Volunteer expression of interest

Lake House Arts offers many opportunities for Volunteers.

Volunteers can apply directly to the manager via email or in person on site in addition to applying through third party partner organisations such as Rotary, Volunteer Auckland, Internships NZ and TheBigIdea.

Volunteers are recognised as a valuable asset to the Lake House Arts Community and Lake House Arts activities and the organisation will endeavour continue to support volunteer access to Lake House Arts.

Lake House Arts recognises the following-

  • People of all ages, abilities and ethnicities are welcome to volunteer at Lake House Arts
  • People who volunteer at Lake House Arts bring with them a rich experience and insight that will add to the success of the organisation
  • People who volunteer have individual needs that need to be identified and supported on an individual and personal basis
  • People who volunteer at Lake House Arts may need training and skills development to fulfil the role
  • People who volunteer at Lake House Arts need to be supported in a safe and healthy environment

In order to volunteer at Lake House Arts the following is required-

  • Formal or informal application to the manager – manager@lakehousearts.org.nz (unless applying to be a Trustee)
  • Volunteer Trustees must apply through a separate process initiated annually by the Chair of the Lake House Trust Board.
  • Agreement to participate in a regularly scheduled programme of volunteer activity as agreed with the manager and other members of the management where appropriate
  • A completed Personnel Information File by the volunteer or a support person

Lake House Arts recognises the importance of privacy for any and all people who participate in activity at Lake House Arts.  See our Privacy Policy HERE

Lake House Arts recognises that for many volunteers English may be a second language and where possible will assist in helping the volunteer cross any language or communication barrier in order to support Lake House Arts activities and the well-being of the volunteer.


  • Internships - contact manager@lakehousearts.org.nz
  • Weekend Supervisors - contact assistance@lakehousearts.org.nz
  • Gallery Installers - contact assistance@lakehousearts.org.nz
  • Lake House Gardeners - contact malcolmi@xtra.co.nz
  • Education Support - education@lakehousearts.org.nz
  • Events Support - contact assistance@lakehousearts.org.nz
  • Archivists - contact manager@lakehousearts.org.nz

Full Support Role Descriptions are available on request.


Lake House Trust recognises the tremendous contribution made to supporting Lake House Arts Centre Activities by volunteers in our community.  Volunteers support the key organisation activities in the delivery of services to the sider community.


Essential Volunteer Information to Register Interest


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