Independent Partners

At Lake House Arts, we proudly collaborate with a diverse group of talented individuals and organizations who hire our studios to offer a variety of classes, art groups, and art therapy services. These independent partners bring their unique expertise and creativity to our vibrant community.

Explore the offerings below to discover the exciting classes and services available. For more details and to book a class, please contact the instructors directly using the information provided, as bookings cannot be made through the Lake House Arts booking system.

Dive into the world of art and creativity with our independent partners today!

ArtVenture with Chloe Jeong

After-school children's art classes, ArtVenture , are waiting for your kids. Along with various art activities, they will learn about different cultures from around the world, broaden their perspectives, and transform their confusion into creativity! Let your kids share their ideas, communicate with others, and build an active community at the Lake House Arts Center . It offers a beautiful natural environment, spacious areas for kids to engage freely , and a gallery where they can appreciate artworks by artists firsthand. Start a new term with ArtVenture now!       Term 2, Folk Painting using traditional fairy tales from each country   Folk Painting, based on traditional fairy tales, involves listening to stories from countries such as Korea, New Zealand, China, the United States, and the United Kingdom, creating works based on your own stories, and having time to share your work with others.   Take a storytelling journey to each country and create your own Disney.     - Origami with a story   Enter fun stories such as The Hare and the Turtle, Swan Lake, Sea Stories, etc. and create your own world.     When: Tuesday , 4.00 am – 5.30 pm   Dates: 30/04/2024 – 02/07/2024(10 weeks)   Age: 5 - 1 0   Duration: 10 weeks    Cost: $ 280 .00 (Provide materials)   ‚Äč   Book Now     Information: please contact Chloe at Korean.arts.n.culture