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Introduction to Mātauranga for Artists

Monday 18 September 2023 - Monday 18 September 2023

Elevate your artistry through cultural immersion at the "Introduction to Mātauranga forArtists" workshop, a collaboration guided by Natanahira Pona. This transformative experience welcomes artists of every stage to explore the profound realms of Mātauranga Māori. Unveil narratives and symbolism that resonate through brushstrokes and forms. Whether a novice or expert, join us for an enriching journey where tradition meets innovation, fostering a richer artistic narrative inspired by Māori tikanga.

Journey with Mātauranga - Staff & Ambassadors Exhibition

Saturday 2 September 2023 - Friday 15 September 2023

Journey with Mātauranga

Staff & Ambassadors Exhibition

Ogle Gallery

3rd - 17th September

Opening Celebration: 4pm Sunday 3rd September

Copyright and IP for Creatives - Free Workshops

Thursday 7 September 2023 - Thursday 7 September 2023 - 21:00

Copyright and IP for Creatives Free Workshop
Curious about copyright?
One of the challenges we creative people face is that common knowledge of copyright is sometimes at variance with the actual law, leading to misunderstandings, infringements and confusion.
Supported by Manatū Taonga Ministry of Culture and Heritage, and presented by Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ), Karen Workman will be giving us an overview of our rights as creators, building our basic understanding of Copyright and guiding stronger business practices. Let's demystify the Copyright Act, and learn how to "do the right thing" as we sharpen our business acumen and build a stronger creative platform.

Lake House Arts - Community Photo Challenge

Saturday 27 May 2023 - Friday 9 June 2023

Opening celebration

4pm Sunday 28 May

Lake House Arts' Community Photo Exhibition returns for the fourth year in a row, featuring photographs taken by Lake House Arts' members.

Spanning over a variety of styles and techniques – from the volcanic landscapes of the North Shore, to animals and fleeting moments of the everyday – the community photo exhibition caters to all ages and abilities.

Open to current Lake House Arts members to submit an artworks. To submit your photograph, please email Hannah at arts@lakehousearts.org.nz


Photos must be a minimum of 2MB, 300 dpi is recommended. A3 prints may be scaled down due to file quality.

Submissions due until 12pm Friday 26th May.

Thursday Art Club - Group Exhibition

Saturday 29 April 2023 - Friday 12 May 2023

Thursday Art Club

Group Exhibition

Joanne Mortimore, Louise Sillitoe, Penny Adams, Shan Craig, Cynthia Archer, Pauline Feltham

'The Thursday Art Club' took its name from Richard Osman's 'The Thursday Murder Club'. There are five of us - all great fans of Richard Osman's books. Mostly we paint in watercolours, but sometimes an acrylic or two might appear.

We meet on a Thursday and can easily spend the day painting and enjoying each other's company. In between, we set the world right commenting back and forth on the news of the day and what is happening on the global spectrum.

Elizabeth Warde paints portraits and landscapes using her photography to reflect details and shapes for trees and water.

Penny Adams paints landscapes, yachts, tree - anything with lots of colour and contrast - and paints it very well indeed.

Shann Craig is very good with animals and landscapes - subjects close to her heart from her native South Africa. Her paintings of giraffes are to die for!

Louise Sillitoe paints landscapes and still life - anything that has plenty of colour and contrast.

Joanne Mortimore's favourite subjects are South Island landscapes and occasional flocks of sheep.

Cynthia Archer paints birds and landscapes in both watercolour and acrylic.

Pauline Feltham specialises in painting bird life using both watercolours and acrylics.



Jessica Douglas - Unbounded

Saturday 1 April 2023 - Friday 28 April 2023

Jessica Douglas


Ogle Gallery

1st - 28th April

Opening celebration: 4pm Sunday 2nd April

Jessica’s practice investigates the complexity of human relationships which are inherently intertwined and interconnected, to acknowledge that we rely on each other for our physical and psychological well being and survival. She draws on the metaphor of the cell walls semi-permeable membrane to evoke the concept of separation and transmission simultaneously; conveying ideas of transference, seepage and flow between distinct separate entities. Application of paint brushed on in thin wash overlapping layers illustrate ideas of complex interconnections, proximity and exchange. Under and over layers are highlighted equally. Lines / edges act as barriers and bridges halting flow while at other times creating connecting channels. Similarly, colour oscillates between oppositional strident complementary combinations, and closely related colours sitting alongside each other to create vivid and hovering compositional colour plays. 

Her practice inhabits a transitional space that evokes an inner world revealing rational and irrational truths. Each painting emerges from the canvas through a meditative and intuitive decision making process, with mistakes and process visible, to create works that open up and evolve before the eye.

Jessica has recently had work in The National Contemporary Art Award 2022, The Aotearoa  art fair in  21 and 22, and  solo exhibition ‘Cells’ at Northart in 2021. She has a Masters of Fine Arts from Auckland University and has received the Sawtell-Turner Painting Prize, the Bickerton-Widdowson Trust Memorial Scholarship, University of Canterbury, and the Joe Raynes Scholarship, University of Auckland. Her work is held in several New Zealand collections.


Michael Angelo - Solo Exhibition

Saturday 4 March 2023 - Friday 17 March 2023

Michael Angelo

Solo Exhibition

Ogle Gallery

4th March - 17th March

Opening celebration: Sunday 5th March, 4pm


Artist statement:

"Carving is part of my Maori Heritage. My maternal grandfather, Pani Paora was Maori of full blood, Ngāti Wharekōkōwai, Ngāti Kahungunu and Tūhoe. He was a talented artist, poet and a very creative man. I learned my art at The Learning Connexion in Wellington and Lower Hutt. I graduated with a Diploma in Art and Creativity with Honours. In 1999 I met Tony Kāpua at Papaiouru Marae, Ohinemutu Rotorua, where my mother grew up with her Arawa whanau. After watching Tony carving for about an hour he invited me to try it. He drew a pattern on a piece of rimu, gave me a chisel and mallet and said “carve this”. Although I had never done anything like this before he was so surprised at how well I had done and he said to me “Don’t put the tools down!” He said I had a natural talent and most of his students would take months to achieve what I had; in less than an hour. Subsequently I spent 6 months further training at Mihiroa Marae, Pakipaki, tutored by Master Carver, Tūhoe Huata. I also worked with Te Maru Marsh at Te Poho-o-Tangiianui Marae in Napier. In this time I learnt the significance of the Tribal patterns/styles of different Iwi and Master Carvers. I now carve in my own unique style which enables me to combine my fascination with carving and colour. I don’t plan my carvings and painting, the inspiration just comes from my soul, guided by the spiritual aspects of nature. The happiest memories of my childhood were playing in the trees, surrounded by the birds, flowers, all living things and the way in which light and colour influenced my world."

- Michael Angelo

Spring Soirée - Members Mini Exhibition

Sunday 2 October 2022 - Friday 2 December 2022

Lake House Arts presents Spring Soirée 

An exhibition of mini-sized works to celebrate Spring in our Ogle Gallery.

Sunday 2nd October – Friday 2nd December, 2022 

Opening Celebration: Sunday 9th October, 4pm 

Open to all current members to enter. To update your membership, please login to your account and go to 'My Details', then 'My Membership'. On this page you can pay for another year of membership.


Works must be no larger than 30 x 42 cm - the size of an A3 piece of paper.

One submission per artist


To download the submission form, click here.

Auckland Plein Air Artists Inaugural Group Exhibition

Sunday 11 September 2022 - Friday 30 September 2022

Opening celebration: 4pm Sunday 11th September, Becroft Gallery

Artist talk: 11am, Saturday 17th September, Becroft Gallery


The Auckland Plein Air group of artists was originally set up by Russell Hollings and a few of his artist friends. The group is made up of both professional and student artists, meeting up once a month to paint at various locations around the Auckland area. The term plein air is a French term, which simply means “in the open air”, and was first used by the French impressionist movement, who preferred to paint in the open air to capture the true light, colour and atmosphere, something that is not achievable from photographs in a studio. This movement has now taken off around the world, and is recognised as one of the fastest growing movements in the art world.

Included in this exhibition are 10 artists from the group, with each artist exhibiting four of their most recent works. The exhibition is the group’s first, and it is intended that we will be making it an annual event to be held here at the wonderful Lake House Arts


Opening Celebration

Sunday 11th September 4pm

Across Becroft & Ogle Galleries

Lake House Arts

37 Fred Thomas Drive


'Our Matariki' An exhibition showcased by the schools on the Takapuna-Devonport peninsula

Tuesday 23 August 2022 - Thursday 8 September 2022


'Our Matariki' is an exhibition that showcases how the schools on the Takapuna-Devonport peninsula celebrated the months of Matariki in 2022. Alongside larger peninsula wide celebrations, many schools held their own community festivals and classroom activities. A cross section of these events and experiences are documented here through artworks, stories, photography and video.

Schools represented are:

Takapuna Grammar • Belmont Intermediate • Devonport Primary • Belmont Primary • Vauxhall Primary • Hauraki School • Wilson School • Bayswater School • Stanley Bay School • St Leo's Catholic School

Seven of these schools belong to the Devonport-Takapuna Kāhui Ako or Community of Learning. This exhibition has run biannually in different forms since 2017 and continues to create a visual focus and identity for the Devonport-Takapuna Kāhui Ako. In addition, it gives our ākonga the experience of displaying their work in a public space. For many of our young participants it will be their first time in such a show. 

Works will also be displayed in the upstairs gallery.

'Our Matariki' Community Celebration - Sat 27 August - Lake House Arts - 3-5pm

Wild About Colour : Catherine Mitchell & Diane Taylor

Sunday 1 August 2021 - Sunday 22 August 2021

Opening celebration: Sunday 1st August 4pm, Ogle Gallery

Capturing the colours of life can lead to many different expressions and feelings. Colour can be bright, invigorating and uplifting, or it can be subdued, quiet and relaxed. Depending on how we feel, can relate to the colours we like to surround ourselves. Colour has traditional definitions, White for purity, black for darkness, red being fiery, green being clean and eco-friendly. Blue can be cool and fresh like the sea and yellow, warm like the sun. We have created a mixture of feelings and expressions with this collection.

He Kākano Ahau and Te ao Mārama

Sunday 20 June 2021 - Friday 9 July 2021

Guest artist Ramari Tauroa-Tibble had her first solo exhibition in our cafe gallery in 2020, progressing to a dual feature exhibition in the Becroft Gallery for Matariki Festival 2021. She is joined by Lake House Arts whakairo (carving) students, under the direction of Natanahira Ponawho. The students will create beautifully carved finial, which will be exhibited on the gallery floor, complimented by Tauroa-Tibble's paintings on the walls. Upon completion of the exhibition the finials will be blessed and installed on the main building of Lake House Arts.

Autumn Rush - Free Members' Exhibition

Sunday 2 May 2021 - Friday 28 May 2021

Call for works: Free Members' mini Exhibition - Autumn Rush at Lake House Arts

Download the entry form here.

Opening Celebration: 4pm Sunday 2nd May at Lake House Arts

Lake House Arts are pleased to announce our next free member's show 'Autumn Rush', where members are invited to submit one small original artwork responding to this theme. 

Following in the spirit of our Great Art Sale, 'Autumn Rush' will be displayed in the Ogle Gallery, reception and hallways in a salon-style hang. Entry is free, however all works are to be presented in the parameters of 40 x 40 cm.

The size limit is 40 x 40cm for wall-works (including frames), or 40 x 40 x 40 depth for objects.

Please fill out the attached entry form, and tape to the back of your work when delivering on Friday April 30th.

Key dates:
Friday April 30th - Delivery of all artworks to Lake House Arts (9.30am - 3pm)
Tuesday May 4th - Artworks to be installed
Friday May 28th 2pm - Unsold artworks to be collected by artists. A reminder email to collect works will be sent out in the days prior to May 28th.
Important notes:
-All works must be exhibition-ready. This means all wall works must have a wire across the back, or d-rings installed to secure to our exhibition hanging system safely. If works are not exhibition ready, we can offer to install d-rings for artists for $7.
-All works are for sale, and are subject to Lake House Arts' 35% + gst commission.

Clare Woods - Member Exhibition

Friday 9 April 2021 - Friday 30 April 2021

Clare Woods
Member Exhibition
Ogle Gallery
7th - 30th April

About Clare Woods:


For as long as I can remember, painting and design have been a huge part of my life. As a child I was given free rein. My parents were super supportive of my creative streak. I have vivid memories of bright colours and patterns spilling over my walls from the water colours I’d painted on the windows. Other kids in the street couldn’t believe I was allowed to paint anything I wanted to in my space.

I studied various art forms, majoring in graphic design and my art career began as a junior studio artist for one of New Zealands most prestigious graphic designers. It was the beginning of an amazing pathway in design that lead me to work as an art director for several leading advertising agencies. During that time digitalised design became the new normal. A really exciting progression.

I started my own design company in 1999 and began specialising in childrens book design. I loved it. At the same time I started to paint for my boys, and that lead to my own childrens art brand.

I have always been making art of one kind or another including fibre art and I really love a good yarn bomb in the middle of the night!

For the last decade I have been designing for web. It’s such an interesting field. The projects are incredibly diverse and every day is a school day! I get a real kick out of interpreting a client brief and making it sing.

It’s when I paint, though, that I am in my happy place. I am in an intuitive botanical phase at the moment. It’s very free and yet organised. I have no magic statement to make. I just want the viewer to feel good.

If I’m not designing or painting, I’m walking with my husband and our black lab Louie.


MINWHA - The Beauty of Korean Folk Painting

Sunday 31 January 2021 - Sunday 14 February 2021

MINWHA - The Beauty of Korean Folk Painting

In essence, Minhwa(Korean folk painting) is a genre of art created for the common people. The Korean folk painting illustrates the common people's freedom of expression and reveals their innermost thoughts and dreams. The art work of the common people (Minhwa) from bird and flower paintings, to the tiger and the dragon and the ten longevity symbols. Encompassing a variety of subjects and methods of expression, Minhwa was created through a strong adherence to the symbols and events of the everyday lives of Koreans. As a result, they are heavily invested with a uniquely Korean psyche in terms of both content and philosophy. The exhibition will give encouragement to students who learning Korean folk painting and to develop their social skills in diverse cultural background.

Mid-winter Minis Members Exhibition

Sunday 19 July 2020 - Tuesday 1 September 2020

Lake House Arts Members were invited to submit small artworks (under 30cmx30cm) for a mid-winter wall-hung mini art exhibition in the Ogle Gallery.  This is a salon-style exhibition in the Ogle Gallery (Lake House Cafe).  Members submit up to 5 small artworks.  Artworks will exhibit until Spring.

Members are still elcome to add to the exhibition - email manager@lakehousearts.org.nz .To become a member of Lake House Arts and take advantage of all the great benefits members have click HERE