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Read about our upcoming and current exhibitions in our Main Building's Ogle Gallery - visit and sit down with a cup of coffee from the Cafe! 

2024 New Zealand Chinese Arts Exhibition

Saturday 20 July 2024 - Friday 9 August 2024

Press Release of 2024 (21st) New Zealand Chinese Arts Exhibition 


100 pieces artworks of over 80 professionals and amateurs will be displayed between 21 July – 8 August in 21st Chinese Arts Exhibition ranging from oil painting, water colour painting, acrylic painting, sketch, Chinese paintings, and calligraphy etc. You will enjoy and appreciate Chinese arts and cultural diversities.   

The art exhibition is organised by Pacific Culture and Arts Development Association and is opened to public for free 

Finding Our Way

Sunday 11 August 2024 - Friday 6 September 2024

Finding Our Way 

Sunday 11th August - Friday 6th September

Ogle Gallery

Opening celebration:

4pm Sunday 11th August
A group show exploring expressions of wellbeing 
The exhibition is a testament to the impact of creative expression on mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 
Emerging artists Burnetta Van Stipriaan, Helen Harvey, and Ana Ferrari met through Wayfind Creative mentoring 
sessions. Although their art practices and backgrounds are diverse, they discovered a shared well-being 
narrative through creativity. They have found solace, catharsis, and fulfilment within their painting and 
printmaking practices. 
About the Artists: 
Burnetta Van Stipriaan is a self-taught, emerging artist whose works are informed by place and identity. Burnetta 
adapts the Samoan concept of va (the space in between) to invite reconnection. Her work delves into questions 
of self, belonging, and the environment. She donates 5% to the Ovarian Cancer Foundation New Zealand. 
Helen Harvey (Pākehā, Māori) is an abstract painter and mixed media artist. Her work is cultural and political, 
inspired by a sense of kaitiakitanga, and observing the interaction of humanity and the natural world.
Ana Ferrari - Ana’s search for peace evolved into a meaningful exploration of the power of creative expression 
and well-being. Ana is also an entrepreneur (Luna, Art+ Play) and a practitioner of The Three Principles Of Innate 
Mental Health. Ana’s more recent work was produced at Toi Ora Living Trust studio and 5% of the proceeds will 
be donated back to it. 

Orientation Workshop

Thursday 22 August 2024 - Thursday 22 August 2024 - 20:00


Artwork credit: Val Cuthbert

Orientation Workshop for Artists Interested in Exhibiting at Lake House Arts in 2025 

Lake House Arts is hosting an Orientation Workshop for artists who are interested in exhibiting with us in 2025. This event will provide a clear overview of the application and exhibition process and offer a chance to network with other artists. 

Workshop Details:  

🗓️ Date: Thursday, 22nd August 

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

🏢 Venue: Ogle Gallery, Lake House Arts, Barry's Point Reserve 

📧 RSVP: arts@lakehousearts.org.nz 

Limited spots are available for the workshop.  

What to Expect: 

Application Tips: Learn how to create strong proposals that can enhance your chances of being selected for exhibitions. 

Networking: Meet other artists and share ideas. 

Guidance: Our team will explain the steps involved in the application and exhibition process. 


Lake House Arts aims to showcase a wide range of artists, from new graduates to experienced creators. Our venue on Barry's Point Reserve, housed in an A* Heritage rated building, offers a unique and historical setting for exhibitions.