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Autumn Pop Up - Members' Mini Exhibition

Friday 26 April 2024 - Friday 10 May 2024

Lake House Arts is pleased to present...
Autumn Pop Up - Members' Mini Exhibition
Friday April 26th - Friday May 10th

Receiving artworks:

9am Tuesday 23rd April - 12pm on Friday April 26th

Opening Celebration:

4pm Sunday 28th April, Ogle Gallery

Click here to download the entry form

Lake House Arts invites artists to create and display works which reflects the essence of Autumn. Autumn is a season of transition and reflection - we are encouraging members to interpret the concept of Autumn in their own unique way. 

Entry Criteria: 

  • Artists must be current Lake House Arts members to participate 
  • $7.50 per entry 
  • Members may submit up to two artworks.  
  • Artworks must be no larger than 44cm x 44cm, and must be wall-based. 
  • Artworks must have d-rings on the back 
  • All artworks must be for sale and are subject to Lake House Arts’ commission rate of 17.5% + gst. 
  • Payment for artworks will be processed on 20th of the month following a sale. 


Please fill out the aformentioned form and attach to the back of your exhibition-ready artwork, along with your submission from 9am Tuesday 23rd April - 12pm on Friday April 26th. 

We also invite you to the opening celebration of the exhibition from 4pm Sunday 28th April, in the Ogle Gallery of Lake House Arts. 

Dylan Huata - INTRO-TO-VERT

Saturday 6 July 2024 - Thursday 18 July 2024

Lake House Arts is pleased to present...


Dylan Huata - INTRO-TO-VERT

6th July - 18th July


Becroft and Ogle Galleries

Opening Celebration:

4pm, Sunday 7th July


The “INTRO-2-VERT” exhibition focuses on Spirituality, Atua, and personal as well as communal experiences that connect us to our ancestors in everyday life.

The meaning behind the title “intro2vert” defines 3 key points.

The first meaning is the introduction of those above us who came before. 

As they watch over our actions and keep us accountable, we must continue to do good, if that is what we seek. In this life, we are the representatives of more than just ourselves.

The second meaning is personal and is the introduction to moving vertically in this journey. 

For the story of a 23-year-old artist, this section would be described as “the come-up”.

Lastly, each person has an introverted and reserved side to their character.

Often choosing to hide talents, disciplines and passions.

We also have confidence that is often mistaken for arrogance.

This aids us in portraying fearlessness and personality within our character.

Experience “INTRO-2-VERT” and witness the work of an “Extra-Introvert".


Artist Statement:

"My name is Dylan Tiaki also known as “Blanc Phase” (pronounced Blank Face). 

I am a 23-year-old artist based in North Shore, Auckland. 

Largely Influenced by a range of Music, Dance, Fashion, and Poetry, my main source of expression is through Art. My works are made from a mixture of acrylics, oils & pastels on medium to large stretched canvases. 

Faces are a signature statement in my works, so I tend to include them both clearly and secretly among the layers. This adds a form of playfulness for my audience to interact with as they interpret my work."

“I’m no extrovert, I’m just a confident introvert.” - Dylan Tiaki (BLANC-PHASE)