carry' so works can be bought and taken home right away.

Exhibition Dates: 21 July – 9 August 2019.

Pacifika Patterns: Graeme Mackay

Sunday 7 July 2019 - Saturday 20 July 2019

Sunday July 7 (OPENING 4pm - ALL WELCOME) -  Saturday July 20

Pacifika Patterns: Graeme Mackay


Becroft Gallery

Pacific patterns are on the move, growing with our culture. I want the new form to come out of a base that is full of veins, roots and arms that merge and to a more formal shape. The view is the form rising up to a new opening and distribution of the Pacific pattern. A culture moving on from basic beginnings and developing a new modern form.

"I have been a commercial and fine art Woodturner for over 10 years and have a long-term interest in carving and sculpturing - wood and many other mediums. I enjoy working with and developing form that is associated with Drive, uplift and movement.  Many are my pieces come from recycled timber or rescued from fireplace.The white wood as part of a series using privet recovered from firewood stacks and generally around the neighbourhood." Graeme Mackay

Pou Toko Manawa - Heart of the House

Sunday 23 June 2019 - Friday 5 July 2019

Mixed median painter and artist Mere Clifford is the guest curator for 'Pou Toko Manawa' (Heart of the House). Over 50 invited artists and members of the Lake House community have created unique Pou Panels which honor their family and history. Please bring friends and whānau for the opening at 4pm, Sunday 23 June. Light refreshments provided.


Sunday 2 June 2019 - Saturday 22 June 2019

Members Cafe Gallery
June 2 (Sunday) 4pm - Opening
June 4 - June 22, 2019

In association with the Auckland Photography Festival, Lake House Arts Members are invited to participate in an open-access exhibition in the Members Cafe Gallery.

This is an opportunity for Members to showcase their own photography as well as including photo-art from their collection they wish to sell on.

To register to participate in this exhibition please email manager@lakehousearts.org.nz

All artworks being exhibited must be delivered no later than Thursday May 30 at 4pm

Participants must be current members of Lake House Arts (includes Family Memberships).


In Earliest Light II: The Collodion Collective

Sunday 2 June 2019 - Friday 21 June 2019

IN EARLIEST LIGHT II: The Collodion Collective
Opening June 2 at 4pm 
June 3 - June 21 2019

As part of the Auckland Festival of Photography 2019, Lake House Arts is exhibiting a collection of wet plate collodion photographs.
Wet plate collodion is one of photography’s earliest processes.
Its temperamental chemistry and beautiful image quality is being rediscovered by a small group of Kiwi photographers – the “Collodion Collective”.
In Earliest Light showcases work using tintypes, ambrotypes, and albumen prints from wet plate negatives.


Eirlys Shand: Legacy and Community - Exhibition and Fundraiser

Sunday 19 May 2019 - Saturday 1 June 2019

Eirlys Shand: Legact and Community - Exhibition and Fundraiser

Opening Sunday May 19 at 4pm - All Welcome
Fundraiser Auction June 1 at 6pm
All proceeds will go toward the Lake House Arts Kids Art Programme

In mid-May Aucklanders will have a rare opportunity to see and own a piece of the region’s history from the unique perspective of painter Eirlys Shand.  Eirlys, now in her 80’s has donated 30 works from her private collection to Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna for an exhibition and auction fundraiser, supporting kids' art education programmes at the facility. 
Leaving school at 15 years old Eirlys did not find the opportunity to fully express herself artistically until later in life.  She painted stylised floral representations and scenes of the people and life in Auckland while her supportive husband Neil crafted and built the frames for her work. 
While on the Board of Govenor's Eirlys assisted with the implementation of Learning Support at Lynfield College.  That system was later adopted in schools around the country.  Over the years the programme has supported thousands of New Zealand children to learn to read. 
Through the 70’s and 80’s she sold work through influential Art Dealer Denis Cohn, who also represented artists such as Malcolm Harrison, Christine Hellyar, Tony Fomison, Philip Clairmont and Allen Maddox. 
Eirlys was New Zealand distribution agent in charge of mailouts for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.  It was largely from CND (NZ) and the Peace Media that Greenpeace New Zealand was formed 
With her permission a selection of her art collection has been donated to Lake House Trust to support the charity. 
Eirlys Shands paintings show a snapshot of everyday New Zealand and the political climate and social issues of the time. Exhibited works include art from 1974 – 1990 and include floral works, social comment s and representations of street and suburban life in Auckland from the same period.  The collection will be shown and auctioned as is and this will likely be the last exhibition of Eirlys Shands collected works to be presented. Supported by Moving Made Easy - www.movingmadeeasy.co.nz   


WHAT:   Eirlys Shand - Legacy and Community - Exhibition and Fundraiser 

WHEN:   Exhibition Opens Sunday May 19 at 2pm.  Auction on Saturday June 1 at 6pm 

WHERE:   Lake House Arts Centre, 37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna 

MORE:   To request a catalogue, make a silent bid, and receive more info contact Operations Manager Grae Burton at manager@lakehousearts.org.nz 

The Dorothy Collard Memorial Challenge 2019: Auckland Qulit Guild

Saturday 27 April 2019 - Saturday 18 May 2019

The makers of these quilts participate in an annual challenge and the theme for 2019 is: 




Dorothy Collard, who is commemorated by this exhibition, was a passionate quilter who left a legacy which provided a greenstone trophy and several monetary awards or an annual challenge. The Auckland Quilt Guild continues with the award in honour of her memory.  



We are one of the largest patchworking and quilting organisations in New Zealand.  

The Guild was formed in 1985 (as the Auckland Patchworkers & Quilters Guild Inc) by a group of local quilters who had successfully hosted the first national quilting symposium. Our aims and objectives are to:  


Promote the art and craft of patchwork and quilting.  

Bring quilters together and encourage the establishment of quilting groups.  

Encourage and maintain high standards of craftsmanship and design in both traditional and contemporary quilting  

Organise exhibitions.  


Publish a regular newsletter. Provide workshops, lectures and seminars, and encourage the exchange of information, ideas and expertise   on subjects of concern or interest to members.  


Library of books is available for the use of members.  


Guild members attend meetings on the first Saturday of each month except January and November for a day of quilt-related activities, which includes a formal meeting and speaker. This gives members an opportunity to meet other quilters and friends, to view works in progress, to be inspired and to have fun.  

Members have the opportunity to participate in classes throughout the year and at our annual mini-symposium and to showcase their quilts at the Auckland Festival of Quilts. 


I Feel like I'm not here - I'm right here! Mapura Studios Art Exhibition

Sunday 7 April 2019 - Wednesday 17 April 2019


I Feel Like I’m Not Here - I’m Right Here!


@Lake House Arts Centre
7 Fred Thomas Dr
Auckland 0622

Māpura Studios presents an exhibition of new work by select artists: ‘I feel like I’m not here - I’m, right here.‘

In this show, digital technologies, soundscape and portraits combine to communicate the politics around looking and also of being seen - how perception and experience are often unrelated. 

Expect charged emotion, a questioning of normalcy and bias, a challenge to societal assumptions around those differently gifted.


James Lawrence: UNREAL

Sunday 31 March 2019 - Saturday 6 April 2019

James Lawrence: UNREAL



Presented by Smales Farm

2019 03 31 – 2019 04 06 in The Becroft Gallery 

March 31 at 4pm


Works in Acrylic on Canvas

With Virtual Reality 3D Light Painting 


Lake House Resident Artist James Lawrence will present a brand new multi-media exhibition and installation.  Using the latest in virtual art making technology available in the Wallace Foundation Digital Studio and Lake House Arts, James has taken his artwork and process into a new dimension of experience and interactivity.  Inside the Becroft Gallery at Lake House Arts James will transform the walls with his latest abstract works which will surround an interactive virtual platform.  Patrons will be able to enter the virtual works and experience his light art creations. 

“I have enjoyed the freedom painting with light adds to my creative process.  It has altered the way I use traditional medium.” 


James Lawrence is one of Lake House Arts oldest resident artists.  He is a well-known artist and tutor who has previously exhibited and taught classes and workshops, both nationally and internationally.

James has been a professional artist for over 30 years, gaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking in 1971 and Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking in 1973 at the Otis Art Institute in California. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Biology) from Austin College, Texas (1966)

James has shown at many exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Japan. He was included in California Design 76 and selected for a printmakers exhibit at the California Museum of Science and Industry. His work has featured in Home Magazine, California Printmakers, Prints Magazine and Décor Magazine, and is held in the Corporate Collections of IBM, RCA, Federal Reserve Board of Philadelphia, Home Savings & Loan, and Wells Fargo Bank. He has exhibited extensively within New Zealand at both Group and Solo shows including Northart, Mairangi Arts Centre, Portfolio Gallery, St Heliers Arts Festival, Royal Easter Show and Lake House Arts.

James was named “Most Successful Painting Artist” and awarded the Royal Agricultural Society Medal at one of New Zealand’s leading Fine Arts Exhibitions this year at the 2001 Royal Easter Show. He headed off 300 other painters to win both the Asia Pacific and the Faber Castell Dry Art Open categories, as well as place third in the National Art Supplies Print Making Open.

For James, the primary aim in producing any work of art is that of involving the viewer. James emphasises the importance of capturing the interest of his audience and arousing their curiosity, allowing questions to arise within the viewer.

"To achieve this end, I constantly experiment with the subject matter, media and form, because it continually challenges me to further my range of expression. This attitude enables growth to be automatic and leads me into areas that are always new and different and hopefully stimulating and exciting to view.”



EMERGENT: SEE - Exhibition and Award - Tertiary and Graduate Showcase and Award

Sunday 10 March 2019 - Saturday 30 March 2019


Tertiary and Graduate Showcase and Award






Sunday 2019 03 10 (4pm Happening) – Saturday 2019 03 30 (3pm Awards Presentation) 


EMERGENT: SEE is a Lake House Arts initiative to support an emerging artist every year.  2019 is the inaugural year and LHAC expect to see this initiative blossom in 2019 and flourish in the future.


Guest Curator Marion Breinhorst invites Tertiary Art Students and recent Graduates to participate in EMERGENT: SEE, the inaugural Lake House Arts Emerging Artist Awards and Exhibition open to all forms of art including (but not limited to)- 

Painting, Print Media, Publication, Photography, Ngā Toi Maori , Pacifika Art, Performance, Video, Virtual, Sculptural, Fashion, Drawing, Literature, Installation, Multi-media, Collaborative. 
EMERGENT: SEE will provide one $1000.00 award to the winning artist/s. 


The Exhibition / Installation / Performance will begin on March 10.  Delivery of entries, scheduling of performances and installations will be ongoing until March 24.  Judging will conclude on March 28 with the Awards Event being held on Saturday, March 30 at 3pm. 



Tertiary art students studying in all art genres. 

Recent Graduates (within 12 months of March 10, 2019) of Tertiary Art Programmes in all art genres. 


Each individual artist is required to pay- 

Size up to 1000mm x 1000mm - $10 entry fee per artwork entry, up to three entries are allowed.   

Size between 1000mm x 1000mm and 2000mm x 2000mm - $20 entry fee, one entry per artist only. 

Three artworks total per entering Artist/Artist Collective. 

Multiple Element works will be charged as above per element. I.E. a triptych with elements under 1msq will be charged at $10 per element = $30. 

The same charges apply to the surface area of the base of sculptural works. 

Each Art Group/Collective, (two members or more), for Performance or Installation works required to pay $20 per entry.  

Payment must be made on delivery.  Cash/Eftpos/Credit Card available. 

Delivery of Artwork 

To maximise exposure of artworks and artists we recommend delivery of artwork on- 

  • March 9 between 10am and 2pm 

  • March 10 between 10:30am and 2pm

On the Ground and Under the Water: Tarja Pudas-Jounila

Sunday 24 February 2019 - Saturday 9 March 2019


Tarja on Social Media 

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/tamapujo/?hl=fi


Tarja is a Finnish painter, who lives in Forrest Hill, Auckland. Tarja paints mainly with acrylics and experiments also willingly with different kind of mark-making techniques. The paintings are abstract, colourful and very intuitive. Tarja doesn’t make any pre-sketching or plans how to proceed - she wants to paint like a child. The starting point may be a particular colour combination or a current emotional state. So the outcome is always a surprise for the painter too. Tarja is studying painting with artist James Lawrence’s guidance at the Lake House Art Centre. 


After moving to New Zealand in 2017 Tarja has eagerly explored the New Zealander nature - oceans, beaches, waterfalls, shells, stones, trees and all the amazing things you can find here. Gradually those nature subjects sneaked into Tarja's paintings in shapes, colours and light (which after the darkness of Finnish winter was dazzling). At the same time, curious viewers could find some terrestrial and urban elements too – landscapes, roads, cities and buildings. This exhibition consists of Tarja's paintings from the first amazing two years lived in New Zealand.

Portals: Susannah MacDonald

Sunday 10 February 2019 - Saturday 23 February 2019


Susannah on Social Media  


Susannah MacDonald is an artist, writer, poet and art and flute teacher, based in Takapuna. Her art practice is inspired by mythology, the esoteric, and the natural world, which form the basis for this exhibition. Susannah works in several mediums – water colour, acrylic, oils, inks and pencils. She is also and illustrator and cartoonist.  Susannah has a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, specialising in painting from Unitec. She has a special interest in the arts of the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods, encompassing music, the performing and visual arts. 

Susannah is married to fellow artist and musician, Alan MacDonald. 


The title ‘Portals’ refers to the theoretical entrances and pathways between matter leading to higher states of consciousness and the ultimate joining in spirit with Io/God/Higher Consciousness. Susannah has been working with this concept for some time, and for this project the works are based on impressions arising from images collected on her travels around Aotearoa and Australia. Mozart said that the meaning of music is found between the notes. This project aims to sense the meaning behind and within each art work, found between the brush and pencil strokes.

Off The Wall

Sunday 27 January 2019 - Saturday 9 February 2019

Off the Wall

January 27 2019 - February 9, 2019

Opening Sunday January 27th at 4pm  - ALL WELCOME!

Lake House Artists Showcase

To open the Lake House Arts 2019 Exhibition Season we have invited our most popular artists from 2018 (their art has flown off the wall!) to join a cash and carry exhibition which also serves as a special showcase of their works and talents with in-depth information about our Lake House Artists careers.  A broad range of genres and styles encompassing the wide variety of Lake House talent. 

Included during the season will be artists talks and demonstrations from contributors.

FEATURING: Bill Hayes, Norma Beck, Wensley Petterson, Marion Breinhorst, Mark Cain, Julia Henderson, Donna Dold, Linda Anderson, Bronwyn Menhenick, Andre Roth, Gaye Hall & Shona Macdonald

I Heart NZ: New Zealand Made Giftware and Art Inspired by Aotearoa

Tuesday 27 November 2018 - Thursday 24 January 2019 - 15:30

Last year Lake House Shop took over the gallery in the run-up to Christmas and it was a big success. This year we are planning to do it all again but with a focus on celebrating New Zealand. 

New Zealand is known internationally as a breathtaking holiday destination with more tourists flocking to our shores each year. Aotearoa is also home to a vibrant creative community making high quality and uniquely New Zealand products.

Lake House is bringing together a collection of New Zealand inspired products from a curated group of artists, designers, and makers, living and working around the country. Our pop-up shop will offer you the chance to take home a special treat for yourself or find the perfect gift for a loved one.



The Pop-Up Shop will be held in the Becroft Gallery at the heart of Lake House, 37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna.

Dates to Remember:
Please join us for our VIP opening on Thursday 29 November 6pm- 8pm. We will provide light refreshments and good company.

Thursday 6 December, Thursday 13 December, and Thursday 20 December Late night shop until 7pm 

Show Runs:
Tuesday 27 November - Thursday 24 January

Small Works

Tuesday 27 November 2018 - Thursday 24 January 2019

The Small Works Exhibition is the final group show before Christmas, all the art will be A4 or smaller in size and no works cost more than $200, making it the ideal place to pick up a gift for your arty friends or loved ones! This show features artists of all ages and mediums.

If you would like to include work in this exhibition you can download a form here or pick up a form at Lake House.

Guidelines for artwork submission

The maximum size of the artwork can be no bigger than A4 (including frame).

The maximum cost of each work can be no greater than $200.

Artists can submit no more than 3 pieces of work.

Work will only be excepted if the artwork(s) is/are delivered with the signed terms and conditions and labels provided in the form.

Delivery of artwork 9.30am - 3.30pm 19th November - 23rd November.

Exhibition runs: Tuesday 27 November - Thursday 24 January.


Sunday 28 October 2018 - Saturday 24 November 2018


Welcome to the Riley Consultants Members Merit Awards & Exhibition 2018.

This exhibition is exclusively for current Members of Lake House Arts Centre and Trust.  This is a showcase of the best artworks produced by Members of Lake House Arts in 2018.

For the awards this year there will be one section for the Awards open to submission from artists who are current members of Lake House Arts who make art in the following visual art form genres-


This year the winning entry will receive a $2000 cash prize and prize pack valued at $500. Total Value - $2500.00.  There will be 2 runner up prize packs valued at $250.

The 2018 Members Merit Awards & Exhibition is proudly sponsored by Lake House Arts Corporate Member Riley Consultants.


The Members Merit Awards Judging Panel consists of 3 judges (2 independent and Lake House Arts Judge) who will independently score each entry.  Judges will not confer in the scoring of artwork.  Top score wins.  Any ties for top score will be subject to a further round of scoring by a designated Lake House Trustee to determine the winner.  Only one top prize will be awarded.  Additional runner up and merit prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the judging panel and management.

Merit Certificates may be awarded to Artists for artworks submitted in each artform genre, at the discretion of the Judges and Management.

Click here to enter 

3.15 Westlake Artworks Past and Present

Monday 15 October 2018 - Sunday 28 October 2018

3:15 is a collaborative Exhibition between Westlake Girls and Boys. It is an extension of what happens after 3:15, Art making is continuous and the creative process is fluid, so it is not restricted to school hours. A celebration of the past, present and future talented Artists.

A.G.E Exhibition & Fundraiser

Monday 15 October 2018 - Saturday 27 October 2018

October 15th - 27th

October 27th from 6pm - INVITATION ONLY

Academy for Gifted Education in conjunction with Lake House Arts Centre present a very special Fundraiser Auction with donated art contributions from some of New Zealand's most exciting contemporary artists.

Contributors include Laurence  Aberhart, Otis Frizzell, Mike Weston, Chris Knox and more, in addition to a presentation of the students work. Funds raised will go to providing scholarships for children who would benefit from the A.G.E way of learning.

https://www.facebook.com/giftededucation.school.nz/ - A.G.E on facebook

https://www.giftededucation.school.nz/our-centre - A.G.E website





The Great Art Sale (G.A.S) 2018

Monday 17 September 2018 - Saturday 13 October 2018

The Great Art Sale (G.A.S) is Back! A tradition at Lake House Arts is returning for 2018. The Great Art Sale is the art sale to end all art sales! It’s… GREAT!

Exhibition runs: Monday, 17 September to Saturday, 13 October


The Great Arts Sale is a cash and carry salon style exhibition with a difference.

Works are hung in Salon and may overflow into the rest of the house.
Artists can contribute their own works or works they own and nominate their own prices.  PRICE TO SELL!

 Lake House Arts supports artist resale royalties.  SEE HERE

Due to an overwelming number of sumbissions we have now closed the appliactions for 2018 we hope you'll be back to be part of G.A.S in 2019.

Four Seasons in One Gallery

Monday 27 August 2018 - Saturday 15 September 2018

'Four Seasons in One Gallery' is an exhibition by Studio Printmakers opening Monday, 27 August at 6pm. There will be light refreshments,nibbles and you will be able to view some beautiful artworks created for this show.

Exhibition runs : 6pm, Monday, 27 August to Saturday, 15 September

Studio Printmakers is a diverse group of artists who work with various methods of printmaking, including etching, drypoint, cyanotype, sugar lift, woodcut, and solarplate printing. This exhibition shows, in small format, the range and reach of their work.

About The Collective
“We are an independent, not-for-profit printmaking collective run by practising printmakers and artists since 1990.

Power Jacket

Monday 6 August 2018 - Friday 24 August 2018

Melania Trump made headlines for controversially wearing a jacket with a bold statement written across the back. This August Lake House Arts opens an exhibition of 35 jackets also making powerful statements, only this time the messages will be for a good cause.

Lake House has curated an exhibition featuring a mix of professional creatives who identify as female. The show will include, street artists, tattooists, illustrators, ceramicists, printmakers, fashion designers, and fine artists. The artists also come from a range of cultural backgrounds from all over NZ.

The title ‘Power Jacket’ is taken from the idea of the power suit, a symbol of second-wave Feminism. The word 'empowerment' is also a derivative of 'power' and it's a word that has long been linked to political movements.

Jackets are being used for this exhibition as women and fashion have a long and complex relationship, however, insignias on jackets are indicative of movements. Often these movements are more associated with male cultures such as heavy metal or punk music and political subcultures. This exhibition will use the same platform to give women a voice.

Power Jacket is being run to commemorate the upcoming 125th anniversary of women's suffrage in New Zealand. Lake House is proud to be donating 50% of the gallery takings to Women's Refuge New Zealand.

The opening night is at 6pm at Lake House Arts and will open with a fashion show. The exhibition is free to visit and will be open to the public from 7 August - 24 August. 

Matariki Festival 2018 - Seven Women /Wahine e Whitu

Monday 2 July 2018 - Sunday 22 July 2018

Monday, 2 July 2018        Sunday, 22 July 2018
Seven Women /Wahine e Whitu
Gallery Exhibition – Becroft Gallery

An exhibition to showcase seven MAORI women artists for the Matarki Festival in 2018.

The premise of the show is to present to the public the story of each woman, their Iwi, and their role or part in contemporary New Zealand art. It is a celebration of the Moari New Year, of Mana Wahine of Kaitiakitanga and contemporary Maoritanga.

It is an exhibition curated to emphasize the important part of Mana Wahine- female power. It is inspired by the 2017 exhibition Seven Sisters of Matariki: an exhibition Ngā Tuāhine e whitu o Matariki curated by Rachelle Forbes (Kaiwhakahaere Māori) and exhibited at Waitakere Central Library, West. The exhibition statement read;
“It is important today that as Māori women, we are telling our own stories and ensuring the world sees us through our own eyes. It’s not just about celebration but reclamation. Our connection to our iwi and hapuu alongside our connections to one another, our taonga and our communities are all an important part of our story – and why we do what we do. …The exhibition is a creative response by Libraries to encourage learning around the concepts of kaitiakitanga,” https://soldiersrd.nz/2014/06/22/seven-sisters-of-matariki/

Inspired by this creative approach we hope to celebrate seven women artists who contribute to contemporary New Zealand visual arts’ landscape and bring their practice to the forefront of our local community. By framing this exhibition alongside the Matariki festival, our space at the Lake House will successfully provide an accessible facility for communities and groups who do not or often cannot attend commercial or institutional galleries on a regular basis.  In this way we can create a discussion around local and dispersed groups, feminism/women’s studies and the cultural importance of contemporary art created by female artists of Moari descent.

The exhibition will present selected artwork(s) from each artist, an audio recording of their story, to be published online and form part of the exhibition. There will also be artists talks on the 7th / 8th of July, and an informal discussion of a New Zealand Feminism and how it is different from other geographical feminism(s).

Mane 2 Hurae 2018. Ra Tapu 22 Hurae 2018.
Seven Women/Wahine  e Whitu.
Gallery Exhibition – Becroft Gallery.

He whakaaringa, kitenga mo ngā WĀHINE TOI MĀORI E WHITU mo te Hui Ahurei o Matariki 2018.

Ko te kaupapa o tenei whakaaringa he whakaatu ki te tokomaha ki te iwi whanui, ngā kōrero o enei wāhine e whitu, arā o ratou Iwi, Hapu, Whānau, me o ratou turanga ki te Ao Toi Moroki Māori. He wā whakanuihia ai te Tau Hou Māori, te Mana Wahine me nga Ao Tohunga Kaitiakitanga Toi Māori.

He whakaaritanga I whakaoraoratia ki te hāpai ake i te Mana Wahine. I whakamanawahia hoki tenei mai I te kaupapa Whakaaringa 2017 Nga Tuahine e Whitu I  o Matariki  I whakaoraorahia e Rachelle Forbes ( Kaiwhakahaere Māori) a I whakaarihia ki te Whare Pukapuka o Waitākere ki te uru o Tāmaki. Ko te pānui mo tenei whakaaritanga e mea ana: “ Ko te mea nui I tenei wā mā matou ano, mā ngā wahine Māori e kōrero e whakapuaki ngā kaupapa ngā pānui e pā ana kia mātou, kia kitea mai I te Ao, I te Pō, mā roto tonu I o matou ake Ao. Ehara I ngā kōrero ngā mahi whakahirahira nei anake engari he wero hei whakahokinga mai. Ko ngā mahi whakawhanaungatanga ki ngā Iwi ki ngā Hapu me tetahi ki tetahi, ki o tatou taonga, ki o tatou hāpori – he mea nui katoa enei  mo tatou, kia kitea ai he aha to tatou pūtaketanga. Ko tenei whakaari he auahatanga na ngā Whare Pukapuka hei  whakahau I ngā mahi akoranga mo ngā kaupapa kaitiakitanga” https://soldiersrd.nz/2014/06/22/seven-sisters-of-matariki/

Mai I tenei whakaetanga auaha ko te wawata he whakanui I enei wāhine toi toko whitu e tāpae nei  ki te ao moroki  toi aataata, te ahuwhenua kia kitea rawatia o ratou mahi ki mua nei ki te ao whānui. Ma te whakauru I tenei whakaaritanga ki te taha o Matariki ka wātea te waahi ki roto o te Lake House ki ngā roopu ki ngā tangata kahore e uru atu ana ki ngā Whare Whakairi Toi ki ngā papa whakahiku toi  hoki. Mā tenei ka kōrero tahi ki ngā hāpori, ki ngā roopu, mo ngā take wahine ngā akoranga wahine me te whakanui I ngā Tikanga ā Iwi  I roto I ngā mahi toi e mahia mai nei e ngā Tohunga Wahine Toi Māori. Ka whakatūria I roto I tenei whakaaringa  ngā mahi toi kua tohua mai I ngā tohunga mahi toi, he ripene reo  mai I a ratou ano hei tukutanga I runga rorohiko ā hei hononga atu hoki ki te  whakaaritanga. Ka kōrero ano hoki ngā kaimahi toi a ngā rā whitu me te rā waru o Hurae mo ngā kaupapa e pā atu ana ki ngā āhautanga noho o te wahine, mana wahine  me era atu ahuatanga noho wahine o ra waho.

SIREN: Alex Plumb

Friday 8 June 2018 - Sunday 1 July 2018

Friday June 8             Sunday July 1 2019
SIREN: Alex Plumb
Wallace Foundation Digital Studio & Video Wall 

Lake House Arts is privileged to showcase the Wallace Arts Trust Archival Works of Auckland Photography Festival Feature Commission Artist Alex Plumb.  

Annual Commission by Baker Douglas - Alex Plumb - Click here to view

Alex's multi-channel video practice attempts to amplify questions about the psychological interplay between the subject, the viewer, and the site of performance. By working in the space between the real and the imagined; the familiar and the unknown, an ambiguous other emerges. It’s this sense of otherness that the works hinge on –continuously forming and collapsing in space. This ongoing motion allows Alex to convey a rich and heightened everyday world that is continuously shifting between the real and the imaginary depths of our subconscious mind and the desires that shape us.

Alex Plumb graduated with a Master of Art & Design in 2014 from AUT University. His work is held in collections including The James Wallace Arts Trust.

In Earliest Light

Saturday 2 June 2018 - Saturday 30 June 2018

Saturday, 2 June 2018     Saturday, 30 June 2018

“In Earliest Light”

Photography Festival (31 May - 22 June)

Café Gallery with Photography Sessions in the Pop Up Studio

“In Earliest Light”  - Wet Plate images from The Collodion Collective

“Convenience is the enemy of creativity….”

Wet plate collodion is one of the earliest photographic processes arriving a few years after the daguerreotype. It permitted the creation of finely detailed images on glass or metal. Permanent images can be produced on site within a few minutes and the process has sometime been described as “Victorian Polaroid”. Wet-plate negatives can also be used to contact print onto albumen coated or salted paper. For a few decades from 1851 the wet plate process dominated photography but the need for a portable darkroom and the vagaries of its chemistry meant it was a process that was arduous for both the photographer and their subjects. The arrival of the dry glass plate negative that could be mass produced and developed long after plates were exposed eclipsed wet-plate within a few years and by the 1880s the process was largely consigned to history.


However, large format cameras and lenses continued to be used well into the late 20th century producing images on film of unrivalled quality. Increased interest in recent years in all things analogue has led to a new generation of photographers repurposing old equipment and rediscovering pre-digital processes. Wet-plate has undergone a minor revival with lenses and cameras that have been unused for more than a century once again being coveted and used for image making. The internet has let networks of “collodionistas” across the world share their knowledge and work.

Collodion and the large format cameras most wet-plate photographers use present some special challenges. Collodion’s sensitivity to light is about 100th that of modern analogue film. Portraits require exposures of 5-10 seconds or several thousands of watts of flash power. Each plate is prepared by hand and there is no second chance with an image, either in its exposure or development. The behaviour of the chemistry varies with changes in temperature, humidity, pH and time.

The extremely slow film speed and the medium of large format also moves the shutter speed, aperture, depth of field paradigm into territory unfamiliar to most 21st century photographers. The process necessitates commitment from the photographer and sitter..

In New Zealand accessing the chemistry needed for wet plate (and most 19th century photographic processes) has made rediscovering these processes more difficult. It has also made collodion photography a more collective experience with all of us sharing formulae, ideas, chemistry and equipment.

In this show the Collodion Collective are returning to The Lakehouse for a second year. We will be also demonstrating the process at Lake House during the festival. 

Portrait sessions can be booked by emailing martinsowter@xtra.co.nz. Allow about an hour as taking wet-plate images takes time. You’ll also get a chance to see how the process works and “pour a plate” if you wish.

Wet Plate Photography Sessions 10am – 2pm in the POP UP STUDIO





Sunday, 17 June & Sunday June 24th





Environment on the Limit

Saturday 26 May 2018 - Sunday 17 June 2018

NEW ZEALAND 2018 MAy 26th - June 17th
8th Voluntary Artistic and Cultural Contest and Festival
Celebrating 5th June, “World Environment Day”
Created by Conceição Praun

Festival contest open to all ages, social background and country of origin residing in New Zealand. Participants are free to express their point of views on the environment through the following categories :


Entries open starting Saturday 26th May until Saturday 2nd June 2018. The works can be submitted in both digital and physical version Lake House Arts Centre 37 Fred Thomas Drive - Takapuna, Auckland
Info: 021 08087641 cpraun0@gmail.com www.howplanet.net

This is a voluntary artistic and cultural festival contest which is held each year on June 5th “World Environment Day” established by the United
Nations. The festival was created in 2011 by the photographer on environmental matters, Conceição Praun, and since then every year it takes place in a different country and
is open to all ages, social backgrounds and any country of origin provided they reside in the country. The festival contest recognises and rewards the environmental sensitivity, simplicity and originality of the work that is presented.


or come into Lake House Arts to pick a form up.


Metalaxis - Spiros Poros

Monday 28 May 2018 - Sunday 17 June 2018


‘’From Zero One goes to nothingness
 On the path you will see the sun” 
 When one tries to talk about life and death he is moving into unfamiliar waters. We seem to lack real answers for the greatest issues
and question of our lives. But, we never cease to search. 

 “We are made up of the material that dreams are made of, and our little life is surrounded by sleep”. ~ Shakespeare 

 A concept that has occupied individuals, generations, cultures and civilizations. Depending on time and place, cultures interact with the issue of life and death in ways that present similarities to that of the
individual but with unique differences between civilizations. 
 In Egypt, pharaohs were being buried with their material possessions, believing in the continuation of as if it were unchanging. 
 The existential question of whether and in what form there is life after death, and of the exact relationship between body and soul
was answered in different ways in Greek philosophy. Ancient Athenians had the
custom of anointing young women before they were married and at their death if
they were unmarried. Both, as rites of passage. The oil used was kept in a
white vase called a lekythos, on which was
painted a colorful representation depicting the dead in the underworld. This
lekythos was placed over their graves. 
 Fundamental questions and eternal wondering…who really can talk about the boundaries of life and death? How does the one exist in tandem with the other? Where does one stop, and then begins the other? 
And the body, its breath, its movement, its pain, its needs and desires, the performer of the soul.
 Our thirst for strength, for beauty, for passing into a world where destruction will not condemn us to obscurity, is depicted through the operation of the body, and how it is immersed in art and a reflection of
the human experience. 
 The desire for the land of incorruptibility, of eternity, makes us apprehend the moment, to make it immortal. Life, death and the
body their connector…the single point of currency.
 Within this adventure of our battle with death, the creative process works uniquely in the moment with the power to relate the past
and the future, giving the feeling of continuity, which may be the only form of
 The only thing these things have in common is man. His life, his death, his body as a field of encounter of life and death, his body
as a vehicle that moves through the passage between nonexistence, then life, and ultimately death. 
 A desperate attempt to fight against the unknown and the futility we are condemned to, from the beginning to the end of our life.
 In our sacred and desperate attempt to give a personal meaning to a world that stands firm on meaningfulness, we only desire to be
where beauty and silence themselves want to save something under the sun…or the

Ch Ch Ch Changes: Vaughan Clements

Monday 14 May 2018 - Sunday 27 May 2018

This exhibition by the artist Vaughan Clements is the result of spending time up in Nicaragua earlier this year with the French artist Jean-Marc Calvet and the Central American influences that have crept into his art.


Sausage Sizzle

Monday 30 April 2018 - Saturday 12 May 2018

Ahead of Men’s Health Month, Lake House Arts will present an art exhibition to encourage the #MenStartTalking movement. We are throwing MAN ART on the BBQ, cooking up a storm and serving up a fundraiser and platform for men’s health and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand.

Since the dawn of the Kiwi Man the BBQ has been synonymous with community fundraising. Instead of slapping a sizzled sausage on some bread with optional onions and tasty tomato sauce, Lake House Arts will slap up some SIZZLING ART- about men, for everyone. ……… #MenStartTalking

Supporting the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand, Sausage Sizzle is a light-hearted and ironic title that throws into contrast the reality of men’s health issues and concerns.

With Sausage Sizzle, we hope to open up a discussion about men and support men in the challenges that men face. We are using art to fire up and encourage conversations about men’s health issues, the challenges and the effects on those closest to men. We aim to create awareness and community access to resources and events at the Lake House and Sausage Sizzle will be a facilitator for change in our community.


DONATE NOW!!! Every little morsel helps! clink on the link below and donate today!







Printmakers' Corner

Sunday 1 April 2018 - Monday 30 April 2018

The Studio Printmakers' is a collective formed in the 1990's by a group of practicing printmakers.

The initial aim was to provide a studio where printmakers could experiment and learn from one another.

It is now a vibrant communal space hosting workshops, exhibitions and tutorships from national and internationally respected printmakers.

On a monthly turn around the Lake House will now have a designated space in the downstairs hallway of the house to exhibit our residents' work on an ongoing basis.

see more at www.printmakers.co.nz 

Coming up: 

April - Margie, Janmarie, Vivien and Lisz. 
May - Gillian and Julienne. 
June - Cat and Carolyn. 

Auckland Quilt Guild: Dorothy Collard Challenge 2018

Sunday 8 April 2018 - Sunday 29 April 2018


History and prizes
The late Dorothy Collard, a former member of Auckland Quilt Guild, left a bequest from her estate to the Guild to sponsor an annual challenge for five years.   After nine years, the Guild has taken over the sponsorship of this challenge.

Dorothy’s estate provided a mounted greenstone trophy with space for engraved plates for each winner’s name to be added, and a sum of $500 per annum to cover a first prize of $200 and three merit awards of $100 each. The first prize winner holds the Dorothy Collard Memorial Trophy for one year.

Each year, the Guild invites their members to participate in the Dorothy Collard Memorial Challenge,  to share a love of patchwork and quilting.

2018 Challenge
The Challenge for 2018: is that you must use a flying geese block somewhere in your quilt.

Judge: Tracy Louise March

Tenants & Tutors Exhibition – Lake House Arts

Tuesday 20 March 2018 - Saturday 7 April 2018

Lake House has a history of being a melting pot of fun and fantastic creativity! It has been a home to many residents who lived in and worked from the house. Disciples of Ananda Marga were apparently once residents. As were Hello Sailor, DD Smash, Lip Service and other ’70s New Zealand pop royalty, actor Warwick Broadhead, artists, even (now-Councillor) Chris Darby.  Established Artists like Paul Woodruffe and Tony Ogle were part of the relocation, rebuild and rebirth of Lake House Arts. Safe to say the Lake House is famous and infamous and the best kept secret this side of the bridge. It is the first port of call for arts on the North Shore and a heritage treasure. 

Nowadays we have a talented bunch of artists who have their studios here, teach here, exhibit here (and even a couple who run the place). This exhibition will showcase our current tutors, artist and staff who work from the Lake House.

A range of work will be on display to show our community what happens behind the scenes and around the house!


North Shore Notables – Series 2

Monday 19 February 2018 - Sunday 18 March 2018


The North Shore Notables series is an annual showcase and celebration of those artists with a strong affinity to the North Shore, as a home, geographically, culturally, politically, ecologically. Artists included in this exhibition have established themselves as commendable professionals contributing the strength and quality of New Zealand Art. These artists have established themselves as cultural icons nationally and on the world stage, and represented by some of the most reputable commercial and institutional galleries on and off shore.

The aim of this exhibition is to bring the profiles of some of our most esteemed artists into a space accessible to a local community.



Roger Mortimer - Toby Raine - Jessica Pearless - Johnathan Organ - Rob Tucker - Joanne Gair - Jeff Thompson - Paris Kirby - Paul Woodruffe






Initiate(s) 2017

Monday 22 January 2018 - Sunday 18 February 2018

The Initiate(s) exhibition is an opportunity to present work from graduation portfolios to a wider audience of the Auckland region. It is open only to those students who graduated from tertiary art and design schools in 2017 in Auckland with a certificate/diploma – BA/MA. This exhibition encourages exposure and experience for emerging artists, offering a glimpse into the future of contemporary New Zealand art. We welcome a diverse range of artworks; including painting, sculpture, photography, installation, sound work, and design and multimedia projects. 

Niki Hill - Luis Fong - Emelia French - Natasha Priddle - Elton Irvine - Tabatha van der Westhuizen - Georgia Glass - Nick van Oldenborgh






Monday 27 November 2017 - Sunday 21 January 2018

Lake House presents an exhibition dedicated to the art of retail. For two months our store will take over our gallery and provide a space for fashion designers, silversmiths, ceramicists, and other artisans to exhibit their talents, featuring; Sly and Company, Herbert and Wilks, Tina De Suza, Throwing Feathers, Dark Heart Beard Co. and many others. Come join us and shop a curated collection of the most stylish New Zealand designed products.  All items are cash and carry.

As an extension of our GALLERY / SHOP Exhibition, we are pleased to be able to open up the Gallery and ShopTUESDAY DECEMBER 5 - SATURDAY DECEMBER 9  after hours to give our busy community the opportunity to get in all the after work Christmas Shopping from the same location.  We have a large selection of affordable boutique items ideal for Christmas. 

Websites for Contributing Exhibitors-

Sly and Company - www.slyandcompany.com
Red Hot Glass - www.redhotglass.nz
Herbert and Wilks - www.herbertandwilks.co.nz
Tina De Suza - www.herbertandwilks.co.nz
Marion Rose - facebook.com/Marion-Rose-Jewellery
Throwing Feathers - www.throwingfeathers.etsy.com
Dark Heart Mens Skin Care - darkheartbeardco.nz
Love Skin - www.loveskin.co.nz
Hey Smarty Pants - www.heysmartypants.co.nz
Studio Sue - www.studiosuedesigns.com
Adele Robinson - www.borrowedearth.co.nz
Lane Way Design - littlelanewaydesign@gmail.com
Christine Cook - www.christinecookjewellery.co.nz
Forty Thieves - www.fortythieves.co.nz
Super Very - www.supervery.com
Beatnik Publishing - beatnikpublishing.com
Helen Tinch - www.tinch.co.nz
Anna Solomon - www.dsaos.com

Additional Exhibitors - 
Sarah Hudson, Jackie Ryder, Eekie, Cara, Alan Rubin, Helles Teeth, Craig Price, Mat , Maree, 


Members’ Merit exhibition & Awards 2017

Monday 30 October 2017 - Saturday 25 November 2017

CLICK HERE to download all the information and registration form.

The Lake House Members Merit Exhibition & Award is a tradition for our members (Members and Friends Card holders). We invite you to participate in the 2017 group exhibition to be held in the Becroft Gallery.

This year we are introducing two sections, an Open Section and a Themed Section, with two prize awards. All applications are eligible for the Open Section; finalists will be curated into the Members Merit Exhibition. 40 – 50 finalists will exhibit in the Becroft Gallery. Those not selected as finalists will be considered for a Salon des Refusé Exhibition in the Tindall Room and other parts of the house.

The Themed Section for 2017 is entitled “Another brick in the Wall” and challenges our Members to reflect on their own experiences and thoughts on living in our diverse community. The Themed Section presents the opportunity for members to produce a new work that relates to the concept of Cosmopolitan Co-existence. (familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.)

To become a Friend of Lake House and enter the Awards please register online and complete the Friends membership process. Details here 


Our sponsors for this year - Takapuna Art Supplies and Art New Zealand


For further information please e-mail to Janie van Woerden on programmes@lakehousearts.org.nz 




Printmakers' Corner

Sunday 1 October 2017 - Monday 30 October 2017

The Studio Printmakers' is a collective formed in the 1990's by a group of practicing printmakers.

The initial aim was to provide a studio where printmakers could experiment and learn form one another.

It is now a vibrant communal space hosting workshops, exhibitions and tutorships from national and internationally respected printmakers.

On a monthly turn around the Lake House will now have a designated space in the downstairs hallway of the house to exhibit our residents' work on an ongoing basis.

This time we introduce Toni Harthill and Celia Walker 

See more at www.printmakers.co.nz 

The Alchemy of Glass

Monday 25 September 2017 - Sunday 29 October 2017

DrewGold (Andrew Goldfinch), Kim Logue, Tiffany Singh, Bevis Tane Hatch

An exhibition of  glass

Alchemy - a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination. Each artist has chosen their own view of practice, considering the creation of cast crystal, natural volcanic glass or other media, and its relationship to lost wax casting and the progression into an immutable permanent material. To give the viewing public an opportunity to connect with art glass on multiple levels while showcasing many aspects of the glass practice in saleable form. 

Saturday October 14th – 11am – 12pm: Artist Talk in the Becroft Gallery


Cafe Concept - 4 Artists

Wednesday 2 August 2017 - Sunday 29 October 2017

-- 4 Artists --

Paul Woodruffe

Jamie Chapman

Christian Nicolson

Fats White

Contact programmes@lakehousearts.org.nz  for info/sales  


From the Peninsula

Saturday 2 September 2017 - Sunday 24 September 2017



"This exhibition of student art showed the potential future talent from the North Shore School with their variety of engaging artistic styles. I felt as if the ‘From the Peninsula’ exhibition was like a time machine, where I was brought back through my own paintings from earlier years and through all of my artistic memories since primary school. Back to when we used colourful pastels, dyes, and collages to let our imaginations run wild. I liked how well the artworks from nine different schools and many different year levels combined to make one creative mix of ideas, while using many different mediums and colours. I think that this showed very well all of the student’s dedication and devotion to art"

Shannon Ruscoe - Takapuna Grammar student



A showcase and celebration of student artwork representing seven schools from the Devonport Peninsula. Join us for the opening at 12:30 for light refreshments and the official Lake House Open day. 


Takapuna Grammar
Belmont School
Vauxhall Primary 
Hauraki School
Wilson School
Bayswater School
Stanley Bay School


If you would like to arrange a school group visit combined with an Art trail, please contact the Education Coordinator  education@lakehousearts.org.nz


Printmakers' Corner

Wednesday 30 August 2017 - Sunday 24 September 2017

'The Studio Printmakers' is a collective formed in the 1990's by a group of practicing printmakers.

The initial aim was to provide a studio where printmakers could experiment and learn form one another.

It is now a vibrant communal space hosting workshops, exhibitions and tutorships from national and internationally respected printmakers.

On a monthly turn around the Lake House will now have a designated space in the downstairs hallway of the house to exhibit our residents' work on an ongoing basis.

We are very pleased to start this new effort by introducing Lianne Timlin and Vivien Davimes

See more at www.printmakers.co.nz 



Popular Social Mechanics

Monday 24 July 2017 - Saturday 26 August 2017

An ongoing and participatory image installation by Sam Melser.

Somewhere between an accumulation, a collection, and an archive, artist Sam Melser invites the public to participate in a large social tableau of human representation - from prehistoric times, through the present and into the future...

Workshops are available for schools. Please contact education@lakehousearts.org.nz

Five Lacquer artists from China

Wednesday 28 June 2017 - Sunday 23 July 2017

28 June - 23 July
Opening 1st of July 11:00

Artist talk and demo

"The Lake House is proud to present an exhibition curated by Han Nae Kim, bringing together five Chinese Lacquer artists with special international guest Meng Hong Li celebrating the history of Chinese lacquer and its contemporary use.

Han Nae Kim has over the past couple of years organized and usefully demonstrated the practice in various settings around Auckland and during last year’s art week produced a fascinating and insightful programme at Studio One Toi Tū. Recently she has been working in Shanghai, where she also met up with some of the artists included in this show, brought to you by the Kaipatiki Board. 

Lacquer art is a practice that is often considered culturally and aesthetically engaging. “The tactile quality of lacquer and the sensorial experience in the making process are equally important as the aesthetic appeal traditionally requires a high level of craftsmanship”.

Opening Saturday 1st of July 11 am
Artist talk 12 am
Demo on Lacquer as a practice 1:30-3pm
Han Nae Kim will demonstrate the use of lacquer touching upon traditional techniques covered in her Asian Lacquer Painting course.

The Collodion Collective

Wednesday 31 May 2017 - Sunday 25 June 2017

Wet plate collodion is one of photography’s earliest processes, flourishing for few decades in the mid-19th century. Requiring the creation and development of large format glass or metal photographic plates “on-site”, its temperamental chemistry, fine grain and beautiful image quality is again being rediscovered by a small band of kiwi photographers. Utilising roughly equal quantities of faith and skill our “Collodion Collective” have been sharing ideas, discoveries and formulae with each other as we each make our personal collodion journey. For the first time, we are putting on a group show of our work showing a range of tintypes, black glass ambrotypes and large format prints.

Paul Alsop, Michael Bradley, Raewyn Dunn, Jane Fletcher, Su Hendeles, Brian Scadden, Martin Sowter, Ann Marie Hope-Cross, Brian Scadden, Megan Dickson

Come and enjoy the opening at 11:00am Saturday the 3rd of June with a demonstration on the practice!



Matariki Kites at Ihaumatao Pa - Mere Clifford - Matariki Festival 2017

Wednesday 31 May 2017 - Sunday 25 June 2017

A celebration in paintings of the traditional Matariki craft of making manu aute kites as well as reflections on the beauty of the contemporary kite. 

Proposals are now invited for Lake House Arts 2017 exhibition programme

Monday 1 May 2017 - Wednesday 31 May 2017

Visit our exhibition proposals page to download the guidelines

The Enchanted Forest - Emma Petterson

Wednesday 5 April 2017 - Sunday 7 May 2017

A series of pocket sized paintings influenced by Oriental lacquered objects. 

Auckland Quilt Guild: Dorothy Collard Challenge 2017

Tuesday 4 April 2017 - Sunday 16 April 2017

Opening  Monday 3 April 7pm 

The theme for 2017's Dorothy Collard Challenge is ‘If I only had time... ’. The Dorothy Collard Challenge is a judged exhibition held annually with prize-money awarded to the three top entries
and a trophy given to the winner.

Inaugural North Shore Notable’s exhibition featuring Paul Woodruffe

Wednesday 1 March 2017 - Sunday 26 March 2017

Opening Saturday 4 March 12:30pm
Many notable NZ artists have either grown up, lived on or produced art about, the North Shore of Auckland. The North Shore Notable’s series of exhibitions aims to profile these artists with solo exhibitions of their work and associated artist talks or events.
About Paul Woodruffe:
Paul Woodruffe graduated from AUT school of Design 1978 and following a brief time working as a graphic designer, has worked as an artist since 1981. Woodruffe also tutors at UNITEC school of Design and throughout the years he has been selected as a finalist in many of New Zealand’s top art awards such as the Waikato Art Award, The National Portrait Award the Team Macmillan BMW Art Awards. His work is in many public, private and corporate collections across NZ, Australia, UK, USA and Germany including several works
in The Wallace Art Trust Collection. Paul paints what he perceives makes a particular place, object or concept unique. He has a strong interest in naturally occurring patterns in nature, and their accidental or intended transference into architecture, culture, design and almost every aspect of human production. (courtesy NKB Gallery)

INITIATE[s] 2017 - Annual New Graduate show

Wednesday 1 February 2017 - Sunday 26 February 2017



Recent graduates from tertiary art and design schools present works from their graduating portfolios. Come along to experience New Zealand's up and coming artistic talent.

 This year featuring:

Anqi Li - Postgraduate Art And design in Graphic design - AUT

Madison Rogers - Diploma in Jewellery - Hungry Creek Art and Craft School.

Birgit Moffat - Bachelor of Applied Arts - Whitireia Institute of Technology

Felix Pryor - Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) - Elam, University of Auckland

Hayley Lovelock - Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) - Elam,  University of Auckland

Judith Lawson - Master of Fine Arts - Elam, University of Auckland

Vivienne Jung - Masters of Visual Arts - AUT

Members Merit exhibition and awards

Wednesday 30 November 2016 - Friday 16 December 2016


The Friends of Lake House members merit awards is an opportunity for our artists to enter a judged award and exhibition. This year we are making things a little different and adding a theme for entries - challenging our talented artists to produce a new and exciting work for consideration. The theme will be 'My Heritage' - an opportunity to create an artwork (we are open to all forms and mediums) that illustrates an aspect of your heritage whether it is a cultural tradition, family member or ancestor or a memory. 

To become a Friend of Lake House and enter the Awards please register online and complete the Friends membership process. Details here 


Women's Voices - NZ Outsider Art Fair 2016

Wednesday 2 November 2016 - Sunday 27 November 2016


Meet the artists Saturday 19 Nov 11am
Participating artists: Raewyn Judkins, Carol Anderson, Justine D'Anvers, Julia Newland
"To our friends and families we are a group that get together to discuss and deconstruct the subjective constructs of our individual and collective world; we do this through the craft of painting. To ourselves, paint is the binding element that draws us together. We are women, mothers and grandmothers and maybe that helps form the questions we have inside the paintings we make"

Junko Nakamura

Wednesday 2 November 2016 - Sunday 27 November 2016


Beautiful watercolour and acrylic paintings from one of our regular artists.

Aesthetic Forms - Margaret Petchell

Wednesday 5 October 2016 - Sunday 30 October 2016


Opens Tuesday 4th October, 5-7pm

Intricate detail and perfection of colour and light are what first draw you in, but what really sets the work of artist Margaret Petchell apart, is her whimsy and the depth of personality imbued in her birds and animals and more recently her series of crowns and botanical flowers.

Tales of New Zealand - Sandy Rodgers

Wednesday 5 October 2016 - Sunday 30 October 2016


Opens Tuesday 4th October, 5-7pm

Artist Sandy Rodgers of Ngati Raukawa, Scottish and English descent has followed her heart and painted throughout her life - from a child with a crayon to a defined and talented artist today.  Sandy’s credentials include an honors Diploma in Creative Arts, two years spent learning traditional Maori arts under artist Erenora Puketapu-Hetet and her family in Waiwhetu, and over 18 years filled with exhibitions within New Zealand, London and Spain. 

Sandy researches New Zealand's rich and vibrant culture and her delving into history are captured in her works. Each work comprises a combination of elements from collaged images of her previous works alongside the actual notes typed up and printed in the background to thick layers of smoky shellac. The works are covered in a layer of archival tissue which is then worked over with delicate designs and images in watercolours, inks and graphite. She has travelled extensively throughout New Zealand and in fact the world, taking her inspiration from the many museums and historical sites she has visited.

Sandy's current works represent a ride back through time via the visual roller coaster that is poster art. 

Part of Auckland Heritage Festival 2016

The Annual Great Art Sale: ON NOW!

Wednesday 31 August 2016 - Sunday 2 October 2016


Our annual Art Sale is back! Now going for over 12 years, the Great Art Sale is a must see exhibition on every art lovers calendar. It is an opportunity for artists from all over the country to sell their works on a no commission basis - all proceeds go to the artist! 


As the soul grew coarse - Donald Overbeay

Wednesday 3 August 2016 - Sunday 28 August 2016


Opens Tuesday 2nd August, 5-7pm

"My process is a vehicle, to search for originality and truth to self. It is pivotal in holding the image sacred. I use trance like states to free myself from the world around, and delve into the unconscious. This mimics the same process that prehistoric and shamanistic artists utilized when creating cave or rock paintings.  The imagery is ideally produced from the embedded structure of the mind and not from historic or contemporary references.  As a result, I am freed from any artifice and open to multiple visual outcomes.

Preparation of the unconscious mind is central to my process. Before I start painting, I perform a series of ritualistic actions in an effort to conjure belief in myself, my process and my ability to capture the enigma. When I paint, I believe in something.

Next I enter into a state of trance.  This begins with meditation, this is in an effort to calm the conscious mind and access the unconscious.  I deepen this state by employing other various trance inducing methods such as; playing music, sensory deprivation and using psychoactive compounds.

I generate the initial painterly impact in a blind manner.  Literally, I paint in the dark from a set of pre-mixed colors, basing my marks and composition on internal forms generated from the trance-like state. Within the darken room I paint the imagery of my minds eye. This imagery can range from abstract forms to recognizable imagery.  No judgment is made, no editing occurs.

After the initial impact, the evolution of the painting is natural and un-rushed, the answers typically presenting themselves in moments of serendipity.   Much time is spent in simple observation of the work.  Once the concept reveals itself, I encourage its resolution in a synchronous and intuitive manner." Donald Overbeay

Echoes of Gondwana - The memories beneath our feet: Susannah MacDonald

Wednesday 3 August 2016 - Sunday 28 August 2016


Opens Tuesday 2nd August, 5-7pm

"I have long been fascinated with the theory of Gondwana and the seismic and geological forces which split the continent and separated us from Australia. Fascinating too, is the knowledge that New Zealand was once part of the sunken continent of Zealandia, and it is essence of these movements which I have been endeavouring to capture in this series of paintings. I have been drawing on the idea that human memory of these forces at work, may give rise to mythology. Conversely, does the consciousness reflected in mythology bring about these changes?" Susannah MacDonald

Student Photography exhibition

Wednesday 15 June 2016 - Sunday 31 July 2016

No opening.
Our Saturday and Thursday kids photography class, taught by
Julz Glover presents an exhibition of their work. For more information on the class check it out here


Wahine Toa (Strong women) - Jah Tana

Tuesday 12 July 2016 - Sunday 31 July 2016

TINDALL ROOM - Until 14 August!

Jah enjoys creating images of strong women and iconic heroines from history. 

Matariki Minis

Wednesday 6 July 2016 - Sunday 31 July 2016


Opens Tuesday 5 July 5-7pm

We are looking for artists to exhibit in our Matariki Mini's exhibition. As the title suggests all the works will need to be 'mini' in size (under 30cm square or cubed if sculptural works). As we are uniquely steeped in the past, being housed in historic buildings and surrounded by heritage themed gardens we would like submissions along one of the main Matariki themes - Remembering the past. This can interpreted as broadly as you wish by incorporating people, history, events or memories. 

Email the Curator on manager@lakehousearts.org.nz with images of the work you would like to submit (no limit on submissions), before 15 June.

ART CAPSULE - Sally Herbert, Herbert and Wilks Jewellery

Friday 8 July 2016 - Friday 29 July 2016

Our first Art Capsule Artist Sally Herbert is showing her beautiful sterling silver jewellery for the next few weeks.

Lake House Arts Emerging Artists Series

Wednesday 1 June 2016 - Sunday 3 July 2016

Sharifa Karimi - Hasti? Are you there? Hastam. I am here.

Opens Tuesday 31 May 5-7pm

Sharifa Karimi aims to create a discussion around the circumstances of women who are struggling for basic rights because of the traditionalism of their culture. Her work manifests the core of this issue. “I consider my process both analytical and intuitive. Analytical, because I examine the women’s rights issues in Asian countries and intuitive because I use my own knowledge and experience to draw upon." 
Karimi explores gender equality in the roles of men and women in several different countries. Most importantly she highlights the extent and intensity of the cruelty many women go through on a daily basis. “It makes me extremely sad that these women live their whole lives as victims and the cycle continues with the next generation”
From her standpoint, although she has physically left her childhood home, the memories of the culture, the environment, and the people she was surrounded by have become part of her identity. Because of her circumstances she has been able to see the treatment of women from both a Middle Eastern and a Western point of view. 
This project is personally important to Karimi because she came from a part of the world where domestic abuse has become a norm. “Photography helps me make this reality known to people in Westernized cultures. I hope that, through my art I can give a voice to women and girls around the world who are being married as children or trafficked into forced labour and sex slavery.” 
In the countries that Karimi has included in her project such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, women have had no significant role in society. Although in some of these countries women are being given more rights and freedom with the progression of time, the issue of women’s rights is nowhere near to being resolved.

Part of the Auckland Festival of Photography

ARTiculate - A picture is worth a thousand words

Wednesday 18 May 2016 - Sunday 12 June 2016

Lake House Arts is holding an art sale, in the style of our annual Great Art Sale, for the benefit of the UpsideDowns Trust. The registration fee’s from the sale will go to the UpsideDowns Trust and no commission will be deducted from the artists.
The UpsideDowns Education Trust was established to support New Zealand children with Down syndrome by providing funding for specialist education programmes. The Trust plays a vital role in improving the learning development of the children, growing their confidence and independence. This speech language therapy greatly improves their communication, allowing these children to thrive.

Please join us in celebrating these special children and help us to support the wonderful organisation that assists them on Friday 20th May 5pm

Image left: Meghan Geliza, Listening to the world, acrylic on wood, 2015

Auckland Quilt Guild - Dorothy Collard Challenge

Wednesday 27 April 2016 - Sunday 15 May 2016

Opens Tuesday 26 April, 7-9pm

The theme for 2016’s Dorothy Collard Challenge is ‘freedom’. The Dorothy Collard Challenge is a judged exhibition held annually with prize-money awarded to the three top entries
and a trophy given to the winner.
Annie White will be giving a floor talk about her practice in the Becroft Gallery, 11am Wednesday 11 May - All welcome!

Emerging - Leomie Willoughby-Ellis

Wednesday 27 April 2016 - Sunday 15 May 2016

Opens Tuesday 26th April, 7-9pm

Leomie Willoughby-Ellis emigrated from England in 2009 to raise her children in wild open spaces. Although living in Auckland, life revolves around the beautiful winding roads of the Waitakeres, the bush and most importantly, beaches. Having worked as an Archaeaological Illustrator she travelled widely and has always drawn, painted and sketched, selling or bartering pieces as she went. An accident in 2002 meant managing a chronic physical condition with regular therapy to keep mobile and upright. Painting and drawing helps create calm and peace, reducing stress and therefore injury. The painting process is a form of relaxation and bliss. Time does not pass and the world seems clarified but quiet when painting, which is evident in her images. These works find the calm, peace and beauty in spending time just being in Aotearoa.  

Table Top Design Competition

Tuesday 1 March 2016 - Sunday 17 April 2016

Lake House Cafe is getting a makeover and we want some amazingly decorated tables to set us apart from the rest!
Submit your design by March 1 2016 - finalists will be contacted in the following week.
Prizes include: a 4 week exhibition in the Cafe gallery, $500 cash, Art Magazine subscriptions and more...
More details and an entry form here.

Finalists will be painting their designs on their tables in the Becroft gallery from Wednesday 23 March until Sunday 10 April.
The winner will be announced at a celebration on Tuesday 12 April 5-7pm.


Table Top Design Competition - Vintage theme

Monday 23 November 2015 - Sunday 17 April 2016

Lake House Cafe is getting a makeover and we want some amazingly decorated tables to set us apart from the rest!
Submit your design by March 1 2016 - finalists will be contacted in the following week.
Prizes include: a 4 week exhibition in the Cafe gallery, $500 cash, Art Magazine subscriptions and more...
More details and an entry form here.

Finalists will be painting their designs on their tables in the Becroft gallery from Wednesday 23 March until Sunday 10 April.
The winner will be announced at a celebration on Tuesday 12 April 5-7pm.

(Tables and some materials provided).

A selection of finalists left and below...

Finalist - Kim Randall

Finalist Hannah Zhang (Age 9)



INITIATE[s] 2016 - New Graduates exhibition

Wednesday 24 February 2016 - Sunday 20 March 2016

Opens Tuesday 23 February 5-7pm

2016's graduate artists are: Cole Zeal, Marisa Vodanovich, Nik Hanton, Fran Carter, Nicholas Pound, Celine Saye, Louise Caig, Sharifa Karimi, Sarah Lenton and Yvonne Shaw

Recent Graduates from tertiary art and design schools present works from their graduating portfolios. Come along to view and experience New Zealand's up and coming artistic talent.

 Image: Marisa Vodanovich

Tenants and Tutors of Lake House - note dates change!!

Wednesday 10 February 2016 - Sunday 21 February 2016

Meet the Tutors evening, join us for drinks and nibbles. Friday 19 Feb 5-7pm

Image: Anita Levering - Lake House Tutor

Members Merit Awards 2015 - Various artists

Wednesday 2 December 2015 - Friday 18 December 2015

Opening Tuesday 1st December 5-7pm

Lake House Trust's annual Friends of Lake House merit awards.

And the winners are:

Supreme Award - Graeme MacKay

Gordon Harris Painting Award -  Wensley Petterson

Art Zone Award - Valerie Cuthbert

Merit Awards - Norma Beck and Richard Beckett

The Members Merit Awards are proudly sponsored by Panasonic - This years supreme Award will be a DMC GM5k camera worth over $1300!

Thanks Panasonic!

Also sponsored by

Dawn and Keith Wright - Art Prints


Rebecca Holden - Retold: Paintings from the Grimm project

Wednesday 11 November 2015 - Sunday 29 November 2015

ARTISTS TALK: Sunday 29th November at 11am - all welcome!!

Retold is part of artist Rebecca Holden’s larger artistic undertaking, The Grimm Project. As in the well-known fairy tales, themes of right and wrong, good and tyranny are woven into her artistic practice. You are invited into the narrative through the combination of different painterly techniques, from sketchy drawings to overlapping layers of thickly painted colour.

A series of chance encounters formed the impetus behind this project – the discovery of the Brothers Grimm museum in Kassel, Germany; an unexpected visit to their gravesite in Schöneberg, Berlin; a chance introduction a year or so later to Phillip Pullman's collection of fairy tales, ‘Grimm Tales for Young and Old’. These encounters fuelled what Holden called The Grimm Project and led to the creation of a group of painted works that interpret tales from Pullman's collection.

For these works, Holden wanted to further encourage the idea of chance, which was so instrumental in the project’s inception. Via social media she invited others to give her two things: a number between a given range and a photo of a favourite landscape. Holden used the number supplied to select a tale from the corresponding page in Pullman's book, which she would then visually interpret through painting. The landscape photo given was used to influence her colour palette.

“This compelled me to work outside of my favoured palette and be more experimental with the use of colour,” explains Holden. “Rather than simply illustrating the main plot of the stories, I felt I wanted to be receptive to the elements of the story that most strongly resonated with me, those that appealed (or appalled), and to allow for everyday influences to weave their way through.”

Tuesday Painters - Various artists

Wednesday 11 November 2015 - Sunday 29 November 2015

The Tuesday Painters are a group of artists guided by Anneke Laan,
a long standing tutor at Lake House Arts. Every one in the group has
developed their own style and subject matter. The class finishes each
session with a critique in order to solve any issues that may have
arisen within each work - the discussions are not about personal
taste but to gain an understanding of what makes a good painting.

Nemesh Vjekoslav, Anthea Stayt, Philippa van Kuilenburg, Myra Lloyd and Wendy Worley - Interconnection V

Wednesday 21 October 2015 - Sunday 8 November 2015

Opening Tuesday 20 October, 5-7pm

Interconnection V is part of a series of exhibitions held across Auckland and New Zealand by a group of artists who work collaboratively to create individual and group based works ranging from paintings, sculptures and mixed media works.


The Studio Printmakers Collective - Marking Time

Wednesday 30 September 2015 - Sunday 18 October 2015

Opens Tuesday 29 September 5-7pm

The Studio Printmakers Collective explore their diverse cultural backgrounds and life experiences through printmaking. At the same time they will be paying tribute to the rich history of printmaking processes and techniques from the traditional and in some cases ancient methods of intaglio and woodcutting through to contemporary processes influenced by technological advances.

Alexandra Taylor - Breaker of White Horses

Wednesday 30 September 2015 - Sunday 18 October 2015

Opens Tuesday 29 September 5-7pm

Breaker of White Horses is an artist-run social experiment aimed at gathering recognition and acknowledgement of Family Action, a counselling and refuge centre for those affected by family and sexual violence, abuse, or trauma.

'Breaker' and 'White Horses' are allegories referring to the whitewater that helps to break down the energy of an oncoming wave; just as with the tide of domestic violence, Family Action softens the blow but cannot hope to dispel the issue at hand.

A series of portraits painted by Fine Art Honors Student, Alexandra Taylor, will be exhibited at the Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna, and the Cellar Room at the Corbans Estate Art Centre in Henderson. These portraits identify a small portion of the Family Action staff that help run this caring and confidential place, where issues in relationships and the violence or abuse that many New Zealanders experience or have experienced, can be discussed.

In identifying these women, the artist seeks to liberate insight into a constitution of social reality within which exists a great New Zealand struggle.



Harry Goodwin - Acting the Goat

Wednesday 16 September 2015 - Sunday 27 September 2015

Opens Tuesday 15 September, 5-7pm

The late Harry Goodwin created a large collection of artworks, both humorous, political and abstract in style, all with his very distinctive heavy brush strokes and bright colours. This exhibition is the final opportunity to obtain one of his sought after works.

Rosanne Croucher - Ablaze

Wednesday 16 September 2015 - Sunday 27 September 2015

Opening Tuesday 15 September 5-7pm

An exhibition of paintings that capture the beauty and wildness of fire immersed within the ocean. This unlikely pairing reveals how the opposing forces of water and fire can touch, interact and co-exist visually. Inspired largely by tonalism and surrealism, Rosanne Croucher’s newly envisioned landscape scenes are characterised by glowing light and unusual subject combinations.

Have a look at her website and       to see more work.


The Annual Great Art Sale - cash and carry art!! - Exhibition now extended until 13th September !!

Thursday 30 July 2015 - Sunday 13 September 2015

Our Great Art Sale has been running now for over 10 years and gets bigger and better each year!

If you are wanting to sell your artworks on a no commission basis or invest in some beautiful pieces for your home or collection this is the place to come...


Simon Fletcher and Reuben Horn - Anchors

Wednesday 26 August 2015 - Sunday 13 September 2015

Opens Tuesday 25th August 5-7pm

What anchors the human soul?

Illustrator and graphic designer Simon Fletcher and artist Reuben Horn exhibit for the first time at Lake House Arts.

Works of Rochelle Andrews

Wednesday 8 July 2015 - Sunday 26 July 2015 , 9:30

Becroft Gallery

Rochelle paints images of delicate realistic flowers, female figures, golden sunlight, classic cars and more. Her floral works often capture the golden glow of the sun setting over a garden with roses, wild grasses and rose hips, sparkling in the light glistening through trees. The floral paintings capture the imagination as a beautifully feminine visual experience. The larger than life size captures the dazzling 'moment in time' of a flower blooming before it fades away.

OPTIV101 Legends and Myths - Various artists from the OPTIV101 Fine arts and Multimedia studio

Wednesday 8 July 2015 - Sunday 26 July 2015


Opens Tuesday 7 July 5-7pm

The Epic explored...
Legends and Myths examines and reworks folktales and cultural lore that envelop all societies and cultures.  Optiv101 studio artists each treat an epic narrative to explore meaning and perception. The ‘epic’ is a tale of protagonists in a journey of discovery and adventure. Rewritten for our modern sensibilities, Optiv101 Legends and Myths brings our age-old heroes into a new age.




Paola King-Borrero - Mixed Media Works

Wednesday 8 July 2015 - Sunday 26 July 2015

Café Gallery

The main content of Paola’s works are the vast materials  she has accumulated over more than 30 years. Paola has been collecting images that attract her either for their symbolism or for their purely aesthetic properties. As she gathers together the objects and images, associations and juxtapositions are inevitable and the imagery and materials begin to articulate a small part of her perspective of the world.

Tā Moko - James Ballantyne - Matariki 2015

Wednesday 17 June 2015 - Sunday 5 July 2015

Opening Tuesday 16th June, 5-7pm

With his highly detailed portraits, James Ballantyne specialises in  capturing his sitters personality and mana with his brush strokes. The subjects of his current body of work are all proud wearers of Mā​ori tā​ moko, people that James has encountered by chance and approached to sit for him.

Moments - Tony Brown - Matariki 2015

Wednesday 17 June 2015 - Sunday 5 July 2015

Opens Tuesday June 16th, 5-7pm

Tony Brown offers us all a vision of perseverance and triumph over turmoil. An enthusiasm to forge a better life is what fuels Tony's passion to create works that inspire powerful and emotive responses: "I want to reach out to people who are stuck".

Tony’s paintings, which are deeply inlaid with a locality and familiarity and in some cases, are intimately provocative, grapple with issues such as depression, loneliness, adoption and sobriety. Tony's dark and raw works show an artist who interprets issues with an innate sense of compassion and individuality.

Through a process of rehabilitation, Tony rediscovered art as a form of expression from childhood and values the emotions he is able to stir within viewers of his work.


Self Portraits - Chinese Photographers Association of NZ

Wednesday 27 May 2015 - Sunday 14 June 2015

Opening Tuesday 26 May 5-7pm

Self Portraits showcases recent photographic works by New Zealand/Chinese photographers attempting to express their diverse artistic and cultural identities, both literally and metaphorically.

Each artist has explored and examined their lives within New Zealand society; articulating their reality through a unique and expressive visual language. The variety of ages and life experiences of the artists provides the opportunity for viewers to formulate their own mirrored perceptions while communing with the unveiled lives of immigrant New Zealanders.


Westlake Girls and Boys High School senior photography students

Wednesday 27 May 2015 - Sunday 14 June 2015

Opens Tuesday 26 May 5-7pm

Works from local high schools talented senior photography students. To coincide with the Auckland Festival of Photography.

The Art of Letters - NZ Calligraphers Association

Wednesday 6 May 2015 - Sunday 24 May 2015

Opening Tuesday 5th May 5-7pm

Everyone is familiar with letters.  They are widely used in a functional manner. The New Zealand Calligraphers Association will portray the art and beauty that can be found within letters


Celebrating Orphism -Shelley Hanna

Wednesday 6 May 2015 - Sunday 24 May 2015

Opening Tuesday 5th May, 5-7pm

"Expressionism has become my preferred style after exploring other media and styles.   With expressionism I can explore texture colour and shape with a freedom I have been pursuing for about the last 8 years under the tutelage of the renowned artist James Lawrence."

Auckland Quilt Guild - Dorothy Collard Challenge - Various artists

Wednesday 15 April 2015 - Sunday 3 May 2015

Opening Tuesday 14th April 7-9pm

Becroft Gallery

In 2015 the members of the Auckland Quilt Guild have been challenged to design and create quilts to the theme of NZ Books. The Dorothy Collard Challenge is a judged exhibition held annually with prize-money awarded to the three top entries and a trophy given to the winner.

There will be a floor talk with Chris Behersing in the Becroft Gallery, 11am Friday 1st May - All welcome!

Mindscapes - Wensley Petterson

Wednesday 15 April 2015 - Sunday 3 May 2015

Opens Tuesday 14th April 7-9pm

Wensley constructs her paintings from memories of land she has visited, then adds her own imaginary aspects, creating a patchwork of land, sky and mind .


SAMPLER - look, make, create - the artist is YOU!

Wednesday 25 March 2015 - Sunday 12 April 2015

Inspired by American artist Charles Long’s 100 Pounds of Clay exhibition where visitors to the Orange County museum of Art were invited to interact with the display and create their own art works from modelling clay, Sampler challenges the traditional art gallery rule of ‘no touching’, encouraging visitors look, make and create their own masterpiece in the gallery space, inspired by the artworks on display or their own imagination.
Various artist will be offering free demonstrations of their crafts throughout the exhibition period. Check our website for dates and times.

SAMPLER is proudly sponsored by Gordon Harris, the Art and Graphic store

Past/Present - Works I live with - Kim Randall and Nanette Randall

Wednesday 25 March 2015 - Sunday 12 April 2015

A retrospective exhibition from a talented Mother/Daughter team.

Petite Story - Isabelle Staron-Tutugoro

Wednesday 4 March 2015 - Sunday 22 March 2015

Opening Tuesday 3rd of March, 5-7pm

Internationally recognised New Caledonian artist, Isabelle Staron-Tutugoro presents Petite Story, a variety of captivating prints and mixed media paintings that embrace indigenous symbolism.

Born in 1964 in Saint Symphorien sur Coise (Lyon - France), Isabelle has been living in Poindimié (New Caledonia) and working in the Pacific for the last 19 years. Isabelle is inspired by the Kanak culture of her husband and she pays tribute to Kanak history and culture by incorporating from symbols found on petroglyphs, Lapita pottery, tapa, and engraved bamboo within her paintings and prints.

She is has also learned from and been inspired by other cultures across Oceania including Aotearoa/New Zealand, Samoa, the Cook Islands, Hawaiʻi, French Polynesia, Australia, Tasmania, Vanuatu, and the mysterious Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

She exhibits internationally, most often in New Caledonia, France, and Australia. Isabelle is excited to return to Auckland to share the exhibition "Petite Story" through a collaboration with Alliance Française of Auckland.

This series of paintings is a continuation of her solo exhibition in New Caledonia last year for the occasion of her fiftieth birthday. For this important event, Isabelle created this series as a tribute to her grandmother Lucie who has been a strong source of inspiration for her. Isabelle incorporates elements from French and Kanak cultures within each painting such as the ancient petroglyphs found in New Caledonia and in France. The paintings also include personal symbols of family history, as for example, marriage certificate, letters written during WWI, and mementos from travels.

Isabelle has been exploring collage for many years and her technique is a reminiscent of the palimpsests of the Middle Ages. The layers within the works offers opportunities to include multiple stories and different readings and ways to approach the soul of her work.

This syncretism is the foundation for her work and has, over many years, become her "trademark".

After this exhibition, Isabelle will hit the road to exhibit her work month after month: April in Lyon (France); July in Port Vila (Vanuatu) at the 8th International Lapita Conference and Poindimié (New Caledonia); September in Samoa (Vanya Taule'alo Gallery); November in Koumac (New Caledonia); December in Galerie Arte Bello, Noumea (New Caledonia).

In 2016, she will exhibit at the Alliance Française of Melbourne, Australia.


Moving In Lines And Circles - Ellie Faamauri Firisua

Wednesday 4 March 2015 - Sunday 22 March 2015

Opening Tuesday 3rd March 5-7pm

Tagged with repetition of motifs and patterns taken from earlier works inspired by the artist's Pacific Island heritage, specifically, the Solomon Islands and derived from the kapkap, a traditional shell disc head ornament.

INITIATE[s] - New Graduates exhibition 2015

Wednesday 11 February 2015 - Sunday 1 March 2015

Lake House's annual new graduates exhibition. Recent graduates from tertiary art and design schools present works from their graduating portfolios.

Opening Tuesday 10th February, 5-7pm

Tenants and Tutors - Various artists

Wednesday 21 January 2015 - Sunday 8 February 2015

Our annual Tenants and Tutors exhibition, showcasing the talents of the Lake House Studio artists and our education programme tutors. Come along to the ‘Meet the Tutors’ evening held during this exhibition to chat to our tutors and gain an idea of the skills they can teach you in their classes.

Meet the Tutors Evening: Tuesday 3rd February 5-7pm

Call for Proposals - New Graduates exhibition 2015: Initiate[s]

Monday 1 September 2014 - Saturday 31 January 2015

Lake House Arts Centre is holding its Annual New Graduates exhibition in February 2015 (exhibition runs from Wednesday 11th Feb – Sunday 1st Mar, opening Tuesday 10th Feb 5-7pm). We are looking for graduates from 2013 or 2014 graduating classes in the visual arts (performance also considered) to be involved. A connection to the North Shore (born, based or bred) is a bonus but all submissions will be considered.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion please forward the following to the Manager and Curator of Lake House, Lisa Rogers via manager@lakehousearts.org.nz or for more details please ring (09)486 4877.


Medium/s included in practice:

Blurb about yourself (education, influences etc – no more than 300 words):

Blurb about the works you are submitting for inclusion (Please submit up to 5 works for consideration – only 1-2 will probably be shown if selected but it gives the curator a decent overview of your work):

Images of your work (high res – print quality – 1mb at least and 300 dpi) – please name the images with artist name, title and date of work.

Members Merit Awards - Various artists

Wednesday 3 December 2014 - Friday 19 December 2014

AND the winners are:

Supreme Award - Rebecca Owen (pictured left)

New Holland Publishers Award - Sally Lush

Gordon Harris Painting Award - Lynn MacKay

Merit Awards went to - Kim Randall, Pam Dun and Wensley Petterson

People's Choice Award - Yolanda Whitehead

This annual award exhibition reflects the broad range of art mediums
that current members of Lake House are working in.
The entry form is available here or by contacting Reception.


Proudly sponsored by New Holland Publishers, Panasonic, Babich wines and Gordon Harris





Kolose: The Art of Tuvalu Crochet 2 - Fafine Niutao i Aotearoa

Thursday 6 November 2014 - Sunday 30 November 2014

Opening Thursday 6th Nov, 7-9pm

Kolose: The Art of Tuvalu Crochet 2 - Fafine Niutao i Aotearoa  is version ‘2’ of a show of the same name that was first exhibited at Māngere Arts Centre in May to June 2014

Kolose or crochet is one of the key art forms practiced by some Tuvalu women, particularly from the island of Niutao, here in Aotearoa, New Zealand and back in their homeland. Kolose works are worn at
church, on special occasions, as part of female dance costumes, and as casual wear. They are gifted during special occasions and used to add a unique Tuvaluan décor. This demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between art and culture in Tuvaluan life.


Demonstration/Workshop: Thurs 27th Nov

Kolose: Crochet Niutao Style - Fafine Niutao i Aotearo

Two Sessions: 10.30am - 12.00pm & 1.00pm - 2.00pm
The art of kolose is used in everyday life for Tuvalu women, especially from the island of Niutao. Come and see members of Fafine Niutao i Aotearoa collective as they crochet their dynamic designs into dance costumes, tops, petticoats and pillow cases! Open to enthusiasts and all levels of crochet artists interested in watching and learning how these women create works and designs, freestyle.
Contact reception for booking information.

in situ - Lana Lopesi, Elisabeth Alani, Salome Tanuvasa

Thursday 6 November 2014 - Sunday 30 November 2014

Through language we have an innate ability to transcend culture, age and class. The everyday encountering of language through conversation, enables us to understand each other. Types of language even among a small geographical area such as Auckland varies immensely crossing suburbs and therefore socio-economic barriers. Elisabeth, Lana and Salome come from South, West and East Auckland. While on paper they may appear similar as NZ born female artists of a shared lineage, they all have incredibly varied experiences of being Pacific Women.


Art Adventures - Various Artists

Wednesday 15 October 2014 - Sunday 2 November 2014

Work from a talented group of students with diverse needs, including those with physical or intellectual disability’s. The students attend art classes with the Art Adventure facilitators Maureen Beer and Claire Benson who work with them to maximize their creative talents and opportunities.

Still Life - Louise Keen

Wednesday 15 October 2014 - Sunday 2 November 2014

Opening: Tuesday 14th October, 5-7pm

The use of plastics in Louise’s works have developed into a piecing
together and synthesis of form that references the historical
art movement known as Synthetic Cubism, which in turn, sparked the
modernist’s optimistic use of ‘real world objects’ in painting and

Her canvas works play with compositions of form by including real world objects onto the canvas and the use of colour as a significant motif of culture. By using the transparent and malleable properties of plastic, naïve machine stitching and layering, Louise merges the two dimensionality of painting, into sculpture.

Heritage Homes - a re-imagining - Featuring Marie Potter

Wednesday 1 October 2014 - Sunday 12 October 2014

Opening Tuesday 30th September, 5-7pm

The Harcourts Heritage Homes and Buildings of Takapuna and Milford is normally on permanent display on the upper floor of Lake House. This year, to coincide with the Auckland Heritage Festival we are re-imagining the exhibition and adding new information and stories from Lake House’s past.

Also showing within the space is Marie E. Potter a well known multi discipline award winning North Shore artist, whose current art is underpinned by continuing re-evaluation of New Zealand cultural and social history. She has produced an installation for the exhibition reflecting on the past and specific to the era in which the Lake House building was built and lived in. Marie not only researches rituals and traditions which were established here by early British settlers in the 1840s, but where these values sit today in 21st Century N.Z. She turns to her community to research and collect artefacts, including medical instruments and associated stories, which are all steeped in significant history. When creating her art, she also relies on her nursing and maternity skills to allude to the reality of the past from a female perspective. As a result the viewer can re-imagine and keep alive their ancestral history.

Saturday 4th October 11am - Becroft Gallery.
A floor talk and discussion from locals involved in the history of Lake House and its journey to its present position on Barry’s Point Reserve. Also featuring Marie Potter.

Papercuts - Auckland Secondary Art Teachers Association

Wednesday 3 September 2014 - Sunday 28 September 2014



Opening Tuesday 2nd September, 5-7pm 

Papercuts brings together a collection of works by a diverse group
of artists currently teaching in Auckland secondary schools. The
Annual Auckland Secondary Art Teachers Association exhibition
celebrates the teacher-artist and the show is always innovative,
engaging and thought-provoking. Artists will be using paper as a
starting point, an end point or anywhere in between or not at all.

Say it by Hand - Lisz Bodsworth & Donna Dold

Wednesday 3 September 2014 - Sunday 28 September 2014


A wonderful collection of artwork in the Cafe Gallery by two of our talented local printmakers.


Thursday 31 July 2014 - Sunday 31 August 2014

The Annual Great Art Sale is back!!

Fabulous art from talented practitioners with excellent prices and bargains galore...

Matariki: Land Sea Sky - Various artists

Wednesday 2 July 2014 - Sunday 27 July 2014

Opening Tuesday 1st July 5-7pm

Matariki is the name of the Pleiades star cluster and is seen as the beginning of the Maori New Year. Maori were practiced observers of the night sky, using the stars to navigate the oceans – the rise of Matariki signified a time of remembrance, fertility and celebration of the harvest.  

Through Dragons' Eyes - Chinese Photographers Association of NZ

Thursday 5 June 2014 - Sunday 29 June 2014

Opening: Wednesday 4 June 5-7pm

Becroft Gallery

A selection of photographic works from NZ Chinese photographers embracing the cultural experiences and aesthetics of living in a new land. The aim of this exhibition is to capture the personal, emotional perspectives of Chinese immigrants in NZ. Through Dragons Eyes documents and explores a variety of cultural and aesthetic developments as New Zealand becomes a more diverse society.

It aims to present a method of visual communication and provoke discussion between all of our ethnic groups.

ARTISTS TALK: Sunday June 15th 2pm

29th May - 20th June 2014

Teenage:This is us.

Thursday 5 June 2014 - Sunday 29 June 2014

Opening: Wednesday 4th June, 5-7pm

Cafe Gallery

A series of portraits of teenagers by teenagers.

Students from Birkenhead College

People often have distorted memories of their teenage years, which in turn distorts their perceptions of teenagers now. The teenagers of the 21st Century are saturated by media imagery and have more access to camera’s than ever before. Does this make them more sophisticated image makers, are they more conscious of their own image than previous generations and how do they want to be seen?

This is how they see themselves and each other. This is Teenage.


29th May - 20th June 2014


Christopher Fidoe - In the Eye of the Beholder

Wednesday 21 May 2014 - Sunday 1 June 2014

Opening: Tuesday 20 May 5-7pm

Becroft Gallery

A stunning selection of images, from landscapes to birds, dawn to dusk, dramatic to ethereal, sea views and city views – for relaxation and stimulation. Come and feast your senses and cast your eye on these limited edition prints.

29th May - 20th June 2014


Photo:Field Paintings - Jim Overall

Wednesday 2 April 2014 - Sunday 27 April 2014

Becroft Gallery

Photo:Field Paintings references the two prime motivations in Jim’s practice - Photography and Colour-Field Abstraction.

InPhoto:Field Paintings Jim works within two parallel exploratory lines - using a limited or monochromatic palette, he experiments with composition to explore the potential of these limited palettes. Blues and greys characteristically preside over warmer colors.

As well as monochromatic palettes he has pared down the subject matter to only the absolute essentials to present an uncluttered, unconfused setting offering a reflective ‘at oneness’ with the painting.

Holiday Memories - Pat Backley, Fiona Christie and Roz Innes

Wednesday 2 April 2014 - Sunday 27 April 2014

Cafe Gallery

An exhibition designed to stir nostalgia for holidays past, present and future. Each artwork has been created from a little snippet of  a holiday memory.

Telling Tales - Bec Robertson

Wednesday 12 March 2014 - Sunday 30 March 2014

Bec’s current body of work portrays peacocks in a parody of human behaviour. She chose the majestic peacock for this particular series because it is a dynamic creative subject matter which lends itself to a quirky disposition and experimental ideas. There are many different layers to work with - colour, beauty and the peacock’s perceived aloofness which makes its follies appear even more curious and amusing.


Picture This...Various Artists

Wednesday 12 March 2014 - Sunday 30 March 2014

Work from a talented selection of children's book illustrators from around the world. Please see the events page for associated public programmes for children and adults.

Public programmes associated with this exhibition include:

Storytime! - 19th March, 11am - during the final Pre-school summer play session for the year.

A talk by David Ling - 20th March, 1pm - North Shore independent book publisher. 

Have a look at photos from the opening on our facebook page - click on icon below...


Please click here for more information on these events

Opening Tuesday  11th March, 5-7pm



LAUNCH: New Graduates exhibition - Various artists

Wednesday 19 February 2014 - Sunday 9 March 2014

 Lake House's inaugural new graduates exhibition. Recent graduates from tertiary art and design schools present works from their graduating portfolios.

 Opening Tuesday 18th February, 5-7pm

Scenes of New Zealand - Auckland Watercolour Society

Tuesday 5 November 2013 - Sunday 24 November 2013

The theme of this years annual Auckland Watercolour Society
Members awards and exhibition is Scenes of New Zealand.



Joanne Mortimore's Student Show - Various Artists

Tuesday 12 November 2013 - Sunday 24 November 2013

A mix of landscapes and still life subjects in both acrylics and
watercolours from the students of Joanne Mortimore.


A Fleeting Glimpse - Jacqueline Letham

Tuesday 22 October 2013 - Sunday 10 November 2013

A fleeting glimpse follows the freedom of birds who have the ability to interact with whatever or whomever they choose. Birds are busy and the old saying of there being ”a pecking order” comes to mind.

A Summer of Glass - John and Frances Hanson

Tuesday 22 October 2013 - Sunday 3 November 2013

Although they have exhibited their work over a number of years and won several awards, this will be John and Frances’ first ‘solo’ show. From John’s beautiful glass flowers, plates and platters to Frances’ sculptures, wall pieces and sterling silver, bronze and glass bead jewellery; this will be the most expansive display of their work to date.

Bustle - Chantelle Gerrard

Tuesday 1 October 2013 - Sunday 20 October 2013

Perfectly timed to compliment the Auckland Heritage Festival, Bustle
brings together recreated historic costume and the visual arts.
Selected costume pieces inspired by clothing spanning the last 500
years will be on display, capturing the beauty and industry of their
time. Also being shown will be art works made to compliment them
by Costumier and artist, Chantelle Gerrard.

Moments of Equanimity - Kim Randall

Tuesday 1 October 2013 - Sunday 20 October 2013

This is Kim’s first solo exhibition, bringing together drawings, prints and paintings from the past year. Equanimity is a state of mind - being mentally calm and even-tempered especially in difficult situations. This exhibition responds visually to this notion showing moments when this state of mind is realised, acknowledged or required. It aims to give the viewer a feeling of calmness, allowing them to question what must be overcome.

Needle, Thread and Fabric meet - North Shore Embroiderers Guild

Tuesday 17 September 2013 - Sunday 29 September 2013

The North Shore Embroiderers Guild present their annual exhibition with two different judged categories as well as the Viewers Choice award being shown; the Edith Rain’s Cross Stitch Embroidery Award and the Founder’s Trophy - this is an open class award and there is no set theme. Also showing in the Tindall room is work from our next generation of stitchers. This group of young people have taken part in the Stitchbird classes which the NSEG holds for children in the school holidays.

Two Painters - Lib Steward and Janet Williamson

Tuesday 27 August 2013 - Sunday 15 September 2013

A joint exhibition by two friends who love colour. They use a variety of media including fabric, clay, acrylic and oils. Their artworks express the sheer enjoyment they have of their craft.

ARTISTS TALK, Friday 6th September, 1pm: Lib Steward and Janet Williamson talk about their work with Curator, Lisa Rogers.

Janet Williamson is a Tutor at Lake House - click here to learn more about her class 

MEM(ory) - Anne Hill

Tuesday 27 August 2013 - Sunday 15 September 2013

This is the third series of my works shown at the Lake House focused on memory, faith and friendship with special reference to Mem (who works from The Lake House, managing The NZ Body Art awards). Mem and I grew up as neighbours. To some extent we continue to grow up together. Ideas of personal memory and private stories have always peppered my work, often ambiguously referring to our early dreams and later life experiences. We are both often nodding to that lovely ordinary craft of painting. I am particularly focusing on the shared Catholic past that Mem and I have and those extraordinary signs and images, symbols and stories that helped us negotiate the rest of our lives.

Image detail on left

Just One Stitch - Way Out West Embroiderers

Tuesday 6 August 2013 - Sunday 25 August 2013

WOW supports a group of intellectually disabled people who are residents of A Supported Life, in Henderson, hence the name of ‘Way Out West’. This enthusiastic group of stitchers are constantly improving their knowledge and skills through involvement in projects like Just one Stitch that Lake House Arts Centre offers in collaboration with Joan Hamilton. They have come to value the benefits that inclusion brings to the group as they are warmly welcomed into the stitch community and realise they are capable of participating in their own right, in mainstream projects.

Conversations in Stitch - 8 Perspectives

Tuesday 6 August 2013 - Sunday 25 August 2013

 8 Perspectives is a group of textile and collage artists. Yoke Helwes Martens, Kate Howard, Barbara Kavermann, Janet Lambarth, Louise Porter, Lesley Rawlings, Leanne Rogerson and Janet Ryan came together some years ago to exhibit and promote their works. Using the medium of stitch and reflecting on life’s experiences and memories they use this exhibition to communicate something of importance to each of them. It is their fourth exhibition together.

The Great Art Sale

Tuesday 16 July 2013 - Sunday 4 August 2013



Due to an unprecedented number of entries in the GREAT ART SALE we are completely full and can not accept any entries on Saturday 13 July. 

Our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience, from the Lake House team.


The Annual Great Art Sale is back!!

Fabulous art from talented practitioners with excellent prices and bargains galore...

 For more information on entering art works for sale please email us at info@lakehousearts.org.nz or phone 486 4877

Or download the entry form here

Crafted Clay

Tuesday 4 June 2013 - Sunday 14 July 2013

The Crafted Clay exhibition opens on 5th June, boasting an array of talented artists from around New Zealand. Clay is one of the most expressive of all sculptural mediums, allowing artists to mould and remodel, glaze, paint, cut and stamp its many surfaces. Clay also holds the memory of the artists hands with fingerprints, smeared lines and furrows forever imprinted, waiting for future generations to rediscover. Come and enjoy the beauty of crafted clay sculpture – the exhibition is showing in the Becroft gallery until the 14th of July.


Dog Walks

Tuesday 25 June 2013 - Sunday 14 July 2013

Janine Blackburn

A passionate dog lover, this series commemorates the many hours Janine has spent dog walking.

Yolanda Whitehead

Tuesday 4 June 2013 - Sunday 23 June 2013

A curious observer of the world around her, Yolanda explores the relationships between objects in the landscape, whether they be man made or natural, presenting a contrast from realism to abstraction.

APQG Dorothy Collard Challenge

Tuesday 14 May 2013 - Sunday 2 June 2013

Members of Auckland Patchworkers and Quilters Guild are challenged to design and make quilts that fit to the theme of "Word Art".  The Dorothy Collard Challenge judged exhibition held annually with prize-money awarded to the three top entries and a trophy given to the winner.

For more information on this years Dorothy Collard Challenge theme and the history of the award please visit the APQG website.

Here and There

Tuesday 14 May 2013 - Sunday 2 June 2013

Kim and Nanette Randall

“Here and There" is a collaboration of two bodies of work between mother and daughter.                       

“Here” is a response to the New Zealand culture, land and seascapes expressing the connection New Zealanders have to the land and the untouched natural beauty;  and  “There” a response to the culture, land and seascapes of the Mediterranean highlighting its history, beauty and eloquence through the eyes of a travelling New Zealander.




Wood Sculpture Outdoor Exhibition

Sunday 28 April 2013 - Sunday 26 May 2013

Sculptural works from Wood Sculpture Live 2013!

For photos detailing the sculptures from each day of Wood Sculpture Live, look on our Lake House Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LakeHouseArtsCentre
or our special Wood Sculpture Live Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LakeHouseArtsCentre#!/woodsculptureliveatlakehouse 


People's Choice

Remember to come and cast your vote for your favourite sculpture.  The winner of the People's Choice sculpture receives $500 cash. A lucky dip draw will be made from all votes with the lucky person receiving a $75 voucher to attend an art class at Lake House.

Supreme Award Winner - Joe Kemp "My Kaitiaki" carved from Norfolk Pine

Prize: $2000 cash & $500 travel voucher from United Travel Takapuna



First runner up - Glen Davis "Synergy" carved from Redwood

Prize: $1000 cash



Second runner up Chris Moore "Watching and Waiting" carved from Redwood

Prize: $500 cash






Wood Sculpture Indoor Exhibition

Friday 19 April 2013 - Sunday 12 May 2013

Participants of the 2013 Wood Sculpture Live event will exhibit their small sculptural work in the Gallery.

Journey of Discovery

Tuesday 23 April 2013 - Sunday 12 May 2013

Pat George and Yvonne Wilson

A joint exhibition featuring the details mosaics of Pat George and the fine prints of Yvonne Wilson

Wonderful Woodcuts

Wednesday 3 April 2013 - Sunday 21 April 2013

Beautiful examples of the ancient art of Woodcut Printmaking from a talented group of Artists.

Glimpses by Garage Studio Artists

Wednesday 3 April 2013 - Wednesday 17 April 2013

Exhibiting artist include: Wendy Andrews, Jan Barker, Marry Collow, Kath Dagg, Caroline de Wet, Pat Eales, Christine Harrison, Jan Hay, Winnie Koegler, Phillipa Plowman, Barbara Richards, Margie Woodward and Lib Steward.

Opening function:Tuesday 2 April, 5-7pm.

Sam Smorenburg

Tuesday 19 March 2013 - Thursday 28 March 2013

Macro oil paintings of cactus flowers.  "I love to paint nature's detail, colour and form."  This is a series of 6 paintings (each 30 x 30 inches) showing different types of cactus flowers.  The flowers are unusual and each one has its own "crown".

Thursday Painters

Tuesday 19 March 2013 - Thursday 28 March 2013

Barbara Barrow, Erica Canning, Val Carter, Christine (Devoy) Nicholson, Daphne Feary, Maureen Langford, Pam Longhurst, Ruth Miller, Lorna Mole, Margery Price, Pat Rainsford and David Underwood.

A Taste of Printmaking by Studio Printmakers

Tuesday 26 February 2013 - Sunday 17 March 2013

In the Becroft Gallery

View a diverse range of printmaking styles & techniques from this talented group of artists.

The studio will be open to the public daily from 11am - 2pm, for the duration of the exhibition.

A Trio of Art by Trish Parkin, Fiona Christie and Roz Innes

Tuesday 26 February 2013 - Sunday 17 March 2013

Trish - "I love the many different moods of the ocean and the tranquility of the bush". 

Roz is inspired by the kaleidoscope of colour, line and form that surrounds us. 

Fiona loves the amazing natural colours and beauty of New Zealand subtropical vegetation and birdlife.

A Diverse Collection by Ngaire Duncan

Monday 14 January 2013 - Thursday 28 February 2013

In the Tindall Room

“Abstracts come to me in a vision I suppose, then I aim to put it all on canvas! I am now leaving behind land & seascapes to concentrate on abstracts, to see where that will take me.

Shifting Horizons by Denice Symons

Tuesday 5 February 2013 - Sunday 24 February 2013

In the Café Gallery

As a coastal dweller, Denice is aware of the constantly changing relationship between the earth, sea & sky. The light effects and the blurring of the relationship between the strong horizontal lines of the land and the horizon has prompted  Denice to record these in an abstract manner.

Clocks and Dolls by Andrea Hammond

Tuesday 19 February 2013 - Sunday 24 February 2013

In the Becroft Gallery

Andrea uses colonial clocks, Babushka dolls and flowers not only as motif in expressionist paintings but also as floral installations to create a quirky fusional seasonal show.

The Whau River by Bronwyn Menhinick

Monday 4 February 2013 - Sunday 17 February 2013

In the Becroft Gallery

A series of charcoal drawings inspired by the Whau River which was an ancient waterway travelled by the local Maori as a passage from the Waitemata Harbour to the Manukau Harbour. “These drawings represent my response to the  experience of rowing at pre-dawn...”

Lake House Tutors Exhibition

Tuesday 15 January 2013 - Sunday 3 February 2013

Becroft Gallery

Lake House provides a comprehensive arts education programme.  This Exhibition showcases the work of the tutors involved.

View the Tutor Gallery

Mogi's World

Tuesday 15 January 2013 - Sunday 3 February 2013

In the Cafe Gallery

Arya Mogi Antara was born in Sabbang, a remote village on the Island of Sulawesi. He showed a natural aptitude for drawing and colour from the age of 8. Now in his late 30’s his painting style has evolved into a wealth of abstract creations,  usually featuring bold bright primary colours with the subtle use of texture.

A Victorian Christmas Exhibition

Monday 26 November 2012 - Sunday 16 December 2012

Be transported into a bygone Victorian era when the applied arts flourished with rich, sumptuous designs and textures. A collaborative Exhibition in the Becroft Gallery, co-curators are Joan Hamilton and Kim Boyd.

Join us for the Lake House end-of-year function and opening of this inaugural Exhibition on Friday 30 November from 5-7pm

Paul Woodruffe

Monday 5 November 2012 - Sunday 25 November 2012

The Old North Shore  by  Paul Woodruffe
from Rahopara Pa to Memorial Avenue in the Becroft Gallery. Paintings, drawings and photographs about the special character inherent within the series of places found when walking from Rahopara Pa in Castor Bay to Memorial Ave.

NO Exhibition Opening

Anneke Laan's Tuesday Painting group

Monday 5 November 2012 - Sunday 25 November 2012

Join this group of talented students who attend Anneke's Tuesday painting day at Lake House. A diverse range of styles and media will be on display in the Cafe Gallery.


John Ferguson

Tuesday 23 October 2012 - Sunday 4 November 2012 - 16:00

"Under my Umbrella" by John Ferguson in the Becroft Gallery explores ideas beyond what he once saw as non-negotiable.
 “In recent times I’ve had to face the fact that the umbrella I’ve been hiding under is rather useless at keeping me and those close to me dry. This colourful umbrella looks wonderful from a distance, but climb under it for a season or two, and you will see what has taken me more than three decades to see.”

Join John at the Exhibition opening on Tuesday 23 October from 5-7pm


Monday 22 October 2012 - Sunday 4 November 2012 - 16:00

 A group show with the theme of “Women” featuring: Trina Batchelor, David Heras Verde, Giuliano Giuliani, Cassandra Gordon Harris.

Join Trina at the Exhibition opening on Tuesday 23 October from 5-7pm

Members' Merit Awards 2012

Tuesday 18 September 2012 - Sunday 7 October 2012

The Annual Members Merit Awards

First - Lib Steward. Object winner - Becky Ryan, Third - Chris Ashton, Forth - Ann Norris.

Merits - Lynette Jolicoeur, Marie Sanders, Julia Henderson and Fiona Ehn

Colours of New Zealand

Tuesday 4 September 2012 - Tuesday 4 September 2012 - 16:00

inaugural Exhibiton by the Auckland Watercolour Society

A highly successful exhibition of watercolours.