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Joanne Kyriazopoulos - Threads That Bind

Saturday 13 April 2024 - Friday 26 April 2024

Joanne Kyriazopoulos
Threads That Bind

13th - 26th April
Becroft Gallery

Opening celebration: Sunday 14th April, 4pm

THREADS THAT BIND is an evocative exhibition acknowledging nature's ecosystems are the greatest creative expression.
Creating artwork to honour the beauty of all that co-exists, signify the presence of those gone before and reflect on the impact we make, as a reminder to nurture our precious ecosystems and our wellbeing.
Joanne is a creator and maker that often uses natural, found or repurposed materials in her work. With an interest in bending the rules to gain deeper insight and wisdom into her creative practice. 

Autumn Pop Up - Members' Mini Exhibition

Friday 26 April 2024 - Friday 10 May 2024

Lake House Arts is pleased to present...
Autumn Pop Up - Members' Mini Exhibition
Friday April 26th - Friday May 10th

Receiving artworks:

9am Tuesday 23rd April - 12pm on Friday April 26th

Opening Celebration:

4pm Sunday 28th April, Ogle Gallery

Click here to download the entry form

Lake House Arts invites artists to create and display works which reflects the essence of Autumn. Autumn is a season of transition and reflection - we are encouraging members to interpret the concept of Autumn in their own unique way. 

Entry Criteria: 

  • Artists must be current Lake House Arts members to participate 
  • $7.50 per entry 
  • Members may submit up to two artworks.  
  • Artworks must be no larger than 44cm x 44cm, and must be wall-based. 
  • Artworks must have d-rings on the back 
  • All artworks must be for sale and are subject to Lake House Arts’ commission rate of 17.5% + gst. 
  • Payment for artworks will be processed on 20th of the month following a sale. 


Please fill out the aformentioned form and attach to the back of your exhibition-ready artwork, along with your submission from 9am Tuesday 23rd April - 12pm on Friday April 26th. 

We also invite you to the opening celebration of the exhibition from 4pm Sunday 28th April, in the Ogle Gallery of Lake House Arts. 

Judy Pullen - Shaping Light

Saturday 27 April 2024 - Thursday 9 May 2024

Lake House Arts is pleased to present...

Shaping Light - Judy Pullen

Becroft Gallery

27th April - 9th May

Opening Celebration: 4pm, Sunday 28th April

'Shaping Light' is the debut solo exhibtion of local glass artist, Judy Pullen, and will featured a combination of existing and newly created works made specially for this exhibition.

Known for using a combination of both recycled and art glass to create her works, Judy Pullen has developed a distinctive style of glass art over the years by emplyoing particular visual motifs which have become very signature to her work - fish, flowers, and other anthropomorphic figures, paired with playful titles and puns, which brings a sense of endless curiosity and play to her work.

Artist Statement:

"Glass, with its transparency, brilliance, and ability to refract and reflect light, has long been a source of fascination for artists.

Through the medium of glass, I've explored themes of light, colour, and form. Each piece tells a story, offering a glimpse into my creative journey."

-Judy Pullen

Studio Pottery Works - Pop-Up Sale

Friday 10 May 2024 - Sunday 12 May 2024

Members Merit Awards

Saturday 11 May 2024 - Friday 31 May 2024

Click here to download the entry form


Members’ Merit Awards 2024 

Lake House Arts’ Members’ Merit Awards and Exhibition is a tradition for our membership cardholders. Guest judges will select award winners. To become a Member of Lake House Arts, join online.


Exhibition dates: Saturday 11th May - Friday 31st May  

Registration and delivery days: Tuesday 7th May – Friday 10th May 1pm. 

Celebration and Awards: Sunday 12th May, 4pm 

Collection of work:  All unsold artwork must be collected by 2pm,  Friday 31st May 


Entrants must be current up to date members of Lake House Arts. 

All art mediums may be entered - painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, photography, etc.  

Artworks must not have been exhibited at Lake House Arts previously. 

There is a maximum of two entries only per artist - $20 entry fee per work, to be paid on the day of registration and submission. The entry fee is non-refundable.  

All works submitted should not have been previously exhibited at Lake House Arts  

The entrant indemnifies Lake House against damage to all entries. Insurance and freight of the artwork is the responsibility of the entrants 

This is a salon-style hang, all exhibition-ready works will be hung in the gallery. 

No late entries will be accepted.  

Artworks must be for sale and pricing must include our commission (17.5% +GST) 

Sales will be reconciled no later than 20 June 2024.   

Works must not infringe copyright. 

All Terms and Conditions for exhibiting at Lake House Arts apply and are available to read on our website. 

Wet paintings or sculpture, unstable sculpture or wall works without provision for installation will not be considered for inclusion. All 2-D artworks must have D-rings and a string across the back of the artwork. 

Dylan Huata - INTRO-TO-VERT

Saturday 6 July 2024 - Thursday 18 July 2024

Lake House Arts is pleased to present...


Dylan Huata - INTRO-TO-VERT

6th July - 18th July


Becroft and Ogle Galleries

Opening Celebration:

4pm, Sunday 7th July


The “INTRO-2-VERT” exhibition focuses on Spirituality, Atua, and personal as well as communal experiences that connect us to our ancestors in everyday life.

The meaning behind the title “intro2vert” defines 3 key points.

The first meaning is the introduction of those above us who came before. 

As they watch over our actions and keep us accountable, we must continue to do good, if that is what we seek. In this life, we are the representatives of more than just ourselves.

The second meaning is personal and is the introduction to moving vertically in this journey. 

For the story of a 23-year-old artist, this section would be described as “the come-up”.

Lastly, each person has an introverted and reserved side to their character.

Often choosing to hide talents, disciplines and passions.

We also have confidence that is often mistaken for arrogance.

This aids us in portraying fearlessness and personality within our character.

Experience “INTRO-2-VERT” and witness the work of an “Extra-Introvert".


Artist Statement:

"My name is Dylan Tiaki also known as “Blanc Phase” (pronounced Blank Face). 

I am a 23-year-old artist based in North Shore, Auckland. 

Largely Influenced by a range of Music, Dance, Fashion, and Poetry, my main source of expression is through Art. My works are made from a mixture of acrylics, oils & pastels on medium to large stretched canvases. 

Faces are a signature statement in my works, so I tend to include them both clearly and secretly among the layers. This adds a form of playfulness for my audience to interact with as they interpret my work."

“I’m no extrovert, I’m just a confident introvert.” - Dylan Tiaki (BLANC-PHASE)