Child Safety Guidelines Policy

You are required by Lake House Arts to read, accept and follow the Child Safety Guidelines.

Students must arrive for their class at the stated time, accompanied by an adult. The centre will not be held responsible for the safety of children who arrive early at class and are left unattended by caregivers.

Caregivers must sign in and sign out their children in the rolls provided before and after every class.

You must inform the tutor anytime someone other than the registered caregiver will be collecting the child.

Uncollected Students
If no-one has collected a child at the end of a class, the tutor will attempt to contact parents/caregivers and the alternative contact person using the emergency details supplied at time of enrolment. After half an hour, if no-one has arrived to collect the child and the tutor has been unable to contact anyone after repeated attempts, the tutor will transport the child to the nearest police station, North Shore Police Station, 52 Park Way Drive, Rosedale ph.09 477 5000, 7am-10pm and will transfer the child to their care. Parents will be charged a $40 personnel fee. Lake House Arts reserves the right to exclude from the program all children who are repeatedly collected late.

Disruptive Behaviour
Management reserves the right to exclude from the program any child who is constantly disruptive, does not adhere to the program rules or poses a significant risk to the safety of themselves or others. The tutor reserves the right to contact and request caregivers to collect students displaying disruptive behaviour during class.

Accidents and Emergencies -  Parents will be contacted immediately and staff will perform appropriate first aid and if necessary call an ambulance. Any urgent medical attention will be at the parents’ cost. Children will not be transported by private vehicles unless there is a serious emergency e.g. the need to evacuate due to tsunami, earthquake or when a child has not been picked up and needs to be transported to the police station.

If you have any comments or concerns about the program, please speak to the tutor in the first instance.