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Kathrin Simon - QUEENS

Saturday 16 March 2024 - Friday 12 April 2024


Opening Celebration: 

Sunday 17th March, 4pm

Artist Talk: POSTPONED - New date TBC

A photographic exhibition celebrating the beauty, serenity and vital qualities of bees. Kathrin has created a theatrical visual stage for bees where no other distractions obscure their remarkable brilliance. 

Great Art Sale

Tuesday 27 February 2024 - Friday 15 March 2024

Lake House Great Art Sale December 2024 – Submission Info and One Submission form (one per work required). 

Tuesday February 27th – Friday March 15th 2024 

Open to all public to submit. The Great Arts Sale is a cash-and-carry salon-style exhibition. Artists can contribute their own works or works they own and nominate their own prices. There is no commission on sale – price to sell! 

Art can be received throughout the exhibition, however it is the preference of LHAC to receive all artwork on the days indicated below. This will maximise your chance of sale during the season. Lake House Arts supports artist resale royalties (for artwork you own but did not create) at our recommended value.  

All delivery of artworks will be taken from Tuesday 20th February – Friday 23rd February between 9am and 3pm. Please allow up to 7 days after delivery for artworks to be hung. Artworks will be primarily staged in the Becroft Gallery.

Due to limited wall space, artists who deliver artworks after Tuesday 20th February will be advised that their artworks may be staged in other exhibition spaces in Lake House Arts.

Please ensure that all artworks are exhibition-ready with either d-rings or string across the back of 2d works. Sculptural works must be of reasonable durability. 

Participants will be notified to collect unsold artworks ahead of the exhibition closing. All artworks must be collected by Friday 15th March. 


Artwork Submission Fees (Payable on delivery) 

Sizes up to 1000mm for length, width or depth: $10 per artwork submitted 

Sizes larger than 1000mm for length, width or depth: $20 per artwork 

For five or more artworks, the total submission fee will be discounted by 20%. 


To download our submission form and read terms and conditions, click here.



Existence and Emptiness - Xinli Deng and Yide Xie

Saturday 10 February 2024 - Thursday 22 February 2024

Lake House Arts is pleased to present...
Existence and Emptiness by Xinli Deng and Yide Xie
February 9th - 22nd

Becroft Gallery

Opening Celebration:
Saturday 10th February, 4pm


Artist Statement about the exhibiton:

In this exhibition, artists Xinli Deng and Yi Xie will explore and present Zen culture and Chinese Taoist philosophy through a unique artistic perspective. Their works include a series of black and white paintings and sculpture installations. Each piece is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of Zen Buddhism in the form of visual art. Choosing monochromatic tones in their paintings is a tribute to the simplicity and profound contemplation of Zen Buddhism, aimed at creating a contemplative and peaceful atmosphere similar to Zen space. This environment will further enrich the elements of traditional Zen practice. These cultural forms are not only aesthetic supplements to abstract concepts, but also an indispensable part of providing authentic Zen experiences, allowing viewers to participate in art in a profound personal and spiritual way. The purpose of this exhibition is not only to showcase art; It aims to bring the audience into the realm of Zen Buddhism, providing a space for reflection, tranquility, and a deeper understanding of this ancient culture. Through this immersive experience, Xinli Deng and Yi Xie hope to bring the eternal wisdom of Zen to a wider audience. I firmly believe that this exhibition can promote people's understanding of Zen philosophy and its relevance in today's world. The innovative approach of combining visual art with experiential elements by two artists will provide a unique and meaningful experience for all audiences.


Piki E Te Tuara - Becroft Gallery

Thursday 21 December 2023 - Thursday 25 January 2024

An exhibition of artworks by artists participating in this years' Sculpture Symposium 'Piki e te Tuara'

Naked Clay - A group exhibition by students of John Parker

Saturday 25 November 2023 - Thursday 7 December 2023

RATA printmakers 'Weave' Group Exhibition

Sunday 29 October 2023 - Friday 10 November 2023

"Weave," the 2023 annual group exhibition by RATA printmakers, invites you to explore the intricate threads of creativity woven together by a diverse group of talented printmakers . Exhibition season in the Becroft Gallery from October 28 to November 10. Join us on October 29, from 4-6pm, for the grand opening event and witness the beauty of art in its many forms.

Artsists in the group show 

Lynn Brown
Catriona Caird
Diana Coleman
Valerie Cuthbert
Vivien Davimes
Pat Grove-Hills
Nichola Holmes
Joanne Kyriazopoulos
Amanda Pilbrow
Lena Ochkalova

Casting On, Casting Off

Saturday 14 October 2023 - Thursday 26 October 2023

Casting on, Casting off
Wendy Lawson, Abbie Read, Sonja Drake, Louise Keen

14th - 27th October 2023

Opening Celebration | Sunday 15th October
4pm  Becroft Gallery 

Casting on, Casting off, is an exploration of moments and states of transition in everyday interactions with human and nonhuman kin using the natural environment as an anchor. To be in transition, are we ever far from it? 

This group of conceptually aligned artists recognise the creative process as a celebration of making, being in conversation, and working in communitas. 

Alongside the exhibition, the artists of Casting on, Casting off, invite exhibition visitors to join a place-based response, which will be active for the duration of the show in the O'Neil Library. The invitation is to share stories while slow stitching onto a communal blanket. All ages, no previous sewing skills required and all materials provided. At the end of the show the blanket will be gifted to a creative community cause. Slow stitching together will be happening everyday for the exhibition duration (except Mondays and Tuesdays), from 10-2pm.

James Lawrence 'Recent work'

Saturday 30 September 2023 - Thursday 12 October 2023

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to 'Recent Works' an exhibition, showcasing James Lawrence—an accomplished Abstract artist and long-term resident artist at Lake House Arts.
Since making New Zealand his home in 1992, James Lawrence has been crafting a unique artistic identity.
James Lawrence is not only a gifted Abstract artist but also a respected educator. His Abstract art classes at Corbans have garnered acclaim in West Auckland, where he has cultivated a devoted following. Currently, he imparts his wisdom at Selwyn College, Mairangi Art Centre, and Lake House Arts.
With a portfolio spanning solo and group exhibitions both locally and abroad, James Lawrence's Abstract art transcends borders and resonates with a diverse, contemporary audience.
Opening Celebration: 1 Oct Becroft Gallery 4pm

Verity Kindleysides - Kelp Forests & Kina Barrens

Saturday 16 September 2023 - Thursday 28 September 2023

Kelp Forests and Kina Barrens - Verity Kindleysides 

Saturday 16th September - Thursday 28th September

Opening celebration: 4pm Sunday 17th September


Exhibition Statement:

"I have recently become a qualified diver. The local marine environment and seaweed regeneration efforts are the inspiration for the works in this exhibition. This treasured ecology is under threat from an imbalance.  Through over fishing and without enough of their natural predators Kina forage more actively than usual on the seaweed."


Artist Biography:

Verity is continuing her art practice from her studio and home in West Auckland, having recently returned from living in London where she studied at both the Slade and the Royal Drawing School.

Verity studied at Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts, completing her BFA in 2007.  Awards Verity has won include the First Prize Greater Auckland Art Awards 2018, Supreme Award Franklin Arts Festival 2016, Pumphouse Art Award for Painting in 2007, Molly Morpeth Best Drawing Award. Verity was also a finalist in the Parkin Drawing Award 2017, Adam Portrait Award 1991, 2000, 2004, 2016 and in the Portage Ceramic Awards 2001, 2005 and 2006.

Blooming Together - 6 Arts Studio

Saturday 26 August 2023 - Thursday 14 September 2023

Blooming Together - 6 Arts Studio

26th August - 14th September

Exhibiton celebration: Sunday 3rd September, 4pm

About the exhibtion:

"Welcome to our 6 arts education studio group art exhibition! We are thrilled to present an exceptional showcase of talent, bringing together a diverse collective of artists that promise to leave you inspired and enthralled. 
We are  Cissy Bao ,Wendy Ma, Jieer Chen,Cindy Jin ,Fiona Li, Cici Zhu....who are learning painting at 6 arts studio by Minlanda Wang.,we may be considered "immature" in terms of experience,   Take a moment to observe the intricately painted canvases, where brushstrokes come alive, telling stories in their own lyrical way.listen to their stories, and witness their artistic journey unfold before your eyes. It is through these shared experiences that we can not only appreciate their talent but also inspire and support their future endeavors."

The Body Owned - Margaret Lawlor-Bartlett

Saturday 12 August 2023 - Thursday 24 August 2023

Lake House Arts is pleased to present "The Body Owned", a retrospective exhibition of works by Maragret Lawlor-Bartlett.

12th - 24th August

Becroft Gallery, Lake House Arts
Opening celebration: Sunday 14th August, 4pm

Artist Bio:

Margaret Lawlor-Bartlett QSM is an artist who is an outspoken voice on social issues that have shaped our nation's identity over 70 years of change, addressing waves of feminism and institutional patriarchy, tackling the shame of apartheid. Margaret Lawlor-Bartlett was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal for services to the NZ Anti-Nuclear Arms Movement and her role in initiating VAANA together with its associated public murals. She is a founding member of the NZ Association of Women Artists.

“Margaret Lawlor-Bartlett is an artist whose place in Aotearoa’s art history will be remembered through her bold unmasking of our social history as a protest artist, and her introspective explorations of human consciousness, relationships, and survival, as seen and expressed, from a woman’s point of view.”

— Julian Harrison


Advistory: Contains adult themes and nudity

Younite x Lakehouse Arts Youth Art Exhibition

Saturday 29 July 2023 - Thursday 10 August 2023

Younite x Lakehouse Arts Youth Art Exhibition

Saturday 29th July - Thursday 10th August

Opening Celebration: 4pm Sunday 30th July

Younite’s annual Art Exhibition is by and for youths, displaying a variety of the most prominent budding artists in the Auckland region. The exhibition is an opportunity for young artists to experience their work being displayed professionally and to elevate their artistic reach. Come along to support and appreciate youth artists in your area.

The Story of Matariki - North Shore Schools

Friday 14 July 2023 - Friday 28 July 2023

Matariki at Lake House Arts

Saturday 24 June 2023 - Thursday 13 July 2023

Matariki at Lake House Arts - Hauora Group Exhibition


Saturday 24th June - Thursday 13th July

Opening celebration: Sunday 25th July, 4pm

Matariki Markets: Friday 14th July


Hau ora are a Māori term that translates to “Living breath or Vitality”. It refers to the concept of holistic health and well-being, encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.

In Māori culture Hau Ora is seen as the foundation of a fulfilling and balanced life, where individuals are connected to their environment, community and ancestors. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining harmony and balance with in oneself and with the world around them

Sheree Foster - A Journey with She

Saturday 10 June 2023 - Thursday 22 June 2023

Sheree Foster - A Journey With She
Saturday 10th June - Thursday 23rd June

Becroft Gallery

Opening celebration: Sunday 11th June, 4pm

About Sheree Foster:
I am a "life" taught creative person who has been involved with many forms of Art for most of my life. My art pieces are one-off and unique. They're created from a range of repurposed materials as a means of acknowledging the environment through art.
I am inspired by the materials I gather from Mother Nature and combine them with textiles, metals, flax, weaving and cordage, harmonising with texture and form, defining their finished body, often showing a Pacific Rim style or contemporary finish.
Each piece has a story and often I feel that personal story as the pieces are completed. My Limited Edition Fine Art prints come from first growing, then pressing, and finally arranging into botanical themed art.
Printed on archivable ragged rolled papers will be an everlasting testament to their beauty. Many of my pieces currently feature in galleries in Auckland after winning multiple First Place awards, or have been selected to exhibit from NZ Wide entries.

Charlotte E. Johnson - Fathom

Saturday 27 May 2023 - Thursday 8 June 2023

Charlotte E. Johnson


Saturday 27th May - Thursday 8th June

Becroft Gallery

Opening Celebration: Sunday 28th May, 4pm

Artist Talk: Saturday 3rd June at 11am.


Charlotte E. Johnson is a contemporary photographic artist and educator, living and working in Auckland as a professional photographer, videographer and microscopist. Charlotte's artwork is often described as painterly and ethereal. Her art has gained a national audience within Aotearoa New Zealand as part of several exhibitions, books and magazines, as well as international publications. Her work is held in the New Zealand Maritime Museum and the McGregor Museum, and in private collections. FATHOM (2023) will be Charlotte's debut printed solo exhibition and will take place at Lake House Arts Centre, Takapuna, Auckland (27 May - 8 July), as part of the 2023 Auckland Festival of Photography program. FATHOM refers to both the measurement of water depth, and the verb describing the act of deep thought. The exhibition employs imagery of the ocean, seascapes, and contemporary portraiture to explore key themes of impermanence, connection to place, and mental health, encouraging the viewer to interpret the works and find their own connections. In addition to limited edition photographic prints, FATHOM utilises multiple mediums linked through visual elements, processes and themes, including fabric works, video, unique mixed media paintings, and hand-embellished AI composites.

To find out more or to get in touch, visit Charlotte's website: 


Members' Merit Awards 2023

Saturday 6 May 2023 - Thursday 25 May 2023

Lake House Arts

Members' Merit Awards 2023

Saturday 6th May - Thursday 25th May

We are excited to announce the annual Lake House Arts’ Members’ Merit Awards and Exhibition, which is fast approaching! This is a great opportunity for our up-to-date members to showcase their talent and be recognized for their hard work. 

The exhibition dates are from Saturday 6th May to Thursday 25th May, and the registration and delivery days are from Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 5th May. The celebration and awards ceremony will take place on Saturday 6th May at 2pm. A guest judge will select the award winners, and the prizes include a featured display at the Auckland Art Show.

To participate, simply submit your artwork during the registration and delivery days. Please read Terms and Conditions before supplying works.

We encourage all our members to enter this prestigious competition and showcase their artistic talents. Become a Member of Lake House Arts today, if you haven't already, and join the thriving creative community. You can join online at 

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to showcase your talent and potentially win prizes. We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations. 

Mark Whippy - Cyber Isolation

Saturday 29 April 2023 - Friday 5 May 2023

Mark Wippy
Cyber Isolation

Becroft Gallery

Saturday April 29th - May 5th

Opening celebration: 4pm Sunday April 30th

Artist Statement:

Much of my inspiration for art comes from walking around and observing life around me, particularly people. I like to find “the story” in everyday life. 

These paintings are based on photos taken over the past 5 years around Auckland city. During that time a lot has changed in Auckland city life with covid, living in lockdown isolation and much of the big construction projects changing the landscape of the city. The inspiration for this project is from these changes in a growing city and its neon lights reminiscent of cyber punk art. Hence the title “Cyber-Isolation”.

The title cyber-isolation also refers to the changing way we live our lives online through phones, social media and how people can still feel isolated in a city. 

Coral Noel Yang - Unfurling

Saturday 15 April 2023 - Thursday 27 April 2023

Coral Noel Yang


Solo exhibition
Becroft Gallery

15th - 27th April

Opening celebration Sunday 16th April 4pm


Unfurling is a solo exhibition of Coral Noel Yang’s new abstract paintings drawing inspiration from the summer nightly walks she took with her parents as a five year old when jasmines bloomed, lily pads floated and fireflies glowed. Leaning into her imagination of vaporous memories, UNFURLING recaptures a time and space of belonging and magic through exploration of abstract language. Coral blends the Soak-Stain method pioneered by 20th-century female abstract artist Helen Frankenthaler with Asian water-ink tradition which she grew up with to create mesmerising imagery rich in storytelling, colour, transparent layers, water marks and brushworks. 


Coral Noel Yang is an Auckland based, Taiwanese born artist specialised in expressive paintings in acrylic & oil that evoke timeless wonder.  Before pivoting to full time painting during Covid in 2020, Coral worked as a film and animation director/producer for 15 years. Her passion for Aotearoa nature, Chinese/Japanese heritage, and living and working across the US, Europe and Asia inform her works. She is the People’s Choice Award winner at Kumeu Art Awards 2021 and finalist of the Upstairs Gallery Emerging Artist Awards 2022. 

Minwha - The Story of Korean Life

Saturday 1 April 2023 - Thursday 13 April 2023

Space Collective - Jessie Kanji and Rachel Auer

Friday 3 March 2023 - Thursday 16 March 2023

Space Collective - Group Exhibition

Becroft Gallery

March 3rd - 16th

Opening celebration 4pm Sunday March 4th

Space Collective are Jessie Kanji, Dali Susanto and Rachel Auer. This exhibition will feature artworks by Jessie Kanji and Rachel Auer.

"This group exhibition aims to explore the methods and properties unique to painting, drawing and print. For the artists in this exhibition, who are not originally from Tamaki Makaurau, Space Cloud a creative hub in Te Atahu has fostered an organic sense of community – a sanctuary of creativity and friendship, especially after months in isolation. Our self-taught artistic practices have evolved together through sharing skills and knowledge, while working side by side."

-Space Collective


Oliver Cain - Just a Little Gay

Saturday 18 February 2023 - Thursday 2 March 2023

Opening celebration: 4pm Sunday 26th February

This thought-provoking series of paintings explores the complexities of sexuality, gender, and identity through playful and minimalistic designs.

Oliver Cain uses clean black lines, bright block colors, and hidden text to create works that are simple yet deeply layered in meaning. The exhibition focuses on the male form and celebrates it from a queer perspective, challenging traditional notions of masculinity and the male gaze.

By employing the visual language of advertising and drawing upon the rich history of art, Cain's work sheds light on the ongoing battle for acceptance and equal representation in the LGBTQ+ community. The artist asks important questions about fetishism and representation, all while creating a visually stunning experience for visitors.

Don't miss your chance to see this unique and thought-provoking exhibition. Admission is free, and all are welcome! Come and be challenged and inspired by Oliver Cain's Deconstructing Sexuality and Gender Identity.

Lauren Hughes - The Material Mythos of Love Craft

Saturday 11 February 2023 - Thursday 16 February 2023

Opening celebration: Sunday 12th Feb 4pm Becroft Gallery 


Auckland University of Technology Master of Design student, Lauren Hughes, presents her latest exhibition "The Material Mythos of Lovecraft". The collection combines elements of Gothic Literature, design and science to explore the agency of materials found in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Hughes employs her signature sketching style to create intricate scenes that capture the haptic senses and visceral quality of material descriptions in Lovecraft's multiverse. The exhibit aims to break the dichotomy between the animated and unanimated, life and death, and fact and fiction, by colliding Gothicity with New Materialist philosophy. Don't miss this unique and intriguing exhibition of art artifacts and drawings.

The Great Art Sale

Sunday 4 December 2022 - Monday 23 January 2023

Lake House Great Art Sale December 2022 Taking further submissions from 13th December

Submission Info

December 4th – January 23rd 


Click here to download the submission form


Open to all public to submit. The Great Arts Sale is a cash-and-carry salon-style exhibition. Artists can contribute their own works or works they own and nominate their own prices. There is no commission on sale – price to sell! 

Art can be received throughout the exhibition, however it is the preference of LHAC to receive all artwork on the days indicated below. This will maximise your chance of sale during the season. Lake House Arts supports artist resale royalties (for artwork you own but did not create) at our recommended value.  

All delivery of artworks will be taken from Tuesday 13th December – Friday 16th December between 9am and 2pm. Please allow up to 7 days after delivery for artworks to be hung or as spaces become available.  

Please ensure that all artworks are exhibition-ready with either d-rings or string across the back of 2d works. Sculptural works must be of reasonable durability. 

Participants will be notified to collect unsold artworks ahead of the exhibition closing. All artwork must have registration form attached prior to delivery.


Artwork Submission Fees (Payable on delivery) 

Sizes up to 1000mm for length, width or depth: $9 per artwork submitted 

4 for $30 

Sizes larger than 1000mm for length, width or depth: $18 per artwork 

By submitting this form you acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions of exhibiting at LAKE HOUSE ARTS. (Available here) 



Painting Nature - Hannah Moritz & Ruth Wynne

Sunday 30 October 2022 - Friday 11 November 2022

Lake House Arts is pleased to present 'Painting Nature', a duo exhibition by Hannah Moritz and Ruth Wynne.

Opening celebration: Sunday 30th October, 4pm.


Hannah Moritz' Artist Statement: 

Zooming in on seeds, spores, cells and the connections between them, Hannah explores the organic world in her work. Using bold shapes, colour and pattern, she creates engaging images that speak to the universal concepts of space, time, growth and life. Her graphic style reflects decades working in textiles and furniture design.  


Ruth Wynne's Artist Statement: 

As a creative soul, Ruth has always been inspired by nature and travel. She strives to capture wildlife and nature with her Photography and  painting in both oils, Mixed Media and Acrylic.  

Ruth’s recent work involves abstract fairytale underwater seascapes representing freedom of movement and a deep connection to the wider world. 


Ruth Wynne Artist Biography: 

Ruth, originally from the UK graduated from the University of Central England with a degree in Photography and Model Animation. She went on to work as a model animator crafting miniature props for Chicken Run and Star Wars ‘Attack of the Clones’ Moving to New Zealand in 2001 moving from prop making to art directing and styling in the TV and film industry which she left to pursue her love of acting. She spends her time running her company The Tea Thief, creating art, writing and acting and traveling around the world.  


Hannah Moritz Artist Bio: 

An American transplant, Hannah is thrilled to call New Zealand home. She’s a freelance writer, artist and colour consultant. Upon graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York City, she spent decades working with colour, shapes, pattern and form in the housewares industry. Since moving to Auckland in 2015, Hannah’s been developing her skills as a fine artist.  

RATA printmakers '22

Friday 14 October 2022 - Friday 28 October 2022

Lake House Arts is pleased to present Rata Printmakers' annual exhibition.

Following on from 2021's 'Landscapes of the Imaginaton', a series of new prints across various techniques will be exhibited by established printmakers:


Catriona Caird

Diana Coleman

Valerie Cuthbert

Vivien Davimes

Donna Dold

lan Halliday

Pat Grove-Hills

Nichola Holmes

Joanne Kyriazopoulos

Amanda Pilbrow

Ngaroma Riley

Janmarie Thompson

Artopia & Co - Chinese Moon Festival and National day Celebration

Monday 3 October 2022 - Friday 14 October 2022

Artopia & Co are pleased to present a selection of works completed by their students in celebration of Chinese Moon Festival and National Day.

Opening celebration: 4pm Sunday 9th October, Becroft Gallery

Closing celebration: 4pm Thursday 13th October, Becroft Gallery

Ihumatao: A Unique Landscape - Russell Hollings

Sunday 11 September 2022 - Friday 30 September 2022

Russell John Hollings

Ihumatao - A Unique Landscape

Opening celebration: 4pm Sunday 11th September, Becroft Gallery

Artist talk: 11am, Saturday 17th September, Becroft Gallery

Artist Biography

Born Otahuhu, Auckland (1948).

"Some years ago when I was residing in Ponsonby, I was looking for an area close to home that I could resonate with and find inspirational as a plein air artist. I started to explore this area at the back of Mangere Mountain and found it to be exactly what I was looking for.
Old farming areas (which reminded me of South Auckland where I grew up, and began my journey as an artist), beautiful coastal areas with the wonderful Manukau Harbour as a backdrop, ancient volcanic outcrops, Otuataua Stonefields, and these wonderful old farm buildings which appealed to me as an artist.
This is one of the most historic areas in Auckland where Maori first settled in Tamaki Makaurau more than 800 years ago, which they originally use for market gardening and farming.
So began my obsession with recording in paint this extraordinary area, which I wanted to document before the land was sold up, and large commercial buildings began to dominate the landscape and change the face of it forever.
My working methods:
I work from observation and experience, and draw and paint what inspires me and I hope to confirm that what I paint is of lasting importance. 
With plein air painting it is coming to terms with the landscape, immediate response and seizing the moment, and working quickly.
Translating a subject into paint is a challenging and often mysterious business. I look for immediate response and begin to assess the composition, the tonal qualities, the colour, and the contrasting light and shadow.
I work principally in oils and I paint on prepared panels, canvas boards and stretched canvas. I always work on a suitably toned ground and immediately state the darkest dark and the lightest light.
I also work in Gouache, watercolour, acrylic, pastel and mixed media. I use a variety of artists quality papers and matt board.
For studio work (excluding still life), I use my extensive collection of sketchbooks and small colour notes (which are produced in situ) and provide me with endless information and ideas.
My larger landscapes and abstract works are produced in the studio from my artists notes and studies.
All of my still life paintings are painted from direct observation from the subject. I work for a period of perhaps say an hour, and then continue on other days under a similar light until I feel I have said enough, with possibly up to 10 sessions with much scraping back and re-working. 
After 50 years at the easel and over 38 solo shows, this gives you an introduction to my working methods."

- Russell Hollings

'Our Matariki' An exhibition showcased by the school on the Takapuna-Devonport peninsula

Tuesday 23 August 2022 - Thursday 8 September 2022

'Our Matariki' is an exhibition that showcases how the schools on the Takapuna-Devonport peninsula celebrated the months of Matariki in 2022. Alongside larger peninsula wide celebrations, many schools held their own community festivals and classroom activities. A cross section of these events and experiences are documented here through artworks, stories, photography and video.

Schools represented are:

Takapuna Grammar • Belmont Intermediate • Devonport Primary • Belmont Primary • Vauxhall Primary • Hauraki School • Wilson School • Bayswater School • Stanley Bay School • St Leo's Catholic School

Seven of these schools belong to the Devonport-Takapuna Kāhui Ako or Community of Learning. This exhibition has run biannually in different forms since 2017 and continues to create a visual focus and identity for the Devonport-Takapuna Kāhui Ako. In addition, it gives our ākonga the experience of displaying their work in a public space. For many of our young participants it will be their first time in such a show. 

Works will be displayed throughout the upstairs gallery.

'Our Matariki' Community Celebration - Sat 27 August - Lake House Arts - 3-5pm

Lake House Arts Gallery Orientation Evening

Thursday 25 August 2022 - Thursday 25 August 2022

Fluid Planes - Graeme MacKay

Sunday 10 July 2022 - Friday 29 July 2022

In the Wild Ballet - Michelle Reid

Friday 8 July 2022 - Friday 29 July 2022

A collaborative exhibition.


Opening celebration: Sunday 10th July, 4pm.

Members Merit Awards 2022

Saturday 7 May 2022 - Friday 3 June 2022

Lake House Arts is pleased to announce our 2022 Members Merit Awards and exhibition.

Lake House Arts' Member Merit Awards is a tradition where current Lake House members are invited to submit up to two artworks, which are then exhibited and judged by guest arts judges.

All mediums are featured - sculpture, digital, textile or painting.


First Prize - $800 

Runner-up - $200 

Highly Commended - $100 

A Lake House Arts gift pack will be included with the top prizes. 

Merit Awards packs 

How to enter:

1) Please complete our online form with your artwork details.

2) Please book an artwork drop-off time and date by emailing Deliveries are accepted from Tuesday 3rd May - Thursday 5th May from 9.30am - 3pm.

3) Print and fill out our physical submission form with your artworks details, and attach the to the back of your artworks upon delivery.


He Kākano Ahau and Te ao Mārama

Sunday 20 June 2021 - Friday 9 July 2021

Guest artist Ramari Tauroa-Tibble had her first solo exhibition in our cafe gallery in 2020, progressing to a dual feature exhibition in the Becroft Gallery for Matariki Festival 2021. She is joined by Lake House Arts whakairo (carving) students, under the direction of Natanahira Ponawho. The students will create beautifully carved finial, which will be exhibited on the gallery floor, complimented by Tauroa-Tibble's paintings on the walls. Upon completion of the exhibition the finials will be blessed and installed on the main building of Lake House Arts.

Meri Kirihimete Market hosted by Mahi Toi - Spencer Bellas Artist

Sunday 6 December 2020 - Sunday 6 December 2020

The Becroft Gallery is excited to house a collection of New Zealand artists and creatives this Christmas season offering a bespoke Kiwi selection of Christmas gift options.
Hosted by Mahi Toi owner Spencer Bellas this Meri Kirihimete market will run from December 6th until December 24th. Clothing, jewellery, gift boxes, skincare products, artwork and homewares will all be on offer.

Members Merit Awards 2020

Sunday 15 November 2020 - Friday 4 December 2020

Opening Celebration and Awards - Sunday 15th November at 4pm.

You must be a current financial member of Lake House Arts for the duration on the exhibition to enter the awards.  This is an opportunity for our member artists to enter a judged award and exhibition. 

There are several awards on offer, including the Ultimate Award, with prizes from Riley Consultants, Gordon Harris Art Supplies, Takapuna Art Supplies and more. 

This years theme is “Next Gen”.  What will your world be like for our next generation in the next 20 years?  How will you change?  How will art be 
different?  Where will Lake House Arts be?  Use these inspirations as you 
approach to the theme and share your vision. A Personal or Global approach to the theme is welcome.

Download your entry form here, and bring to Lake House Arts Centre by Friday 13th November, 3pm.



Puzzled: Māpura Artists Showcase

Sunday 8 November 2020 - Friday 13 November 2020



Puzzled is a selection of recent paintings and drawings by Mapura studio artists Lizzie Collinette, Colin Harris, Sian Thomas and Madeleine Wilson. This small group show is a celebration and close exploration of the creative process and unique perspective of each artist. The group are part of a larger community of practising artists sharing the studio space at Marpura Studios. 
Located in central Auckland with satellite groups in other areas, Mapura Studios offers an extensive inclusive programme for people of diverse needs and ages, including visual art, music, cartooning, dance, performance and art therapy. 

Visit their website for more info:

KWANZ: Korean Women of NZ Photography

Sunday 25 October 2020 - Friday 6 November 2020

The Korean Women's Association of New Zealand, (KWANZ) create all sorts of classes for Korean women to join. This exhibition will feature their female amateur photography community group. KWANZ would like to show their different point of view appreciating the nature and life of New Zealand as immigrants. 

KWANZ are a female photography learning community group started from last year, taught by Charlie Yang who is a prestigious photographer in Korea and all over the world. 

The Korean Women's Association of New Zealand, (KWANZ) create all sorts of classes for Korean women to join. This exhibition will feature their female amateur photography community group. KWANZ would like to show their different point of view appreciating the nature and life of New Zealand as immigrants.  

KWANZ are a female photography learning community group started from last year, taught by Charlie Yang who is a prestigious photographer in Korea and all over the world. 


Legacy of an Era - Founding Lake House Artists Exhibition

Sunday 4 October 2020 - Friday 23 October 2020

​Welcoming the return of founding Lake House Arts Artists in a very special 
exhibition marking the next turning point in the development of Lake House Arts.​
This exhibition will feature art from the “original” Lake House Artist Tony Ogle.

Tony was very involved in the early stages of saving the house, as an historic icon of Takapuna. In 1995 with 25 other artists, he organized the “End of an Era” 
exhibition held in the House to draw public attention to its significance and 
imminent destruction at the hands of a local property developer.

Five years later, after Lake House Arts was saved from destruction, relocated and renovated, Tony, along with guest and resident artists held the first 
exhibition at the new Lake House - “The New Era” Exhibition was a celebration of the beginnings of Lake House Arts Success.  Many of the original artists from both the “Era” exhibitions will return.  


Future Tense: Lake House Arts Residents and Tutors

Sunday 19 July 2020 - Friday 31 July 2020

Lake House current Tutors and Residents are asked to tackle a weighty subject 

– What will our future be?  

Addressing themes of ambition, legacy and the growth of our species into the near or far future our Residents and Tutors are asked to interpret their own 
visions of what lies beyond 2020. 

Resident Artists at Lake House Arts work and create onsite in their own studios.  

Tutors at Lake House Arts teach over 1200 students per year in a diverse array of arts genres.  

From Ceramics to Printmaking to Abstract Oil Painting, to Theatre to cutting  edge Virtual Technology, this will be one of the most genre-diverse, multi-art 
experiences in 2020 and beyond at Lake House Arts.

Matariki Market with Mahi Toi

Sunday 21 June 2020 - Friday 17 July 2020


Lake House Arts Resident Artist Spencer Bellas runs the NZ Art and Gift Shop on site called Mahi Toi.
Spencer invites Maori Artists and Craftspeople to participate in his cash and carry showcase market inside the Becroft Gallery.
This Matariki Market will highlight the best in Maori Contemporary Bespoke Art from Auckland and around the country.
Mahi Toi, home of high-quality, original, affordable paintings by Māori artist Spencer Bellas. Visit the online store now at

Ko Putauaki te Maunga
Ko Rangitaiki te awa
Ko Ngāti awa te iwi he hononga hoki ōku ki a Ngāi Tahu kia ratou ko Ngapuhi ko Tuwharetoa.
Kia ora Koutou.

Auckland Festival of Photography Community Photo Challenge

Sunday 31 May 2020 - Friday 19 June 2020

The inaugural Community Photo Challenge – an open access community entry photography competition. Anyone, any age and any skill level can participate with up to 2 entries per person. All entries will be printed according to resolution to a maximum size of A3 size.  


You will also have the option to submit your entry digitally and have your work printed in-house at Lake House Arts. 


Entries will open May 1st on the Lake House Arts website – 


This is a fun showcase for the whole community .  


All photos submitted (considered suitable for a family audience) will be hung. 

And the Sun arose, with it my Spirits: Alex Witten-Hannah

Sunday 31 May 2020 - Friday 19 June 2020

“And the Sun arose. With it, my Spirits” - Digital Photography Suite taken during Level 4 - COVID-19 CONARONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN - March 26 -  May 14 2020 - Fundraiser Exhibition at Lake House Arts Centre - May 31 – June 19 2020

by Alex Witten-Hannah

We are very grateful for the incredible, ongoing contribution Alex Witten-Hannah has made to the success of Lake House Arts.  It is true to say that without Alex it is very possible Lake House Arts would not exist today!  As the legal support for the original trust that saved Lake House from destruction, Alex was responsible for putting the injunction in place which stopped the improper sale of the building and ensured it could be saved and restored.
Alex continues to make a substantial contribution with this extraordinary collection of “lockdown art”.  Level 4 had a significant and lasting impact on Lake House Arts, eliminating tens of thousands of dollars of revenue in a very short time.  In an incredibly generous gesture, Alex has agreed that all proceeds from the sale of these works will go entirely to Lake House Arts.
These works are now available to purchase as single edition, signed and framed prints.  The social media post will also be provided in a small frame to compliment the overall work and add prominence and context to the lockdown art.

20 x 25 cm size - $175.00
28 x 38 cm size - $250.00

Includes signed single edition print, complimentary A6 size framed social media post and printed and special edition printed catalogue.  To reserve you print please email Operations Manager Grae Burton at





Members' Showcase March 29 - April 24

Sunday 29 March 2020 - Friday 24 April 2020

This salon-style cash and carry exhibition is a showcase of our Lake House Members' latest work. This exhibition will be an opportunity for us at Lake House to utilise our online presence to make these works more accessible to our community and the public at large. A second call out for works may be made part way through the exhibition.

Keep an eye out for our Facebook or Instagram postings about the pieces involved!