Eirlys Shand - Young Woman in Blue


Eirlys Shand
"Young Woman in Blue"
Oil on board

All proceeds from this sale will go towards funding for our next Eirlys Shand Scholarship courtesy of Moving Made Easy.

About the Eirlys Shand Scholarship:

Introduced in 2019 The Eirlys Shand Scholarship seeks to provide ongoing access to an extended arts and learning experience at Lake House Arts Centre.  The original scholarship funds ($8,000 value) were raised through an auction at Lake House Arts in June 2019.  Eiryls, who at the time was shifting into assisted care living, donated the remainder of her artworks through Lake House Arts Partners Moving Made Easy to Lake House Arts for the auction.  Lake House Arts awarded the first scholarship in September 2019, and is currently fundraising for future scholarships through the sale of art donations co-ordinated by Moving Made Easy and Lake House Staff. 

If you are downsizing your home or moving into retirement we recommend Moving Made Easy.  If you would like to contribute an art or cash donation toward the Eirlys Shand Scholarship directly, please contact info@lakehousearts.org.nz with a picture of the art and any information about the art you may have.

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PRICE: NZD $95.00


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